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The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay is in District 5051 - for more information about District 505, open the link in the menu bar.
Thank you to those who attended our social gathering at my home on Saturday to  purchase and design their Luminarias.  We were able to collect $710 in funds with some paying for their luminarias on line. Also, thank you Renee for providing the artistic tools. 
To date our Rotary Relay Team has raised over $8,000 for the American Cancer Society. Wooo Hooo!
I will be attending a Zoom meeting tomorrow evening  with the relay team members to review the details for the big event on July 16th.  I have attached the latest time line for all to review. 
We would love for all of us to attend the opening ceremonies and more information will follow later this week on July 16.
Please review the DRAFT Timeline below and let me know if you have any questions and are able to attend on the 16th.
DRAFT Timeline for Relay on July 16                                    
  • 9:00 a.m. – Registration begins
  • 9:30 a.m. – Cars OFF the field
  • 10:00 a.m. – Opening /Survivor Ceremony 
  • 10:45 a.m. DJ Kick of the music
  • 11:30 approx Lunch
  • 1pm Mr. Softee
  • Mid afternoon–FIGHT BACK Ceremony
  • 8:30pm clean up of sites complete
  • 9:00 p.m. -    Luminaria Ceremony & Close
Big hugs! 
Rose and Renee
Speakers, Programs, and Events
Our Next Meeting Is JULY 14, 2022 
More Information To Come

Remembering Robin Jeffs -  President Joe sent the following for the recent District 5150 Conference "In Memoriam" presentation:

Robin Jeffs passed away on Aug. 30, 2021, surrounded by his family, after a series of health issues.

Robin grew up in England and studied engineering at Cambridge. In the mid-1960s Robin moved to California to work for Fairchild Semiconductor and took an MBA at Santa Clara University. His career then took him to Nassau, Bahamas, and he returned to the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-1970s. Robin joined a small real estate investment partnership in Palo Alto and in 1980 branched out on this own. He had studied and invested in the stock market since the ‘60s, and in the ‘90s became a registered investment advisor while also managing a variety of retail and construction projects.

Robin joined Los Gatos Rotary Club in 1982 and the Half Moon Bay club when he moved to the coast in 1996. An avid golfer, Robin played courses around the world, but his home course was Half Moon Bay Golf Links where he played regularly since about 1980. In Half Moon Bay, Robin volunteered as an investment advisor to the Cabrillo Education Foundation and Senior Coastsiders. He spent several years on the city’s architectural review committee. He loved to travel and visit his widespread family. He played tennis for many years and spent long hours playing his piano.

He leaves his wife, Freda, three children and seven grandchildren.


Thank you, President Joe for living our the Rotary commitment to Service Above Self!Joe spent part of his vacation time delivering 1300 pounds of children's vitamins to a medical clinic in La Paz.
Dr NANCY Harris sent photos of distributing them near Cabo
Important Reminders 
We all need to get Live Scan fingerprinting and new training for youth activities, details to follow.
On Memorial Day, four of our Club participated in the installation of a flag at every one of the 137,465 graves at Golden Gate National Cemetery on Saturday - which took about 3 hours what with all the Rotarians and Scouts on hand. It was a moving experience we all benefited from.      image
Starting off Spring giving, Rose Serdy, Director of Community Services, and  Ginger Minoletti, Chair Small Donations,  present a check of $500 to Eric DeBode, Executive Director of Abundant Grace Coastside Worker, for the drums they need for a new special project.
And sprucing up a garden for Senior Repair Day are Susan Kealey and Dennis, Liz Schuck, Teri Pickle, Rose Serdy, and Mitone Griffiths.
Thanks to those Rotary gardeners who showed up for the April 2nd Senior garden project in Canada Cove. (Mitone, Mary, Susan, Dennis, Liz and Terri)  I learned a lot from these experts, especially about the importance of wearing gloves when pulling poison weeds. frown
This just in from Hope Atmore at Senior Coastsiders regarding June 4th Senior Repair Day. 
We hope you will join us for the 31st Annual Home Repair Day on Saturday, June 4th. The sign up for this year's event can be accessed HERE
Lunches to Abundant Grace Coastside Worker
Still delivering lunches twice a week.  You can check with Liz to see if she has any remaining open days forJUNE.
Rotary Club of HMB doing good work! 
Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Community Service Projects 

1. ALAS - Club contributed $1750 for Thanksgiving dinners to farm laborers.

2. Abundant Grace - Club members prepare lunch for 20 individuals twice a week.

3. Abundant Grace - members completed the west side fence.

4. Adopt a Family with Coastside Hope- adopted 2 seniors this year and Renee Lewis shopped for requested items totaling $300.

5. Some members participated in the California Coastal beach clean up in September. Mitone Griffiths and Warren Barmore continue to organize beach clean ups on a weekly basis.

6. Club provided new incoming teachers to the Cabrillo School district with gift certificates.

7. Coastside Hope Special Delivery program. Mary Rogren continues to shop for personal items for 8 families registered with Coastside Hope with Club members helping deliver.

8. Little Libraries coordinated by Liz Schuck - 8 libraries were completed, and Liz worked with the City of Half Moon Bay on approved locations to install. Club members have begun the installation.

9. Senior Coastsiders - Club members painted the deck of a senior in Canada Cove.

10. Senior Coastsiders - Club members participated in the “Meals on Wheels” program to act as back up relief for volunteers who are unable to be there.

11. Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society- Club team was able to raise over $12,000 for cancer research.

12.  Life Skills at the High School - The Rotary Club provides a series of classes at all three Coastside Schools that help fill some education gaps that may be missing for graduating seniors.  The last session was in November 2021 with another scheduled for Spring of 2022.

Highlights follow:

LITTLE LIBRARIES - They are in place!  Awhile back Club members got together for two "Paint Parties" to paint and decorate the 'Little Libraries' for which we received a District Grant. Liz Schuck had led the effort to get the funding and get the book boxes donated and to hold the "Paint Parties" so the Little Libraries can now be put in place for the community. 

And then we signed an agreement with the City for installation of the libraries at Frenchmen’s Creek Park and Oak View Park. The City requires that we maintain the libraries. 

And now here they are!  

Still Delivering Lunches to Abundant Grace Coastside Worker Twice Weekly
For more than a year now individual Club members have been preparing/purchasing and donating lunches two times each week to Abundant Grace for the people they help through their programs.  Coordinator Liz Schuck reported that the following members volunteered for February 2022: 
Below is a ABCW staff member at the newly refurbished Coastside Development Center accepting the lunches from one of our members.
Thanks to all those members who help with the delivery of the bags to Coastside Hope for distribution.
This is Claudio who makes things happen at CH.  He also coordinated the Adopt A Family Coastside Hope program.
If you haven't seen the entire finished project, just drive by Abundant Grace Coastside Worker on Kelly Ave. It looks great! 
Many, Many thanks to Rotary for doing a wonderful job on the fence at AGCW yesterday! It looks beautiful. 
Blessings,  Eric
Great job Rotary, you are a great asset to our community, fence looks great. Bryan Bodas
Bodas Construction.  (We had great help and guidance from Brian Bodas’ man Pablo all day.)
Senior Coastsiderers
Hope Atmore at Senior Coastside asked us for some volunteers to seal and stain a deck railing.  Here we are!
AND Rotary International's Campaign to End Polio Now
Hosted by Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay 
(Hoping to do it again in 2022)
We had a wonderful Bay Cruise on the Potomac Sunday to benefit our Club’s Community Projects and the End Polio Campaign. Financially we hit 93% of our goal and got the word out about RC of HMB and End Polio. There is already talk of doing it again next year!
Coming soon will be an update with pictures from our annual Life Skills at the High School program which will start soon.  
News and Views
June 23, 2022 
Lunch Social at the Pilot Light Cafe
at the Eddie Andreini St. Airport on the Coastside
Article by Dianne Bobko
 Photos by Mitone Griffiths    
Our meeting this week was a social for lunch at the Pilot Light Cafe at Eddie Andreini Sr. Airport.  Pres. Joe had contacted them about such a visit and got a response from Owner/General Manager Shoshana Wolff welcoming us to meet there for lunch. We gathered at the outside tables right by the runway.
President Joe gave a very interesting history of the airport with some great stories sprinkled in.  The follow is a list that highlights what he covered:
Section of coastal plateau dropped along hinge fault you see to the west

Discontinuity of aquifer(s) makes for good ground water drafting = wells

Long the home of Ohlone Indians as evidenced by huge maddens at head of wet land beneath Pilar point.

Site of shore whaling operations. Signals from top of point to boats rowed off shore. Try pots on beach to render whale oil.

Rich fertile soil supports productive farming, then and now

California State Highway Department built Airstrip to Army Air Corps specifications with rock from the Quarry in 1942 as an auxiliary airbase to Salinas Army air base.

Gunnery school opened in 1944 across from Point Montara lighthouse; airport used to tow targets by and launch drones doing so

R. Guy Smith, long time developer of Moss Beach had a plan to privatize the airport and sold stocks in an airport holding company - didn’t raise enough capital

Named in honor of Eddie Andreini Senior following his tragic death in 2013. Eddie had learned to fly here in 1953 and based his highly successful aerobatic career here.

Drag Strip days 1957 to 1968 Walking in with a coke; “Where World Records are Broken
Record” (Joe remembers being there for an electrifying run of 185 MPH and 8.15 Seconds.)

HMB Bakery has a collection of photos and posters on view in Bakery and preserved on line.

Joe Miles air crash story of Ambulance, Corner’s van, Ambulance
The propeller found in tide pool.

Boeing 727 practice landings in mid ‘60’s.

Was a fog alternate to SFO.

Joe also added a WWII pilot story about gunning a fuel tanker truck in France on way back from Germany which was in fact a wine tanker.

Rotary angel flights story about September 12, 2001.

Air field was the Dream Machines and hanger dance the night before.
Then Joe told the Waldo Story - My over-the-back-fence neighbor John McKeon was a retired commercial pilot who joined the local Pilots’ Association at Half Moon Bay (HAF) airport. When he met the Association President she asked him where he lived. In Moss Beach he replied, to which she asked near the beach? John answered no up on top of the hill. Oh by Waldo she responded. How do you know about Waldo he asked and she explained that she tells her students that when they are over Waldo they should have their flaps down and be entering the final landing approach turn!
You see I painted a 25’ tall Waldo down on the roof of our horse shelter for any kids to see from the small planes buzzing overhead. After hearing that she uses it as an aid to navigation I have more frequently recruited my grand nieces and nephews to keep the paint bright!
While at lunch 3 small planes landed.  There were a number of young women who emerged.  They were student pilots who were participating in an air race and had landed and then taken off before we finished our meeting.
June 2, 2022 - 
Barb Nielson - Shop Talk 
Article by Stacy Trevenon      
Photos by EJ Dieterle
After asking everyone to put cell phones on mute, Joe Brennan called for the first order of business: who here today has birthdays in May or June? Noting that we’d celebrate those birthdays following that day’s speaker, Joe said that for those lucky birthday folks he had cake and ice cream on hand.
He then moved on to the speaker, a shop talk by new member Barb Nielsen, who has had “a long and magnanimous” career in medicine, “helping many of you,” noting that she “does stand up to a challenge,” and had her stand up so that everyone can see her from home. 
Barb said that when Joe asked her to speak, she was nervous, but realized she was among friends. She had had more than 26 jobs over time, but for this talk, will focus on the jobs that meant a lot to her. She had started working at 13 as a babysitter, and when she turned 16 she moved to Seattle. She worked numerous jobs while going to school and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in comparative religion, then went on to nursing school. She worked three jobs during that time, and had little time for anything else; as she put herself through school. 
Her first job out of nursing school was at Children’s Hospital in Seattle in the oncology/surgical unit. She recalled it was a “tough job” but she learned “a lot of lessons”. The most important lesson she learned was that kids don’t really look forward to tomorrow, but they also don’t look back on yesterday. In response she took care of their pain and their needs; the parents, she said, really were her patients, rather than the kids. Fortunately, she was living with a woman in a house up in the Green Lake District who traveled all the time, and so, since the Children’s Hospital had people coming from all over the Northwest, she opened her home. They weren’t expected to stay in hotels. “I had several families that took advantage of that,” she said.
May 26, 2022           

Social at Barterra Winery
Photos by  EJ Dieterle 
Great evening learning more about wines at our own local winery. Thanks, Ginger and Paul and Chris Minoletti! 
July 2022
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