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March 5, 2020
Krystlyn Geidt
Article by Stacy Trevenon
Photos by EJ Dieterle 

The Rotary program for the day was a shop talk by Krystlyn Geidt, a fairly new but thoroughly enthusiastic club member.
Her shop talk centered on creativity. In her home is a little room which she devotes to creativity, where she works on creative projects like making jewelry such as necklaces. It's an important part of her life, she says: creativity, like doing craft work, gets her brain on track.
Typically, Krystlyn keeps very busy, working some 65 hours a week in her role as CEO of the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce, and taking care of other obligations on top of that. But she tries to make time for creativity, and that can take any form. Even in a very busy schedule  like hers, she said, if you don't allow time for rest and recharging, you can't get unstuck when it comes to life's problems.

She asked the Rotarians in the room, what do they do as hobbies, for enjoyment or just to recharge? The answers were varied, ranging from simply enjoying work to fiber art such as knitting to gardening. Krystlyn then delighted the listeners by proposing that after all the hard work that we will put into Magic of  the Coastside, club members launch a collective creative project that we can do together. Perhaps that could include some refreshment, sort of a "paint 'n' sip." To put this into perspective, she pointed out that just as sleep is important, so is creativity.

Krystlyn observed that even when the brain is focused elsewhere, such as at work or enjoying a warm shower, it continues to be creative. A warm shower actually helps put creativity in gear. Besides, she pointed out, being creative can be fun -- and it is different for different people.

She invited questions. One was, "Did she find that if she was facing having to make a decision, did it work to "sleep on  it"? Yes, she and the listeners agreed that it can be amazing how  much more clear  decisions can be in the morning. 

Are there different channels in the brain for creativity, and does it work in different ways for different people? Krystlyn said yes, different parts of the brain process information as different types of creativity and understanding, and there are different ways of processing, in different people. Different regions of the brain deal with different avenues of creativity, and people experience it in different ways.
Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
President Ed Daniels called the meeting to order.
President Ed convened our meeting with the introduction of our Sergeant-at-Arms Linda Croce-Anderson, who offered the words of wisdom "Be good to each other" in light of current events.

Ed introduced Erin Torme, director of the Coastside Farmers Markets in Half Moon Bay, Pescadero and Pacifica and one of our finalists for the Service Above Self Recognition a few years ago.  Erin announced that the county has requested cooperation of the Farmers Markets in 2020 census information gathering.  The County has provided four laptops and translation support.  Volunteers for this effort are requested to work two hour shifts.  This is the first time that the U.S. Census Bureau has tried to do most of the information collection online and for a variety of reasons this is expected to be less than a smooth ride, especially for under-served and under-connected populations.  Rotarians are asked to spread the word among other nonprofits.

Ed reported on the grants to be awarded as part of Magic of the Coastside.  The Directors sent RFPs to 26 nonprofits and got 14 applications back.  five were disqualified for failure to meet the grant criteria. Two applicants were selected:  Coastside Hope (baskets for food distribution) and Odd Fellows (for its community music series).  Rotary will also fund programs of its own.

Warren Barmore distributed a new form of membership application, and we are asked to energetically deploy this form to prospective members. 

A mildly embarrassed John Evans was summoned to the front to receive from Dave Andrews his three-sapphire Paul Harris pin, to wild applause. Having been given the floor, John proceeded to report on the happy lives of several of our exchange students, with a longer message from Giuseppe about the effect of the Covid-19 virus upon his community and schools in Italy.  Several points of view were shared by other club members, particularly from Ginger about travel arrangements.

Happy/Not so Happy News!  

Rose Fontana is celebrating her 76th birthday and bestowed a check of appropriate size upon President Ed.

Marble Draw  surprise   A WINNER this weekyes Dodging obvious parallels to the conduct of elections in Russia, Dave Andrews was the lucky ticket-holder and drew a white marble.  Congratulations, Dave!  smiley   
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