Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Sep 24, 2020
September 17,  2020
Creating Self Awareness and Changing Inappropriate Behaviors
Article by Joe Brennan
Photos by Dianne Bobko
Krystlyn Geidt who is our Youth Services Board Member is our speaker today. She advises us that she will speak to a sensitive but vitally important subject. She mentions that she has been trained and cleared with the government to work with children as all Rotarians soon will have to do. Watch for the roll out of the new training in the coming year.  Today she will focus on Sexual Harassment specifically.

We need to be mindful of our comments in meetings. Not just for their political correctness but for their potential emotional effect on others. Words land on different people in different ways based on their pasts which we cannot know. Be sensitive to their differences.
Krystlyn then courageously shared her story of a traumatic childhood filled with abuse and relayed to the Club members that she has to consistently deal with involuntary, traumatic memories being triggered by the hapless, insensitive words of others. This brought a chilling authenticity to the general admonition she began with, that we need to edit ourselves to avoid harming others. Krystlyn proceeded to give this advice to achieve our better selves:

GUT CHECK - Take stock of the people around you. How well do you know them? How well do they know you? Where are you located? Meeting, Bar, A friend’s home, etc.
If the situation is hard to assess what do we do?
  • Be the cleanest version of yourself until you have solid confirmation that the jokes in you head are not going to offend and you are in a safe environment to tell them.
  • Cancel Culture is real. Save yourself from a bad reputation. Bad Reps. are easy to get but hard to get rid of.
  • Assume everyone is overly sensitive to start with, it is you safest bet. People who cannot take your sense of humor will be spared and so will you reputation.
We are a Club of professionals and represent a world wide organization with a sterling reputation. We all need to be mindful of our personal demeanor and comportment in meetings and when representing Rotary. With the more casual format of Zoom, who hasn’t Zoomed in their PJ’s?!  We need more than ever to be mindful to always be our best selves!  
This was a difficult and riveting presentation courageously presented and well received.

Mary says to watch for the Youth Protection Program’s training and the governmental Live Scan coming soon for all Rotarians.
Club Meeting, September 17, 2020
Attending: Mary Rogren, Liz Schuck, Ginger Child-Minoletti, John Evans (Larkin), Rose Serdy, Krystylm Geist, Dianne Bobko, Erika Prado, Ed Daniels, Kevin O’Brien, EJ Dieterle, Dave Dickson (Marla), Paul Wrubel, David Mach’s, Stacy Trevenon, Ralph Ely, Heather Bodmann.

President Mary Rogren called the meeting to order.
Pledge of Allegiance: Pledge to Flag led by Joe Brennan
Inspiration Thought by Krystyln Geidt: 
  • Life is like a Camera, just focus on what is importanto
  • Capture the good times and if things don’t work out
  • Or come up negative, just take another shot!

Happy/Crappy News smiley/crying

Rose notes that County marks less than 8 new cases/week so reopening of indoor seating is near. Mary points out 50 cases/week in HMB, Coast overall not good. State is looking at SM County as a whole, plus there is a 7 day delay in reporting.

Dianne reports that her daughter, Michelle, made the long crowded flight home to Italy where she had to go immediately into quarantine. She was tested on the 12th day by a worker in hazmat suit at her door and results came back negative for Covid 19. They take tracking and testing much more seriously in Italy.

Ginger attended her niece’s wedding in Albany NY by Zoom as did half the party due to Covid restriction on some States. She also reports that Barterra Winery permits were OKayed for new location in Tin Palace so will be opening in early October.

EJ noted Covid numbers going up in Germany and Austria closing = bad news due to “People being people” (impatient, irreverent, lazy etc.) He is practicing with his Alpine Band via Zoom but band members are saying no to live performances, its not worth it.

Dave and Marla Dickson join us from the San Juan Island fairgrounds where they could get WiFi. They are camping in their little travel trailer facing Harrow Straits, watched bald eagle over breakfast. Businesses are open, but very conscientious about masks.

Video on Paul Harris and The Rotary Foundation

Mary showed a short video entitled "Once Upon a Time Paul Harris had a Vision" about The Rotary Foundation, TRF. Kevin in his Naggy McNaggington role reminded everyone to donate to TRF every year. The suggested amount is $200 but please donate at least $25 for us to be a 100% sustaining club. Go to the website where you can donate or sign up for continuing donation to make it simple. “Mary’s Presidency will not be forgotten” -KO’B



Membership Committee Chair Ginger Child-Minoletti reminded us we are all on the committee, a committee of the whole. Think of one person and ask them! It is that easy and then asking the second person will be even easier! EJ mention that he gives Rotary a Rah Rah on Nextdoor when he can and urges other to do so on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Community Services Committee report by Rose Serdy:

  1. Successful Beach Clean-ups led by Mitone Griffiths. Successful lunch program with Abundant Grace led by Shana Reilly-Pond. Funding is here for the little Library Project.
  2. Cabrillo Superintendent Thanked Rotary for the dictionaries and asked if maybe we could redirect the funds to the school nurse in future.
  3. The City is doing a Second Harvest food program and needs volunteers. All agencies on the Coast need volunteers, such as Coastside Hope on their Thursday food giveaway, Puente etc

Next Week's Meeting

Next week’s meeting, September 24th, will be a visit with the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay New Zealand. The time will be 12:30 to 2PM and a special Zoom invitation will be sent out. They have an annual classic car rally which raises $80K.