Contact: Joe Brennan
Half Moon Bay
United States of America
Our Club has a tradition of visiting new businesses in our community to welcome them and familiarize our members with their services. The last one I recall in person was to Via Uno, now gone. We did, thanks to Ginger, have introductions to Jupiter & Main and Fattoria e Mare during our Zoom era. I reached out to the recently opened Pilot Light Cafe at Eddie Andreini Sr. Airport about such a visit and got a response from Owner/General Manager Shoshana Wolff welcoming us to meet there for lunch at our next meeting June 23rd. 
I invite you and any guest or prospective members to lunch Thursday. We will each order and pay for our own meals which will then be delivered to us at the outdoor picnic table seating. Go to to see their menu. I have asked that they give us brief comments about their business and answer questions, plus I will provide a little historical talk about the airport…and will welcome your stories, much like out state visits.