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The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay is in District 5051 - for more information about District 505, open the link in the menu bar.
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Our Next Meeting is May 19, 2022
This Week’s Change of Plans
Upon further consideration and consultation with Bill Johnston we are postponing our Social Pot Luck to a future time and will instead have a Zoom Meeting this Thursday May 19th at Noon. With a number of our members and/or spouses down with Covid, caution will be the word this week and we will revert for this week to our Zoom format. We will hear from an articulate member about his experiences with the CZU Lightening Complex fires threatening his Eyrie above Bonny Doon.
Rotary Club of HMB Weekly Meeting
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Next Week  -  We will have the social experience of a wine class at Barterra Winery at 315 Main Street HMB. Tenuta Torciano Winery from Ulignano Italy will be presenting an authentic Tuscany Wine tasting experience. Light hors’d oeuvres will be served for which there will be a small fee. This is a seated class and should be fascinating as they have come so far and have such a reputation. Please email me at daddios@me.com to confirm your spaces. We would like to fill the room of 25 so if you know someone who would specially enjoy it,  invite them or if you have a prospective member bring them! 

Don’t forget you commitments to the Life Skills Program, check with Charise if in doubt; charisehmchugh@gmail.com.
Can you help with Home Rehab Day? Contact Hope Atmore if interested as below:
NOTE:  Look for President Joe's email this week with the Zoom link.
Thank you, President Joe for living our the Rotary commitment to Service Above Self!
Joe spent part of his vacation time delivering 1300 pounds of children's vitamins to a medical clinic in La Paz.
Dr NANCY Harris sent photos of distributing them near Cabo
Important Reminders 
We all need to get Live Scan fingerprinting and new training for youth activities, details to follow.
Starting off Spring giving, Rose Serdy, Director of Community Services, and  Ginger Minoletti, Chair Small Donations,  present a check of $500 to Eric DeBode, Executive Director of Abundant Grace Coastside Worker, for the drums they need for a new special project.
And sprucing up a garden for Senior Repair Day are Susan Kealey and Dennis, Liz Schuck, Teri Pickle, Rose Serdy, and Mitone Griffiths.
Thanks to those Rotary gardeners who showed up for the April 2nd Senior garden project in Canada Cove. (Mitone, Mary, Susan, Dennis, Liz and Terri)  I learned a lot from these experts, especially about the importance of wearing gloves when pulling poison weeds. frown
This just in from Hope Atmore at Senior Coastsiders regarding June 4th Senior Repair Day. 
We hope you will join us for the 31st Annual Home Repair Day on Saturday, June 4th. The sign up for this year's event can be accessed HERE
Lunches to Abundant Grace Coastside Worker
Still delivering lunches twice a week.  Those who volunteered for April are Joe, Dianne, Stacy/Doug, Rose, and EJ.  You can check with Liz to see if she has any remaining open days for April.
Rotary Club of HMB doing good work! 
Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Community Service Projects 

1. ALAS - Club contributed $1750 for Thanksgiving dinners to farm laborers.

2. Abundant Grace - Club members prepare lunch for 20 individuals twice a week.

3. Abundant Grace - members completed the west side fence.

4. Adopt a Family with Coastside Hope- adopted 2 seniors this year and Renee Lewis shopped for requested items totaling $300.

5. Some members participated in the California Coastal beach clean up in September. Mitone Griffiths and Warren Barmore continue to organize beach clean ups on a weekly basis.

6. Club provided new incoming teachers to the Cabrillo School district with gift certificates.

7. Coastside Hope Special Delivery program. Mary Rogren continues to shop for personal items for 8 families registered with Coastside Hope with Club members helping deliver.

8. Little Libraries coordinated by Liz Schuck - 8 libraries were completed, and Liz worked with the City of Half Moon Bay on approved locations to install. Club members have begun the installation.

9. Senior Coastsiders - Club members painted the deck of a senior in Canada Cove.

10. Senior Coastsiders - Club members participated in the “Meals on Wheels” program to act as back up relief for volunteers who are unable to be there.

11. Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society- Club team was able to raise over $12,000 for cancer research.

12.  Life Skills at the High School - The Rotary Club provides a series of classes at all three Coastside Schools that help fill some education gaps that may be missing for graduating seniors.  The last session was in November 2021 with another scheduled for Spring of 2022.

Highlights follow:

LITTLE LIBRARIES - They are in place!  Awhile back Club members got together for two "Paint Parties" to paint and decorate the 'Little Libraries' for which we received a District Grant. Liz Schuck had led the effort to get the funding and get the book boxes donated and to hold the "Paint Parties" so the Little Libraries can now be put in place for the community. 

And then we signed an agreement with the City for installation of the libraries at Frenchmen’s Creek Park and Oak View Park. The City requires that we maintain the libraries. 

And now here they are!  

Still Delivering Lunches to Abundant Grace Coastside Worker Twice Weekly
For more than a year now individual Club members have been preparing/purchasing and donating lunches two times each week to Abundant Grace for the people they help through their programs.  Coordinator Liz Schuck reported that the following members volunteered for February 2022: 
Below is a ABCW staff member at the newly refurbished Coastside Development Center accepting the lunches from one of our members.
Thanks to all those members who help with the delivery of the bags to Coastside Hope for distribution.
This is Claudio who makes things happen at CH.  He also coordinated the Adopt A Family Coastside Hope program.
If you haven't seen the entire finished project, just drive by Abundant Grace Coastside Worker on Kelly Ave. It looks great! 
Many, Many thanks to Rotary for doing a wonderful job on the fence at AGCW yesterday! It looks beautiful. 
Blessings,  Eric
Great job Rotary, you are a great asset to our community, fence looks great. Bryan Bodas
Bodas Construction.  (We had great help and guidance from Brian Bodas’ man Pablo all day.)
Senior Coastsiderers
Hope Atmore at Senior Coastside asked us for some volunteers to seal and stain a deck railing.  Here we are!
AND Rotary International's Campaign to End Polio Now
Hosted by Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay 
(Hoping to do it again in 2022)
We had a wonderful Bay Cruise on the Potomac Sunday to benefit our Club’s Community Projects and the End Polio Campaign. Financially we hit 93% of our goal and got the word out about RC of HMB and End Polio. There is already talk of doing it again next year!
Coming soon will be an update with pictures from our annual Life Skills at the High School program which will start soon.  
News and Views
May 12, 2022           

Reno Taini
Renowned Outdoor Educator from Colma
Article by Susan Kealey
Photos by Liz Schuck
Reno Taini is a renowned outdoor teacher from Colma. He taught during the 60s when guys were coming back from the war. He was a coach and a biology teacher to a diverse population of students. It was a time when riots were common. The school identified the student riot leaders. Then the principal and some open-minded teachers worked out plans for a retreat to resolve the issues. Reno was selected to lead the retreat because he was interested in the outdoors. The retreat was held at Hidden Villa, https://www.hiddenvilla.org/about-us/mission-history/, in Los Altos. The retreat changed his life. 

Upon return from the retreat, everyone was friends and more students wanted to attend. It was a place where students could express who they were in a safe place. Things continued to get better, funding improved, they got a Federal grant. The school district wanted peace, to keep kids in school and cheap. There were community resources—no one said no. 

A video was shown, unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t great, but we could see student interviews, plenty of activity scenes and a Ross MacGowan piece featuring Jefferson High School’s program. 

His approach with kids is personal and he shares his story with them. The orientation is to reorient them back into their lives. They backpack in Los Padres Forest, face challenges and work together. We saw several testimonials from students who participated in the program. Several said it instilled confidence. They helped one another with a ropes course. They spoke of the leap of trust. There is a ten day shake down hike through tough terrain with huge packs. Teamwork is reinforced over and over again. 

Reno has also gotten the kids involved in other projects like helping AIDS victims. They prep and deliver meals. 


May 5, 2022  
Club Meeting - Celebrating Cinco de Mayo 
Article by Stacy Trevenon      
Photos by EJ Dieterle
At 12:09 President Joe Brennan announced that this Rotary lunch blended a meeting, Coastside Gives, and feasting on chicken, black beans, rice, salad, condiments, and sweet pastries, a feast to which he had invited the Half Moon Bay Library Staff to join with us while the food was still warm.
Several Rotarians filed in to partake of food and fellowship, including Charise McHugh, Kevin O’Brien, Ralph Ely, Joe, Rose Serdy, EJ Dieterle, John Evans, Dave Andrews, Joaquin Jimenez, Paul Wrubel, Ed Daniels, Bill Johnston, Barb Nielson, Warren Barmore, Stacy Trevenon and guest Doug Mallon. Constant lively chatter on a number of topics – such as Bill, Joaquin and Stacy in a lively discussion about horses, or various Rotarians sharing their experiences visiting Mexico - filled the event.
Inspirational Thought 
At 12:30 President Joe rang the bell and mused on Cinco de Mayo as the thought for the day. Cinco de Mayo is erroneously thought of by most Americans as the celebration of Mexican independence, and Remembrance Day, celebrated Sept. 15-Oct. 15. However, Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862, when a small, poorly equipped Mexican force defeated a much larger force from the Second French Empire. Joaquin added that Cinco de Mayo is not generally celebrated in Mexico but is a date adopted initially by the Mexican-Americans – those who live in the U.S. -- as a celebration of their Mexican heritage.
May 28, 2022 - 
Padre Simon Mahish 
Fundacion Kairos 
Article by Steve Wilson and Stacy Trevenon      
Photos by EJ Dieterle
Our guest speaker was an old friend of our club, Padre Simon Mahish, a Catholic priest whom some of us met on our Ecuador Water Project trip in 2008.  He gave a brief PowerPoint presentation followed by a Q and A. Father Simon, a priest of the Somascan order (which mainly cares for orphans around the world) is a native of India, and as a young lad was educated in a school run by his order.  His early training was as an advocate in India (legal training) and he then went to Italy for priesthood studies and ordination. We were originally introduced to Father Simon by a Rotary Club in Guayaquil.  Members of our trip were taken to meet him and see his school, which at the time served 800 kids from the worst barrio in Guayaquil.  At that time, he was also sheltering a small number of children assigned to him by government social services on account of abandonment or neglect.  Father Simon has kept in touch over the years through Steve and Stacy, who have been his correspondents.  Recently, he has been on hiatus in India with his family due to the lingering illness and then death of his mother, and sadly the loss of other family members due to Covid-19, which has fortunately spared him. He is now headed back to his work in Guayaquil.
When ordained, Father Simon asked to be sent to the "worst place” to serve, so was sent to Guayaquil with a blessing and instructions to start a school, but with no money because his order had none to spare. The start of his work was the fact that 20 years ago he took in an abandoned baby with HIV who was expected to die within six months. When she did not die he enrolled her in school. However, in response to objections from other parents worried about their childrens’ exposure to someone with HIV, he was forced to remove his "daughter" from the school and therefore teach her himself. He then started a school for other children, serving the impacted barrio area of Guayaquil.  His original child is now an adult and is doing well. Since our original exposure to his work, his network of schools, including vocational training for older kids, has grown to 11 schools and almost 5,000 children.  The schools are owned and run by Fundacion Kairos, a fully qualified Ecuadorean charity nonprofit that is controlled by a community board of directors independent of the government and the Catholic church.  On account of its track record, Fundacion Kairos has the unique status in Ecuador of avoiding control by these institutions.  However, its operations and finances are well understood and transparent.  Fundacion Kairos enjoys the privilege of being a fully licensed social service agency with the authority to, for instance, qualify families for fostering agreements and place children for this purpose. 
May 2022
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