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April 21, 2023
Veronica Vostinak
Public Works and Sustainability Program Manager
of the City of Half Moon Bay 
Article by Joe Brennan
The Program...
Veronika Vostinak, City of HMB, Sustainability
The City of Half Moon Bay is committed to becoming a leader in sustainability and establishing ourselves as a green vacation destination. In response to the City Council identifying sustainability as a priority in FY 2019-20, staff developed the Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP), which outlines opportunities to implement sustainable policies, programs, and projects within the City of Half Moon Bay.
Veronica presented the Climate Action Plan explaining that for 2019 Greenhouse Gas emissions were mainly from these sources:
Automobiles    51%
Buildings         36%
Waste                 8%
Electrical           4%
Noting that a ton of green house gasses is the equivalent of a car driving 2,000miles.
An immediate goal is to reduce building emissions to 10% largely by drastically reducing natural gas emissions.
An example of good progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the 90% participation in Peninsula Clean Energy. They have removed 25% of GHG from utilities and have the goal of reducing 15% more by 2030.
Speaker noted that building utilities are a big target. 
Also identifying and reducing the industrial load which is low on the coast but farming needs a close analysis.
On the home front the approach is to require electrical  for all new construction not gas.
Also encouraging the replacement of existing Natural Gas appliances with Electrical.
Progress in addressing the “Waste” component has been made with the passage of SB 1383 aimed at taking organics out of landfill. These biodegradable materials breakdown and emit the greenhouse gas methane among others. Separating the organic’s for composting and offering the compost back to home gardeners and farms is the goal.
Another of her targets is largest source of GHGs, transportation. Veronica announced that the missing link of the Eastside Trail is funded and in the design phase to bridge the gap in Miramar and continue to Main Street. Electric vehicles remain a strong component of the program, buy yours now!
One big target is the morning high school traffic jam of cars containng one parent and one student all backed up. She pointed out it is considered “not cool” to walk or bike. Buses are being analyzed as traffic reduction method. She pointed out the HS has a “safe touted to school” coordinator.
Brief Q&A followed and she handed out reusable sandwich bags, bike bells and info.
Veronica can be reached at 650-750-2019 and
To see her slice of hte City pie go to:  
CLUB MEETING, April 20, 2023 

President Krystlyn Giedt opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegience to the Flag.

Ginger Minoletti provided the Thought of the Day; That Paul Harris’s Birthday was April 19th, 1868, noting that many may not be familiar with his life and legacy = Rotary. She suggested members be encouraged to read about Paul’s life and works and Donate to the ROTARY INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION.





Greg Owen, a senior at Half Moon Bay High School and student body president, made a pitch for funding of his Eagle Scout Project. He is designing a bench and donor recognition board to be installed in Frenchman’s Creek Park. Club voted $500 support.

Magic of the Coastside Committee Chair Barbara Nielson reported that they had inventoried the shed and were going to do inventory the materials kept at Big Wave next. Save the date of August 19th and teh committee will meet after Rotary in the Library every other week going forward.
Puente Youth engagement Services, YES, has volunteer projects on Monday and Tuesday is Art & Artists day.
Beach Clean Up is planned for Earth DAy April 22nd on Venice Beach
Bella Bono reported on Coastside Gives coming up on May 4th. She explained the many prize categories, all donations over $10 count toward the prizes.Our first year we set the goal at $14K, last year half that and this year $5K.
Rotary will have a booth at Make It Main Street on March 4th from 3 to 7PM. Can you volunteer to represent the club at the booth for a fun time?
Relay for Life is coming up on July 15th, please join our Club team and donate
The Life Skills Program still needs a few more volunteers, please sign up to help. Paul Wrubel spoke as an advocate for the program and emphasized the benefits, especially the interviews. He offered the advice to anyone advising a student on college choices. He supports them going to a 2 year college and then on a 4 year but urged them to consult the 4 year institution first to be sure the courses they take at hte two year count. This will help them avoid taking five years to get a four year degree which is an economy in many ways; their time, education costs and delay of earning power.
John Evans announced that our Club will be sponsoring a young woman from France as our Exchange Student next year.
The Odd Fellows will stage a one day retrospective showing of the local artist Galen Wolf’s
works this Sunday the 23rd. Free to the public, with refreshments
Happy/Crappy News yescrying
Rick Zeek and Ryan Wilson will be playing Friday night at Barterra Winery, 5 to 7p.m.
 Marble Game -  coolsadwink