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The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay is in District 5150 - for more information about District 5105, open the link in the menu bar above. 


My name is Liz Schuck, and I am the proud 2nd time President of the BEST Rotary Club in the world.
I joined Rotary because of my brother. He was a vice president at a bank and shared with me some of the work of his club. One project stuck in my mind, the goal to end polio. I was very taken by a club that not only supported its local community but was working to end a worldwide disease.
I decided then and there to join such an organization and I did just that in 1995 when I was principal of a large elementary school in Anaheim, California. I felt the connection between the business world and the education world was critical to the success of both! The club I joined was a very small club of 14 members, and I was one of only two women in the club. Our club’s only focus was showing up for the weekly meetings.
In 1999 when I began working for our local school district, Cabrillo Unified, I became a member of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay. My friend and dentist Eric Shapira was my sponsor. This is where I learned what Rotary is all about! Very soon after being inducted, I joined a team of club members on an international trip to Mexico to provide wheelchairs for people in need. I guess you would say this was my first “Rotary moment”, or what drove me to want to do more for our community and the world. 
Another “Rotary moment” came in 2018 when I joined a team of over 50 people from the Bay Area on an international trip to India to participate in the annual polio immunization program. Which brings me back to my brother and why I joined Rotary. With all of the work of Rotary International and local clubs around the world, we have almost eliminated polio. Going to India was a life changing experience!
And that’s one of the examples of the impact of Rotary worldwide!
Currently one of our many projects locally is building, installing and maintaining little libraries throughout the Coastside. The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay has been serving the Coastside for more than 50 years. We are actively involved in a number of ongoing community projects as well as planning another trip to Mexico in 2024.
Come visit us and see what we’re up to! (To see more about our current projects, just scroll down this page.}
Liz Schuck
2023/24 President
Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay


Club Members Attend District Conference in San Jose
On Saturday, April 27, Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay members Ed Daniels, Heather Bodmann, Paul Wrubel and Stacy Trevenon all squeezed into Ed’s car enroute to the elegant and historic Hayes Mansion Hotel in San Jose, for the Rotary District 5170 District Conference. Though the conference was planned for April 26-28, the Half Moon Bay contingent was there only on the Saturday. Unfortunately, due to illness, our President Liz Schuck was not able to be there, though she would have gone along if possible.
A major focus of the conference, as stated by District 5170 Governor Hung Wei in comments in the conference booklet, was to “create opportunities for all of us to have fun together, learning and getting to know each other.” This event also struck me as offering a good dose of what Rotary is about. 
The session’s keynote speeches, in a breakout session sponsored by the Rotary Club of Saratoga and presented by Stephanie Greer, co-founder and CEO of Akin Mental Health, with RI Polio Ambassador  Shirley Grace, in the crowded Hayes Ballroom. It focused on the concept of becoming an Ambassador of Compassion  in our interaction with others. From superintendents of schools to students, Rotary can be transformational and make a difference, from young people to county to district and beyond. “Never underestimate the power of a Rotarian,” she said.
The talk went on to describe a mental health crisis affecting millions of youth today, clearly shown by the number of suicides among youth. As a cause, the speaker pinpointed unresolved hurt and pain. That also affects young people trying to hold jobs – for example, something like 75 percent of Generation Z have quit jobs because work is too demanding. In addition, many youth do not have at least some parental support. She went on to note how in Northern California, there is typically something like one social worker for thousands of students who may need such workers’ help, and she emphasized the importance of building mental and emotional resilience in young people, starting in junior high school. She noted the benefit of emotional resiliency programs from junior high school though college.
She said the Ambassador of Compassion program has been shown to increase students’ grade-point averages, enhance their sense of purpose and reduce the tendency to be distracted --- even in the time of Covid. The Ambassador of Compassion program has a proved track record of building emotional resiliency in youth and students, with an added benefit of reducing homelessness.
Talk focusing on emotional resilience also touched on connectedness, citing the Livermore Rotary Club and emphasizing how emotional resiliency and healthy connectedness in adolescence can be linked to healthy connectedness in later life, less stress, and less drug usage. She also spoke of the RISE program at the junior-high level, praised Rotary  and schools for their work to expand these programs across the Bay Area, and pondered expanding the program to include the high-school level. That led to mention of the SELF idea – emphasizing the importance of life, love and exercise, in the workplace as well as in life. 
Talk also touched on schools, Rotary clubs and Interact as viable recruiting channels for programs like this one, which Heather Bodmann from our club thought was “well-planned.” 
More information was handed out, including all kinds of information from different clubs in  booths in the House of Friendship, a presentation on RYLA , information about Rotary service trips abroad and a flyer describing safe adults versus sexual predators and how to recognize them and recognize changes in your child that can indicate predatory behavior by adults around them whom they may trust. 
Helping in Mexico Again This Year
Our club has a team in La Paz, Mexico, Baja California Sur this week supporting a medical clinic. Today they delivered gifts to the director and helped move a donated mobile unit to the clinic property.
Our team in La Paz worked at the Fundacion Astra again today.
We split the work — two club members put activity packets together for the children and three of us started to strip the newly acquired mobile medical clinic in preparation of its facelift. We ended the evening with a farewell dinner for our hosts…. Until next time!!
Club Information
Welcome to our Club! We meet in person at the HMB Library (or join us on Zoom.)  But check below in case there is a special venue.
We meet In Person
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
HMB Library
620 Correas St
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
United States of America
Any guest who wishes to join us for our meetings at the Library or on Zoom is very welcome! Please contact President Liz Schuck at elizabeth.anne.schuck@gmail.com for the link to the Zoom meeting or more information about the in-person meeting.
Noon at the HMB  Library
  Club Meeting: Busy Lizzie's End of Year Wrap Up
Sandwiches, drinks and dessert will be provided, so no need to bring your lunch!
And for the rest of June :
June board meeting -  Date TBD based on incoming grant applications 
June 10 Lobsterfest planning meeting at Barterra
June 13 Club Meeting: Busy Lizzie's End of Year Wrap Up
June 19 Coastside Hope Supplies Packing
June 20 Club Meeting: Exchange Student Suzanne's Year in Review
June 20 Relay for Life Fundraiser (see attached)
June 26 Breakfast Brigade
June 26 Debunking (6 p.m. Oddfellows)
June27 LGBTQ+ Training at HMB Library
I'll see you on June 13th!
Busy Lizzie
Hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Northern & Central California 
June 29 & 30, 2024
People of Action and Pride!
Members of the Rotary family (and their friends and family!) are invited to join Rotary in a spirit of celebration and inclusion at the 2024 San Francisco Pride festivities. Rotary members are People of Action, and are neighbors, friends and leaders who volunteer their skills and resources to solve issues and address community needs. 
The San Francisco Pride Parade & Celebration is a vibrant and colorful display of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.  Rotary has secured a booth for the SF Pride Celebration (June 29 & 30) and secured a spot in the SF Pride Parade (June 30). Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact members (and their family) from anywhere are welcome to participate. We will join forces to lift up messages of love, inclusivity, and of course "Service above Self."