Posted by Editor: FDBobko
March 4, 2021
Wine Tasting "Fun" Raiser 
with Barterra Winery
Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by Mitone Griffiths
Our March 4 meeting was specially set to start at 5:45p.m. instead of the usual noon because we had a kind of "liquid lunch and learn"  at cocktail hour, hosted by Barterra Winery.  It was our first HMB Rotary Club Foundation fund raising event on Zoom. This was well attended, with about 30 present including  District 5150 Assistant Governor Rick Chinn, RC of Pacifica President Linda Jonas, Club Accountant Dolores Goulet, Zoe Kersteen-Tucker, Jane Lewis, CWC President Judy Kocher, former Rotarian Linda Estrella and her husband, Kristen Hagen, Dana Dahl, Chris Davis, Emily Matthews, Erin Bodmann and Honarary Club Member Heather Bodmann, TJ Turek, Brian Sheppard, Matteo Rizzo, and numerous Rotary Club member and spouses.  
Almost 40 tickets (one per entire household) were sold for the event with the proceeds going to the Foundation in support of our many community and global projects.  In addition Baterra Winery donated 10% from the bottles of wine that they sold for the event.
After introductions, we briefly adjourned to breakout groups, then came back together to hear Chris Minoletti from Barterra give a presentation on the Lodi wine-growing district, which has grown in reputation over the last few decades, as well as the Barterra products from that district that many of our attendees were tasting over the course of Chris' interesting talk.  Chris took us through a brief primer on "wine physiology," a history of wine internationally and in California, the threat of phylloxera and some comments about each Barterra wine sampled, including recommended pairings.
It was a very enjoyable evening with good conversation.  Most of the other meeting formalities were happily dispensed with.
Looking forward to hearing what funds were raised.
Update from President Mary Rogren:
We grossed $1360 but had $50 in credit card fees (square $1340 plus $20 check.) 
So gross -- $1535  Net $1485 ---  A very nice showing for our Rotary Club Foundation!!!
Thank you Ginger!  (Editor's Note: Thanks to the whole Minoletti Family - Ginger, Paul and Chris, for holding this great fundraising event for our Club.)