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October 27, 2022 
Joe Pinzeron
His Experiences as a Technology Transfer and Manufacturing Consultant 
in China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia
Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by EJ Dieterle  
Our speaker was Joe Pinzeron, a Coastsider now retired from a varied and interesting career that morphed from electronic and computer-based music to assisting U.S. and European technology companies with "tech transfer" projects, mainly setting up and launching manufacturing in Asia and in China specifically.  Joe's early career on the music faculty of University of Illinois in the 1980's would have been interesting all by itself, as he was on the cutting edge of development of electronically based music and went on to compose and perform.   
Time and tide were running in Joe's direction, however, and the pull of the technology tide was irresistable.  He went to China on a sabbatical 1986-7 to build a computer music studio and his vistas began to change. He began working for Logitec (mouse manufacturer) and for 10 years helped run the company's efforts in moving suppply chains and factories from the Western world into (first) Taiwan and then a China which at the time, under Deng Xiao-PIng,  seemed open and friendly to partnerships with the West.  HIs involvement with China was both technical and, because of his background, cultural.    
Tienanmen Square happened in 1989 and suddenly all joint ventures ceased.  China's focus turned unward and its inducstrial policy turned nationalistic.  Beginning in the 1990's, Joe's technology transfer and manufacturing consulting work was no klonger focused solely on China but broadened to Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. He consulted for may companies and worked with many products.  
Joe commented not only on China's hard turn inward but also the policy of vertical control of manufacturing, from the control of mining of precious metals to marketing and distribution, as being a deep;ening threat, particularly as regards battery technology.  Joe also commented on the social control issue and the way that the Covid lockdown campaign has been run in China.  As regards Taiwan, he felt that what has been seen in Hong Kong might be the most instructive or predictive experience.
Joe's observations of course tie with what we see daily in the news, and it's always helpful to have a direct observer of events share his experience.
Club Meeting - October 27, 2022
Pledge of Allegiance - Led by President Krystlyn
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Guests - Rotarian Joan Madsen was in attendance this  meeting and brought as her guest, her friend Ron, who moved to the Coast from St. Louis not long ago. We may see Ron again, as he expressed some interest in our club.  
Before getting down to serious business, Pres. Krystlyn polled the group and we decided that the next meeting, November 3, would be a social at San Benito House starting 5:30 PM.  This also coordinates with "Make it Main" the same night. 
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