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November 5, 2020
Michelle DeWolf
How To Get It Together
Article by Stacy Trevenon
Photos by Dianne Bobko
Dave Andrews introduced speaker Michelle DeWolf of Menlo Park.  Michelle is a certified health coach with a specialty in nutrition, and the busy mom of three teenagers.  She has a culinary background, and spoke of how health coaching is a thriving business.
She urged the listeners to grab a pencil and paper since this presentation would include notes that we'd want to take. She began with addressing "How to get it together" and keep it together, especially in  this time of lockdown. She spoke of the business focus she gives to her work in promoting nutrition, and of the 80 percent success rate her clients report. She cited her client Scott, who had battled cancer and whose doctors gave him a poor and short prognosis -- but when he altered his eating habits, he lived for another six months, and was clear, coherent and happy at the end of his life.


She said her clients ask about three things: sleep, structuring of their lives and advice on snacking choices. She had listeners mark off their papers into three sections: sleep, routine and nutrition, and told them to focus on addressing strengths and weaknesses in each area. 
She began with sleep hygiene, given the stress everyone is under at this time. First, she asked listeners to define their bedtime routines. In general, she said, adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night, though that can vary. She suggested asking ourselves: When would you love to be asleep (getting a sense of the timing that works.) What are the steps in your nighttime routine?  What time do you need to be in bed, and if there are significant gaps in the timing, she suggested ways to close the gaps a little at a time. She also made her talk positive, suggesting reviewing the "wins" of the day  as a good way to feel more fulfilled. She also offered a warning: Do screens (computer, television, for example?) keep you awake?
She also discussed having a morning routine: Start by determining what time you HAVE to wake up, and what time you NEED to wake up, depending on what's right for you. She described breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and suggested thinking of it as the thing that starts the fire under you for the day. She spoke of setting priorities for the day, including exercise, a well-thought-out meal plan for the day, perhaps made out with the week in mind, and she included important things to factor into the  planning such as family, friends, and self-care.
She emphasized the importance of breakfast: recommending fruit and whole grains; eat in the way that nourishes you, she said. What's key, she said, is eating well in the  waking hours and eating well in between meals. She emphasized important things to take into account in planning: Drink water, 50-60 ounces per day, which could  include decaf teas or sparkling water; eating a little something every three to four hours; and make vegetables and whole grains a major art of the menu -- she mentioned how  they helped  her friend Scott. Breakfast should include protein, fruits and/or vegetables water, whole grains and healthy  fats like nut butter; good suggestions for lunch include pre-prepared salads; and at dinnertime, veggies should occupy something like half the plate. Think of yourself, she said: plan fore the day to be  healthier and happier.
She gave quite a list of recommended snacks: trail mix, nuts, organic popcorn, nut butter, and don't forget water! For those who  are dealing with long work days, her tips included rituals or plans to signal the end of the work day.
She invited questions, and provided her contact information:
Mitone asked about fasting. That's a common concern, Michelle said, and added that occasional fasting is good. 
Dave Andrews asked, what is you favorite meal and how do you prepare it? Michelle noted that there are many differing dietary choices and preferences in her family: one daughter is vegan and doesn't eat meat, while her son is an avid carnivore. She suggested bowls or wraps as ways of getting nutrition.
What's her favorite food? She said she prefers foods of good quality, or goes vegetarian in her food choices, avoiding deep-fried food, or at least fried in moderation. Asked more about meat, she said she thinks about vegetables first. Many people, she said, eat too  much protein; you only need an amount or a portion that's the size of the palm of your hand.
Dave Andrews talked about reducing sweets, and joked about eating the colors of the rainbow -- which some might think of as a variety of fresh fruits and  others might  interpret as M&Ms. 
Mary mentioned how lucky  are on the coast, where it is easy to get  organic, fresh food. Michelle mentioned that frozen healthy foods are good even if frozen. 
EJ asked which nuts she would recommend? She said, pecans, almonds or walnuts.

Conversation revolved around people's preferred foods and experiences on travels. Catherine spoke of the organic food, good produce, and staples of meat, vegetables and cheeses in Spain. 

Club Meeting - November 5 , 2020

Rotary President Mary Rogren started the meeting at a few minutes after noon.
Pledge of Allegiance - Susan Kealey led the  Pledge of Allegiance
Inspiration Thought - Mitone offered two quotes: "Let us make our FUTURE now, and let us make our dreams TOMORROW'S reality" (Malala Yousafzai) and "The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward" (Steve Marshall.) 

Guests - The meeting began with a video visit by Catherine Yaque from  Seville, Spain, talking about life there: the curfew, the concerns over Covid. She also talked about the challenges she faced in her efforts to start a Rotary club there.

Happy/Crappy News smiley/crying   

The conversation drifted to other things as well, including the photo on Dave's email page of a tiny child fearlessly face to face with a bull.

Ginger also offered the latest news about Barterra Winery, located at 315 Main Street in Half Moon Bay.

Mitone reported that there had been a good crowd at Friday's social.

E.J. brought up Coastside Hope and this year's Adopt-a-Family status.  Rose said that we've adopted six seniors, and we can expect an email soon updating us on how to support Thanksgiving meals through ALAS. Rotary club members can give checks to  President Mary, at her office at 766 Main St., or dropped into the drop box there.   Make checks out to Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Foundation.

Heather Bodmann sent along an audio  hello to the club.


It was mentioned that November is the time to support Every Rotarian Every Year, with a $200 donation to the Rotary Foundation. 

Mitone mentioned that there is another beach cleanup, at Dunes Beach, scheduled from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Heather Bodmann sent along an audio  hello to the club.

Along the lines of donations in time for the holidays, Dave Andrews mentioned from which one can get  wholesome, frozen, inexensive, grass-fed and  organic meat. Susan Kealey suggested the local, which delivers meals.

Marble Draw - Ginger, Rose and Dianne were the names on  the board for the marble  game. Fortunately the  wheel stopped on Ginger's name; unfortunately, the marble drawn was green!   No luck this week, Ginger!  Maybe next time.

Buy marble tickets and feed the pig!  Mary sends an email with the link prior to each meeting.