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October 29,  2020
Dan Hinde from Silicon Valley Systems, LLC
Computer Security and the Changing World
Taking the Stress Out of Computer Security
Article by Susan Kealey
Photos by Dianne Bobko

Dave introduced Dan Hinde from Silicon Valley Systems, LLC, established in 2001. He is here to talk to us about computer security. 

Anti Virus

The anti virus tool used to be a simple log aggregator which sent information to firms like  MacAfee, etc.  Now there are too many viruses and they are slippery, think 300-500 daily and they morph. Now anti virus programs can auto lock viruses out a PC from a network. Some firms to consider:  Malware Bytes (EDR behavior based solution); Bytedefender Gravity; Deepinstinct EDR-Artificial Intelligence; and SOC, Security Operation Center. 

Some things to consider:


Local—Save to a hard drive or your network, can be automated. 

Cloud—This is the rage now, recovery is good, it can be automated or scheduled. 

Virtualization—“Datto” provides a virtual image of your computer which can be accessed from a website, it’s a virtual machine you can work from.

Combo—a combination of local, cloud and virtual. 

Test—Test your backup system. Make sure it works and make sure it is current. Some firms that offer loud-based backups:  Carbonite, iDrive, BackBlaze. 



Updates—Do them. Most fix security holes. Not updating is leaving the door open to viruses. Cell phones and iPads are lower risk, but still leaves a hole. If a website has been hacked, it could upload a virus to your device. So, do the updates, Dan recommends automating your updates so they can load while you are sleeping. 

Someone asked how vulnerable the cloud is to hacking. Dan responded that the companies that provide cloud storage make it their business to ensure there aren’t any problems. Cloud based backups have a high level of encryption at your device and at their end. If you are backing up locally, you need to be sure there is encryption. 


Web Filtering—he recommends Open DNS (Cisco Umbrella) and Questodio. They keep lists of infected sites; they can filter out porn and violence, for example. 

Phishing—AKA hacking humans is the process of tricking people into making bad decisions. One phishing trick is to disguise an email by making it look like it is from a friend (when in doubt, call your friend). 

 Phishing can also be done by phone calls or in person. To wrap up phishing, it includes misleading emails, phone calls, texts, website advertising and even in person. 

Someone asked “why don’t browsers use filtering?”  They do, some do verifications and they do some filtering. If they detect hacking, they will issue a warning. While they do give a level of security, it is not enough. To receive a warning that another computer is trying to access yours, try Malware Bytes or shoot Dan an email. 

Dianne asked about the problem of scammer texts, she blocks their numbers, but they keep coming.  Dan suggested getting on the Do Not Call List and reminded us that one needs to renew that listing. IOS has an “unknown” option and your carrier may also have a solution. 


VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)—unknown networks offer no guarantee that your data isn’t being shared, a VPN protects you at the coffee shop or other public WiFis. The VPN is opaque to others. Some VPN suggestions:  Express, Nord, Tunnel Bear, Cyber Ghost. 

Screen sharing application suggestions are Splash and Log Me In. 

Password managers—a good idea. A password manager have several features. It will be encrypted, will suggest good passwords, will plug into your browser and will build a list of all your passwords. It will also have a phone app so you can access your passwords on your phone. Most password managers are free and may have other features. Suggestions:  Keeper, Dashland, Last Pass (base version is feee) and 1 password. Chrome will save your password and is secure, however, it isn’t as handy as it lacks the features of the others.


Dan’s Email is

Club Meeting, October 29 , 2020

President Mary Rogren called the meeting to order.
Pledge of Allegiance - Mitone
Inspiration Thought - Ginger shared some inspirational travel thoughts—things like—there is no age barrier to travel; it can leave you speechless, and give you something to speak about; travel provides fulfillment...and best, even if you can’t travel right now, you can dream about it. 

Guests - Shawn Engmann from Compass was introduced. Shawn lives in Montara. Dave introduced Toni De Waal from the Palo Alto Rotary Club (100 members). 

Happy/Crappy News smiley/crying   and Announcements

Dianne shared that tomorrow Liz is going in for her second shoulder surgery. Rosie is having hip replacement surgery early next year. She and Bo attended the Abundant Grace Virtual Dinner and shared that it was wonderful. They picked up the ingredients at the farm. Eric gave a presentation and mentioned Rotary several times. 

Ginger suggested that we form a fundraising committee—Mary will send out an email. Ginger spoke with Cameron who suggested that we look at matching grant funding through the Beautification Committee. 

There is a Board Meeting Monday at 6 pm. 

Rose mentioned that Renee and Linda will do the shopping for Adopt a Family, we have six seniors to shop for. So far we have $400, if you want to contribute ($70 per person is suggested), call Rose or Mary. Checks should payable to the HMB Rotary Foundation. The Little Libraries will go forward in January. Expect to see an email from Rose with respect to the Second Harvest Food Bank. 

Ginger reminded us of the social at Mitone’s tomorrow at 5 pm.

Ginger has taken over the Abundant Grace lunch coordination, she will send an email update. We are covered through November. 

We received a card from Caroline’s Mom, with chocolates. The chocolates were her Dad’s favorites. Her Dad, Caroline’s Grandfather, passed away from COVID earlier this year. They appreciated the sympathy card we sent. 

Marble Draw - No luck this wee

Buy marble tickets and feed the pig!  Mary sends an email with the link prior to each meeting. 

Coming - Don’t forget the Beach Clean-up Sunday, November 8. See Mitone for details.