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May 5, 2022  
Club Meeting - Celebrating Cinco de Mayo 
Article by Stacy Trevenon      
Photos by EJ Dieterle
At 12:09 President Joe Brennan announced that this Rotary lunch blended a meeting, Coastside Gives, and feasting on chicken, black beans, rice, salad, condiments, and sweet pastries, a feast to which he had invited the Half Moon Bay Library Staff to join with us while the food was still warm.
Several Rotarians filed in to partake of food and fellowship, including Charise McHugh, Kevin O’Brien, Ralph Ely, Joe, Rose Serdy, EJ Dieterle, John Evans, Dave Andrews, Joaquin Jimenez, Paul Wrubel, Ed Daniels, Bill Johnston, Barb Nielson, Warren Barmore, Stacy Trevenon and guest Doug Mallon. Constant lively chatter on a number of topics – such as Bill, Joaquin and Stacy in a lively discussion about horses, or various Rotarians sharing their experiences visiting Mexico - filled the event.
Inspirational Thought 
At 12:30 President Joe rang the bell and mused on Cinco de Mayo as the thought for the day. Cinco de Mayo is erroneously thought of by most Americans as the celebration of Mexican independence, and Remembrance Day, celebrated Sept. 15-Oct. 15. However, Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862, when a small, poorly equipped Mexican force defeated a much larger force from the Second French Empire. Joaquin added that Cinco de Mayo is not generally celebrated in Mexico but is a date adopted initially by the Mexican-Americans – those who live in the U.S. -- as a celebration of their Mexican heritage.
Lunch with Stories about Mexico 
Joe had provided a delicious fajita meal, prepared by the local Café Capistrano, and Stacy brought pastries from Mercado Mi Familia, which all went very fast. Joe asked how many people had been to Mexico and all but two or three people in the room raised their hands. He invited them to share their stories, and shared some more of his own.
We are invited down to La Paz for a club mission in March of 2023 to visit the medical clinic we support – a trip which had previously been postponed due to Covid. While there, we can visit Baja to see the “friendlies,” or the curious and harmless whales that come right up to the boats carrying tourists, close enough to be petted. They also nudge their calves up in the water to be petted too.
Joe recounted a story he had heard from Liz about her visit there, which illustrated the service work that Rotary can do, and he told stories from his own travels in the area, which included exploring a volcano.  
Additional stories included visiting pre-Aztec ruins in Jalisco. Kevin told of fishing in the Sea of Cortez.Warren spoke of visiting a pyramid which he could not only climb to the top of but was allowed to also explore the interior rooms.  
Charise told a delightful story while on a cruise visiting Acapulco when she was 16. A young man asked her to dance. He turned out to be the son of the president of Mexico who, with his family, was also on the cruise. 
But petting whales turned out to be the pervasive theme of the event. Rose told of traveling from L.A. to La Paz to San Carlos on the Pacific side, on a small ship with about 70 passengers, which was like a college campus. She went out whale watching on a zodiac boat which allowed her to get close enough to pet the friendly whales, which she said “truly was amazing to me.” She also saw blue whales, but opted not to swim with seals when she heard that they were more aggressive, she left that experience to her husband.
John Evans brought us up to date with about our Exchange Student, Louise. She is in business school and in an internship in Guadelajara, where he said she speaks French but not enough Spanish.
EJ has been to Guadalajara in Mexico where mariachi music is from, and has been playing music in floating gardens.
 laughangel crying  The Personal Soapbox and Announcements
When personal stories and announcements were called for, Dave Andrews spoke a bit tongue-in-cheek that back awhile  Howard Jones didn’t trust the club president with money.  So Dave was entrusted to take some cash and a check from Stacy, probably to pay for lunches., with him for safe keeping.  While recently cleaning out some old club files he found the money and paperwork dating back to that year. He gave it all to Warren to deposit in the bank, and Stacy wrote a new check.  There was no discussion of any late fees or interest due by Dave … at this time!
Charise spoke of the upcoming Mock Interviews as part of this year’s Life Skills at the High School next month, and that more volunteers are needed.  That will take place May 23.
John Evans recounted a phone call he received from Joe Teresi, of Milbrae Rotary, who called to rave on how impressive Emma Tobin’s presentation was to their club. (Emma is the Global Grant Scholar this year from District 5150, sponsored by our club.) He was so impressed with her that he just had to call and share.  Emma had given Larkin and John's name in her presentation as they are neighbors.
On Saturday, May 28, there will be a Memorial Day flag-planting at the Golden Gate National Cemetery at 8:30 a.m. at 1300 Sneath Lane in San Bruno, followed by breakfast at Jack’s Restaurant at 1050 Admiral Ct., San Bruno. It is open to all, to serve those who have served. Contact Steve Wright for a head count, at or (650) 208-4819.
The next Relay for Life is coming up. A fundraiser is scheduled June 9 at Lawyers Title, and donations of auction items or services are requested. On June 25, from noon to 3 p.m., a luminaria will take place at Rose’s home, with refreshments. Last year’s event raised more than $12,000. This year, a lot depends on the generosity of donors through Coastside Gives. This year’s event will take place over the one day, and will be held at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica.
EJ noted that due to Covid, Oktoberfest had been cancelled, but this year it is on again in Munich, Germany.
Bill acknowledged that he too had missed meetings due to volleyball competitions in which he and Austen and his granddaughters have been involved, in Reno.
Marble Game -  coolsadwink  It was Bill's turn this week.  What color is that marble, Bill?  WHITE!!!!!!