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MAY 9, 2024
Jill Jacobsen
Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club
Article by Susan Kealey
Pictures by DIANNE BOBKO

Barb introduced Jill Jacobsen, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club. She has a Masters Degree and a teaching certificate from San Jose State and a Bachelor’s in Political Science and History from the University of Michigan. Her experience in youth development includes directing the Youth Community Service Palo Alto/East Palo Alto program and serving as Deputy Director of the Service Learning 2000 Center at Stanford University   She also served as the Associate Director of Development at Charles Armstrong School. Locally she volunteers on the Senior Coastsiders Board of Directors, served as Treasurer of the HMBHS Foundation and President of the Hatch Elementary School PTA.   Nancy shared a bit of the B & G Club history.

Jill’s goal today is to reorient us to today’s B & G Club. She asked us to start by us introducing ourselves and relating our current knowledge of the B& G Club. She went on to inform us  where we are in 2024 and asked us to become ambassadors. The building on Kelly, owned by school district, is used by the community, used for basketball and was designed to be used by everyone. The club house is in a series of temporary buildings near Cunha. There are 1,100 members involved. John Parsons runs a program to introduce young men to basketball. The Club’s sweet spot is grades 5-12. They also partner with other organizations. Each national club is a separate 501.c3. The HMB Club has 200 volunteers and a budget of 1.5 million, mostly raised through private donations and fees. There are not many government grants available. The Library is a huge benefit to B&G Club and one valued partner. With the library, they are able to provide academic support and access to computers and Wi-Fi.The Robotics Team is now part of B&GC, they had lost their grant and were folded into the club.  

There are significant needs now due to COVID. There is an on-sight social/emotional counselor who has made a huge impact. They have high safety standards and require all adults to have background checks and first aide training. Budget cuts led them to fund the Cunha athletics program. They helped build the skate park and the roller rink near the high school as well as a Community Hub for parents. 

Jill was asked how much they get fro new Leaf tokens. About $3,000 a year. A scholarship for one student is $1,000. 


Is there public access to the track at Cunha?  Yes, the  gates are open as soon as school is out for the public to use the track and turf. There are instructions on the gates. 

Maybe there should be a Rotarians vs. staff basketball fundraiser. 

Jacobson can be reached at



CLUB MEETING,  May 9, 2024

PP Joe Brennan filled in for Pres. Liz Schuck today and called the meeting or order.

Pledge of Allegiance and Inspirational Thought  Nancy shared a quote from Maya Angelou.

Joe introduced Lynette, who works for Resource Innovations, corporate headquarters on Main Street, is looking for volunteers for Grad Night. The event is from 10 pm to 5 am.   

Riffing off the meeting agenda item of sharing States info when he was President, Joe shared some other states. State of mind—here are 13 from best to worst. Bliss, awe, wonder, Grace, triumph, clarity, anxiety, retreat, confusion, pity, antithesis, anxiety, panic. 

Happy News

Suzanne is signed up for grad night Dianne reports. Parents went back as week ago. She’ll stay with Dianne for now. 


Nancy announced that Ginger was able to get desserts from San Benito House for Lobster Fest. 

Coastside Gives report—Bella reported we received $3,250 in donations and won two awards. 

Joe shared that former club member Casey Sample passed away recently. Services will be held at Our Lady of the Pillar in Half Moon Bay on Thursday May 30th at 1pm. There will be a reception to follow at Cameron’s Pub 3pm-5pm, hosted by Cameron Palmer and Amy Worden. Please RSVP to Amy at if you can attend the reception. In lieu of flowers please consider donating to the Alzheimer’s Association.


Dictionaries were delivered to Montara and El Granada.

Upcoming Events

 Home Rehab Day is June 8–e-mail sent.

The next Lutheran Church Breakfast Brigade is May 26. 

Marble Draw— Ralph won the ticket, but pulled a green.