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May 12, 2022           

Reno Taini
Renowned Outdoor Educator from Colma
Article by Susan Kealey
Photos by Liz Schuck
Reno Taini is a renowned outdoor teacher from Colma. He taught during the 60s when guys were coming back from the war. He was a coach and a biology teacher to a diverse population of students. It was a time when riots were common. The school identified the student riot leaders. Then the principal and some open-minded teachers worked out plans for a retreat to resolve the issues. Reno was selected to lead the retreat because he was interested in the outdoors. The retreat was held at Hidden Villa,, in Los Altos. The retreat changed his life. 

Upon return from the retreat, everyone was friends and more students wanted to attend. It was a place where students could express who they were in a safe place. Things continued to get better, funding improved, they got a Federal grant. The school district wanted peace, to keep kids in school and cheap. There were community resources—no one said no. 

A video was shown, unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t great, but we could see student interviews, plenty of activity scenes and a Ross MacGowan piece featuring Jefferson High School’s program. 

His approach with kids is personal and he shares his story with them. The orientation is to reorient them back into their lives. They backpack in Los Padres Forest, face challenges and work together. We saw several testimonials from students who participated in the program. Several said it instilled confidence. They helped one another with a ropes course. They spoke of the leap of trust. There is a ten day shake down hike through tough terrain with huge packs. Teamwork is reinforced over and over again. 

Reno has also gotten the kids involved in other projects like helping AIDS victims. They prep and deliver meals. 


Q and A

Bill wanted to hear updates. The response was another video showing kids learning to get along, taking on more responsibility and setting goals. For seven months hundreds of hours of work culminated in many awards. 

Warren was curious if Reno sees former students. The response was an enthusiastic yes. They are raising kids of their own, they are married—many married early, some married people in the program and are still together. 

Is the program still going on?  It was gutted by COVID. Someone else is in charge (Reno is retired), it will get better. Competition is out, cooperation is in. 

In the video you had a fuller beard. Lol, it was 40 years ago—pre cellphones. 

Kevin was gobsmacked by this presentation and wanted to know if all the kids had problems. No, this was before assessments. Reno would assess and work with all types. It also included kids from other schools. The big thing was to work together. All kids were given duties; they ran the class like a business and created traditions. 

Was there family support?  Family support included everything and nothing. When asked for help, many stepped up. He did need to assure them regarding safety, etc. 

Reminds me of Outward Bound. Reno worked for Outward Bound and learned a lot from them. Kids need an adventure with safety, teachable moments.

Reno received a big thank you and a certificate acknowledging a contribution to Polio Plus in his name. 


Club Meeting - May 12, 2022



Thank you Dave Anderson for the inspirational thought and Ed for leading us in the Pledge. 


We had several guests. Forgive me if I overlooked anyone, the acoustics were challenging on Zoom. Joe’s wife, Jan was there as well as Larry; Bill brought the Silvermans and Dave brought Marla. 

Pledge of Allegiance  - 

Thank you Dave Anderson for the inspirational thought and Ed for leading us in the Pledge. 


Inspirational Thought 


We had several guests. Forgive me if I overlooked anyone, the acoustics were challenging on Zoom. Joe’s wife, Jan was there as well as Larry; Bill brought the Silvermans and Dave brought Marla. 

Paul Harris Award - Steve Wilson received a Paul Harris pin with three red rubies, congratulations Steve!  Steve shared a few words—“every Rotarian every year!”  


Charise advised there are some scheduling changes at the high school for our program, email to follow. 

We had a successful Coastside Gives. 

Mary gave a Coastside Hope update. Wednesdays at 5 p.m. at Mary’s house is the place to be if you’d like to help out. Joe is setting up shelves in the container for storage. 

 New Member Induction

Liz, standing in for Ginger and representing the Membership Committee, inducted our newest member. Linda Craven. Linda is interested in youth and community service. She’s a retired attorney, her husband was a Rotarian, she;s done pro bono work, and hosted exchange students. Her favorite quote is “get a grip”. She really appreciates the great speakers we’ve had. Welcome Linda!  

Calendar for May -  Joe gave a calendar update—which has since changed due to COVID issues, check your email. 

A Little More....Dianne reported that she and Bo made a trip to New York to visit their new grand baby. Unfortunately Bo came down with COVID picked up on the trip back. The day he was clear, she testified positive. Be careful, they traveled first class, are fully vaxxed and boosted…and still came down with it. “Be careful.”  Kevin wondered how sick they got. Dianne said “not very” that it was like a bad cold. They started on antivirals right away. 

Pres. Joe's Weekly 'States of the Union' Quiz - CONNECTICUT
Connecticut— Dave Andrews inspired Joe to try a quiz today. The results?  Connecticut was a British colony, the bogus motto was The State of Wisdom and Thrift, the State Capital is Hartford and the state’s population is 3.5 million. Connecticut has the oldest US library located in Scoville. It’s a religious state—the praying mantis is their state insect (despite the fact that it’s not native to Connecticut). 

Connecticut never ratified Prohibition. The USS Nautilus was built in Connecticut. Mark Twain invented the first adhesive scrapbook—he also had some typewriter patents. 

Warren has never been there. John told us about Bob Magnasco, a former Club member, who built some Swedish style houses—one here on the Coast. Linda Cravens met Justice Breyer there. Paul lived in Connecticut; his family roots are there. Steve’ daughter lives there, and he was invited to a lobster feed. Dianne has never been to Connecticut. 

Marble Game cryingsurprisewink   
Green for Steve.