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September 1, 2022 
Club Planning Meeting 
Article by Stacy Trevenon     
This was a casual club assembly meeting, devoted to talking about “club stuff” and upcoming events and ideas, including a club social.
Upcoming plans include devoting the Sept. 22 meeting to discussion of the Pumpkin Festival and what we will do this year, and focusing the Sept. 29 meeting on Sonrisas or Hop Dogma, perhaps including a tour of one of those facilities.

Guests -The guests for the day included Janet Steele and Drew Gamet, who heads adult education with the Cabrillo Unified School District. He discussed how the district is now providing English language classes, and he further discussed its plans to go larger, perhaps to include an adult-education diploma program, perhaps partnering with the College of San Mateo with classes here, and perhaps offering a certificate program for senior home health care. Also in the discussion of senior home health care, he mentioned an emergency medical technician, and discussion included funding by the state and federal government.

Rosi Fontana articulated a need for bilingual home health aides, and a need to promote and support English language proficiency.
Ginger Minoletti further discussed the need for home assistance, senior English speakers, language support and access to community services.
Discussion Topics
The topic of club service projects, our own projects, dominated the conversation. Ideas included adopting a section of the Coastside Trail; providing Rotary-marked trash cans or developing a picnic area; providing a defibrillator for access by local businesses; and the Senior Coastsiders home repair program, perhaps including gardening.
Around a locale, the club discussed the end of Poplar and marking a beach location; but also the difficulties inherent in securing such a location, who would empty the trash cans, and county and state jurisdictions.
Warren commented on programs he recalled for putting flotation devices around beaches in Hawaii; Krystlyn remarked that similar programs, already funded, have already started here. Joe recalled a similar program which involved a memorial to fishermen lost at sea already begun at the harbor; Rose Serdy has already spoken to a nurse and gotten a list of items that we could focus on to collect as needed for a project by our club. 
The idea was raised that we could work with Abundant Grace on the idea of garbing can pickup. Krystlyn mentioned that there are stretched along the Coastside Trail that are devoid of garbage cans, encouraging more discussion about a partnership with Abundant Grace. 

Joe has been in email contact with the president of the Rotary Club of New Zealand about a school there, which raised discussion about some similar things we could do with our students here in Half Moon Bay.  Krystlyn pointed out that our insurance might not cover some elements of such a program.

Warren spoke about Hatch School, the volunteer work Hatch parents do, and the highway corridor kids cross; and ongoing efforts around school buses in this corridor.
Discussion moved back to topics covered in the recent Rotary club survey, trash cans, ideas that have come up from and around nurses who are part of CUSD, and ideas that came up in the survey.

Use of our DDF has been approved for supporting a project with Coastside Hope.

Discussion touched on Magic of the Coastside. As it has been three years since we last had Magic of the Coastside, now might be a good time to consider having it again. And there was talk about doing something fun and different around its name and merging Magic of the Coastside along with Service Above Self.  Ideas followed as to events our club can do: that center on wine, or a one-day event at the beach? The beach can be a chilly place, but the yacht club might be a good place to consider partnering with for an event? A sandcastle contest was another idea, and new member Janet Steele suggested we have a backup plan just in case. Joe noted that we’ve had lots of galas, and reminded us to remember the importance of reaching financial goals.

Warren mentioned the importance of publicity and of sponsorship. Other ideas for speakers included speakers representing different religions, and there was a vote for a beach day centering on families. A suggestion of a salsa competition, which we have had at the library in the past, was raised, as a means of fun and bragging rights. Or perhaps a pie competition? Maybe not. That led to discussion of how to handle such competitions to keep them lighthearted and easy.

Ginger raised ideas that had roots in Michigan, of discussing goals and being creative in thinking of ways to be successful. Krystlyn seconded the idea of a beach day at the yacht club, and suggested that we all think about ways to do something like that and make it profitable and enjoyable while obtaining new sponsors.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Paul Wrubel, emphasizing a point he has raised before this, asked new member Drew Gamet, as the director of adult education with CUSD, about the possibility of having a trip to Stanford University for local high school students, to encourage and create dreams to follow.