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March 12, 2020
Steve Wilson
Article by Susan Kealey
Photos by EJ Dieterle 

This is Steve’s 30th year as a Half Moon Bay Rotarian, despite holding a full time job in San Francisco. He’s 71 this year and leading a happy, healthy life. His fundamentals of life are family, community, faith, service.  Since Sept. 20, 1984, he has been with AA. 

Family—Steve is married to Kathy. He has a step daughter, biological children and adopted children.  He is obviously proud of all of them and enjoys being a grandparent. 

 Faith—His church is his happy place; he attributes that to the great people. He is on the Board of the Methodist church. 

Work—5 years ago Steve changed firms. He now focuses on real estate law, some corporate, but no more litigation. He gets to do big complicated deals. He has partners and clients from all over the world and has some cultural competency. He now is in a better compensation situation which is less stressful. He plans to take a long step back at 75 and enjoy their place in Lake County. Steve’s father was a great gardener and passed the interest on to Steve so that long step back will include more gardening. 


Community—Walden House and the Haight Ashberry Free Clinic merged into Health Right and he’s been on their board 6-7 years. The organization touches 60% of the SF homeless population. For 11 years he was with Children’s Hope Chest which started in 1997. Steve started KidsDome which merged into Children’s Hope Chest. Both organizations facilitated adoptions in Russia until the Russian Government clamped down. Now Children’s Hope Chest is in 8 countries including Africa. 

Steve shared his story of adopting his daughter and the dark thinking in Russia about adoptions. He also spoke about the importance of sharing his own story of alcoholism with his kids.  Adult children of alcoholics have a 70 percent likelihood of becoming alcoholics. 

Another interest of Steve’s is Asia facing non profits. He went with former mayor Ed Lee on a trip to Asia. 

Biff, the car, will probably go to his son in Georgia soon. Ike, a 1954 Packard with a straight eight, is the car of Steve’s dreams and hopefully will appear soon. 

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Photos by EJ Dieterle 
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