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August 25, 2022 
Speaker - DG Gary Chow
Annual District Governor's Visit
Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by Liz Schuck      
The main event was the annual visit by our District Governor Gary Chow who was the speaker. Gary is a member of the Rotary Club of South San Francisco, joining in 2009.  Accompanying Gary was Assistant District Governor Sherry.
Gary is a retired public health education specialist who spent many years working for Kaiser and other health organizations, largely bringing important health care education to the public.  Now and in the past, Gary has served or currently serves as a board member of numerous health organizations, both regionally and nationally.  It's hard to understand how Gary got all of this done, but he also serves or has served as a member of a number of Rotary committees.
Gary spoke to the role of Rotary as an "agent of change" and explained the symbolism of this year's RI pin, a design created by an aboriginal artist in Australia, from whence our RI International President comes.  Gary discussed the many tools and resource materials, mainly available on the RI website, which are available to clubs for both recruitment and program development.   He mentioned that RI enrollment worldwide had been flat at 2.2 Million for ten years, with 500,000 in and the same out.  He thinks the majority of departures were due to a feeling that the organization had lost some relevance, and that the challenge on the local level is to find and implement service programs that address community needs in an engaging way.  
Recently, the RI Foundation was able to almost instantly adapt its approval processes to move a substantial amount and volume of humanitarian aid to assist Ukrainian refugees.  This direction will continue to adapt and build.  Gary also discussed the evolving directions in the Polio program, especially now beginning to feature "post-polio" support for those infected many years ago who are manifesting debilitating muscle weakness in later years.
Key District dates in the months ahead are:  2023 District Conference in Monterey, April 27-30, Rotary Day of Service May 13 and the RI International Convention in Melbourne May 27-31.
After Gary's presentation, we heard from Emma Tobin, who had just received a Master's degree in International Development funded in large measure with her $30,000 Rotary grant.  She had done her thesis on the crisis in women's health issues in Indonesia during the Covid crisis.  She is next enrolling in a post-graduate program in Australia to carry her research further.  Emma will remain in HMB this fall pending her relocation.
Club Meeting - August 25, 2022
Pledge of Allegiance - Led by President Krystlyn
Inspirational Thought -  N/A
Guests -  John Evans brought Larkin and also Emma Tobin, who just completed two years as a Rotary Grant Scholar.  Emma in turn brought her companion John.  Emma presented briefly later in the program.
Pres. Krystlyn closed by telling us to watch our e-mails for final arrangements for our next meeting, as we "may be out and about."
STARR Recognition
Pres. Krystlyn presented her special recognition certificate to Liz Schuck for her significant efforts in arranging and coordinating our annual welcome for the new teachers and staff members in the CUSD.
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