Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Jul 07, 2020
June 25,  2020
Debunking and Celebrating
President Ed Daniels, 2019-20
Article by Bill Johnston
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
There was a record Zoom turn out for the ultimate meeting of Ed Daniel' s presidency. Special guests included District 5150 Assistant Governor Rick Chinn, our wonderful exchange student from France, Jade Casiez, our club accountant, Dolores, Pat Roma who we haven't seen since forever and past President Bonnie. Also we were delighted to see Steve and Kathy Wilson who report that they are well on their way toward recovering from coronavirus.

President Ed announced that the Half Moon Bay Rotary club had received awards at the district conference for club administration, youth service and public image. He also reported that we had received thank you messages, including one from the Half Moon Bay Veterinary Hospital as well as from other organizations,  expressing gratitude for the the See's candy that we delivered to those who provide essential services during this pandemic. Acknowledgment was also given to Mitone as our computer zoom whiz. President elect Mary announced that the Half Moon Bay Fourth Of July parade is going to be virtual and she would like to put together a video presentation sometime in the next 3 days and so she is looking for help.

Our President-elect commenced the debunking by pointing out that according to Webster's, debunking in this context refers to exposing Ed's presidency as a "sham". (Of course she claimed she was just kidding). Because of the pandemic restrictions, instead of the usual seat-of-the-pants skit, this year we were treated to a cinematic extravaganza featuring a cast of what were clearly very professional actors and, of course, written, produced, directed and starring the incredibly talented Kevin O'Brien. (You know, of course, that this last sentence is what Kevin told me to write). Hopefully, the entire epic production will be posted on this website and you can determine for yourself whether it is worthy of the award nominations it is almost certainly not likely to receive. This was an interactive production depicting the prosecution of President Ed and at the conclusion the audience unanimously voted to convict.
Following the screening of the film president elect Mary assumed the figurative podium and presented additional evidence in the form of photos of 122 boxes of chocolate in Ed's office and she leveled the accusation that he had been indiscriminately sampling the chocolates. In his defense, Ed asserted that whatever sampling took place was strictly to ensure freshness and quality and (he being a lawyer) for liability reasons. She also noted that Ed was drinking from a bottle of Bart's Red from the Barterra Winery whose label illustration looked suspiciously likely coronavirus, thus buttressing the allegation that Ed was somehow culpable for the pandemic.

Mary then presented Ed with a number of gifts and commendations. He received a "million dollar plaque" with the legend "Guilty of Service above Self". He received a ceremonial gavel inscribed "in appreciation for virtual leadership…". He was awarded the most revered Rotary pin of them all – the Past President pin. He was also gifted with a whole bag of left over district pins. Warren Barmore chimed in with an observation that someone had left a Rotary duffel bag on the front porch and when Ed open that he found, you guessed it, 4 pounds of chocolate.

Mary and other members of the club's administration then proceeded to individually thank Ed for his work as president this past year. Mary noted his leadership in dealing with the budget issues, the pandemic and related initiation of our virtual meetings. She acknowledged our success in raising $11,000 to support the Crisis Fund, in our continued service in the community at Table of Plenty and providing twice-weekly sandwiches to the Abundant Grace center. Dave Andrews pointed out that Ed probably faced more challenges in his presidential year than any of the past presidents. Of course, Kevin, contrarian that he is, claimed that Ed basically copped out. It was easy. Since there were no physical meetings he didn't have to worry about the complaints regarding the food, arranging speakers and all the rest of the day-to-day work associated with the actual meetings. He proposed that we should give him an additional 6 months on his term. President elect Mary was vocally supportive of this proposition. Rosie pointed out the being president was a big job and anyone who took that job on was one of her heroes. Stacy commemorated (her word) Ed's flexibility in these "who'd a thunk it times". Our official photographer, EJ, noted that Ed made his job easy since first he canceled all the meetings for the rest of the year and even when we had meetings he never moved so it was easy to get a photograph of him. (Of course, that elicited comments about how we never see photographs of Erika to which EJ responded that over the year he's managed to cobble together a composite photo based upon pictures of an ankle here, an elbow there, etc.) Diane observed that much of the success was attributed to Ed's behind-the-scenes work and his ability to keep the clubs spirit's up. And from the district office, Rick told us that the enthusiasm and camaraderie that this club demonstrates is an indicator of the quality of the leadership.

Finally, after overcoming technical difficulties, our resident limerickicist, Joe Brennan shared with us 3 original limericks in Ed's honor. He promise to forward those to the esteemed Foghorn editor, so hopefully they accompany this article.

And then just when you thought we were done and we could all go back to watching America's Got Talent, Ed gave the traditional "I Am out the Door and I Couldn't Have Done It without the Following People" speech. He acknowledged René for club administration, Stacy for international service, David Maas for treasurer, Susan Keeley for secretary, Mary for President-elect, Paul Wrubel and Warren as co-membership chairs, Diane for public relations and the Foghorn as well as interim treasurer and foundation director and organization consultant, Liz as community service chair and foundation director, Kevin O'Brien and Dave Andrews for co-chairing Rotary foundation. He gave special acknowledgment to Paul Wrubel for his mentorship and assistance as the immediate past president and especially for his service as the Libations Director and Sommelier to the board. Paul received a plaque honoring his "unwavering contribution to Rotary, community and his outstanding dedication to the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay. Finally, President Ed presented a special award to the amazing and indefatigable Liz Schuck acknowledging her outstanding leadership and dedication to ideals of Rotary.

Mary then conducted a virtual raffle which was fittingly won by Liz Schuck who can look forward to receiving 2 wine glasses and a bottle of wine with which to fill them.

And then, again, just when we thought we were done and we could all go back to watching America's Got Talent, EJ showed us the bird and then put on his braids (were they Heidi braids or Gretel braids?) And closed the meeting with a rendition of that German "farewell song" that my spellchecker won't write.