Posted by Editor: FDBobko on May 20, 2020
May 14,  2020
Laura Agudelo - Her Exchange Year in Half Moon Bay
MAY 14, 2020  Club Meeting
Article by Joe Brennan
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
Webex meting commenced at Noon, President Ed Daniels presiding
Pledge to the flag led by Dave Dickson, Today’s Inspiration is do it yourself
Our Guest and speaker today is Laura Agudelo of Brazil. She told us she was scared to come, it was all so foreign and far away but that feeling was overcome on the First Day!
She relaxed and felt at home although surrounded by different people and customs which she has now grown used to. She values her family much more from here, the perspective has been a big part of the experience. She appreciates every moment here, both her feelings for her family and enjoying her time here are emphasized by the Corona Virus. She is “Really, Really thankful for the opportunity”. She had many expectations, not all of which happened, she has seen many changes since arriving in August. She has traveled to North Carolina, Death Valley and LA with Jade. She will miss going to Hawaii, the Prom and the many exchange students who were reacalled home and some other opportunities but she is getting a lot from High School here. She has lost a semester by coming here but she is glad for everything! She expressed her profound gratitude to the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay for her good stay with us.
Questions opened with one about her classes; She said Math was confusing because at home there was just Math but here it is parsed out into Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus et al. Biology was hard but a good learning experience,  vastly increasing her vocabulary. US HIstory was a fun class. She loved Yearbook,  something not available black home. She said she really liked taking pictures for the class, it got her around more and meeting more students not in her circle of classes etc. She had a presentation which couldn’t be shown for some tech reason for which she apologized.
(Your reporter’s iPad dropped him @ 12:27PM and he wasn’t readmitted for a while so missed most of Laura’s Q&A)
- There are open slots for making lunches in June for Abundant Grace’s program on Tuesdays and Thursdays; please sign up with PP Liz Schuck
- Keith Axtell, Rotary Club of Marin Evening, reposts that the Manta Ecuador fish market project we contributed to is nearly complete. The electricity has been connected, but a water pressure problem is being solved by adding a booster pump which  will be up and running soon.
- President Ed Daniels announces it is time to allocate our approximate $7,500 DDF funds for next year. President Elect Mary Rogren will write up any District Grants we choose to do. Ed will send a memo with our choices so the club can respond. Since the Pumpkin Festival is doubtful for this year we must readjust our budgeting accordingly.
DDF potential recipients include Ryla ($1,200, returned this year as it was cancelled), Dictionaries $2,500/3,000, Club of Paradise requests relief funding, Coastside Hope has requested on going assistance for needy families. Polio monies and DDF can go to Covid 19 related projects.  President Ed will send an email soliciting our input about DDF allocations and asks that everyone answer by Wednesday May 20th.
Community Service UPDATE
Committee Reports
Stacy Trevenon of International Service Committee reported receiving the request from Paradise and news from Ecuador. She will be making a donation to Paradise as she has a personal connection via her grandmother. She is also sewing masks and asks who needs some. IT is noted that ALAS is distributing masks to those needing them. MAry reports receiving a package of masks from a Rotary Club in Taiwan. 
Meeting adjourned until next week, watch for the invitation to join Webex session.
REMINDER - Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast Will not be held this month.  Wait for future information from Rose concerning when it will start again.