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November 5, 2020
Toni DeWaal
The Professional Scope of Interior Designers
Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by Dianne Bobko
Our speaker was Toni DeWaal, a Rotarian, who provided a very interesting presentation on a little-understood subject:  the professional scope of interior designers and the rank-and-grade system within the interior design and decoration industries.  Toni is an Interior Designer with the highest level of accreditation.  She is a University of Utah grad who has worked in the past for a design-build firm and also for Stevenson House, a Senior Housing organization.  In the latter role, she worked on the team designing and executing much-needed seismic upgrades for the project. It was at Stevenson that she first came in contact with Rotary.
The gradations in these professions are lowest to highest: decorator; interior decorator; interior designer, Certified Interior Designer.  Each carries progressively more prestige and better pay. A Certified Interior Designer is required to complete an extensive course of studies and pass accreditation exams.
Working with homebuilders and remodelers is a large part of Toni's practice.  Her big question to owners is "How do you like your neighborhood?" (the house).  In her profession, the biggest variables for a job are budget, timeline, scope and team. A number of illustrations were given.  Budget informs every decision and makes a great difference in the quality and durability of the final product.  Team is critical, and an architect, contractor and designer who are on the same page reliably produce a high quality product that will stand the test of time.  There are frequently cost surprises, like Code changes ("Title 24") that require expensive upgrades in, for instance, electrical and plumbing installations which are otherwise not that old.  
Toni gave illustrations of the phases of a project and the process of design iteration as the project moves forward.  She paid a great deal of attention to rapidly developing kitchen features (steam ovens, induction cooking, custom refrigeration, work sinks and layout versatility.  Color selection is very sophisticated now, with the industry aiming for where it believes trendy colors will look like three to four years ahead.  
Toni is a real believer in quality furniture and furnishings, and gave illustrations of high quality furniture construction (frame, foundation and and upholstery) as opposed to cheap construction.  
Toni's presentation elicited some good questions and the Club thanked her for her presentation.  
Club Meeting - November 12 , 2020 
Pledge of Allegiance - Ginger led us in the pledge
Inspiration Thought - Joe provided words of wisdom (Pericles on elections). 
Guests - We welcomed two guests today, Michelle Carey and Sean Engmann, both real estate professionals. Sean lives in Montara and in his past professional life was the director of The Chocolate Factory in San Francisco.  Michelle is an agent with Compass here in Half Moon Bay and is from a family of homebuilders, her family having built about 30 homes on the Coast. 

Happy/Crappy News smiley/crying   

We received with great sadness the news that past Rotarian Steve Anderson had passed away the preceding Sunday in Tallahassee.  He and Bonnie, his wife, had been at their second home in Florida. Steve and Bonnie had lived in Ocean Colony for many years.  He leaves a large and devoted family, many friends on the Coastside and a legacy of service at Mariners Community Church and in community organizations.  Steve was a bright spirit and will be sorely missed.

EJ announced that Abundant Grace and Puente are experiencing difficulty with in-kind contributions right now because of Covid-related problems.

Rose announced on behalf of Community Service that money is being raised for Thanksgiving Dinner for farmworkers.  The goal is to serve 200 families and she provided a link to enable donations through Rotary. 

Marble Draw - 

Buy marble tickets and feed the pig!  Mary sends an email with the link prior to each meeting.


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