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Half Moon Bay
United States of America

Join our Rotary meeting and meet Michelle De Wolfe!

Michelle DeWolf is a certified Health Coach with a specialty in nutrition and a busy mom of three teenagers. She has 10 years of experience teaching culinary skills that have helped families achieve a more nutritious lifestyle every day. Michelle specializes in one-on-one coaching in nutrition and lifestyle changes with an 80% success rate of her clients meeting or exceeding their goals. 2020 saw the publishing of her book; Reboot YOU! A Guide to Your Best Health & Well-Being.

How to Plan Your Optimal Day

with Michelle DeWolf
The top complaints I hear as a health coach are COVID weight gain, sleepless nights, snacking all day, and no time for exercise.  The key is having a system of habits that allow you to reset your day when the schedule comes undone. This presentation will give you some ideas about how to put structure around your day so you can attend to feeding yourself and your family well, fit time in for consistent exercise, and move to a better sleep routine one step at a time.