Posted by Editor: FDBobko
March 11, 2021
Joint Meeting with the Rotary Club of Ignacio, CA 
Speakers: Past DG Ron Gin and New Club Development Chair Mitone Griffiths
Article by Susan Kealey
Photos by Dianne Bobko

PDGRon Gin was joined by Mitone to speak to us about membership. What is Rotary?  The better question is what is your Rotary story. For example, Liz, Mitone and Mary (from Ignacio) went to India to deliver Polio vaccines. It was a life changing experience for the trio. The Ignacio Club did a Rotoplast trip to Bangladesh. For them it was about touching people and making a difference. It was a two week trip. 

Warren was asked to report on our beach clean up project. We’ve partnered with local businesses and individuals. Buckets were donated by our local ACE Hardware store. He included a great picture of Dave Dickson picking up trash on the beach. 

Ron emphasized taking pictures of projects, posting on our website, taking advantage of social media, etc. to spread the word. 



HMB President Mary Rogren talked about Youth Exchange—again great pictures. Ron also mentioned HMB's dictionary project to deliver dictionaries to third graders and leveraging a District Grant to deliver personal items and household supplies to eight needy families. 

Another way to get the word out is special events—Foundation events and social events. 

Ron encouraged everyone to use relevant Rotary stories to draw new members in. Share your story—why did you join, why do you stay?  

Mitone indicated that most of us join for the same reasons—to serve our communities and to meet people. Mitone shared that Ralph invited her to lunch fifteen years ago, she was one of two of the youngest people in the room. Despite that, she could relate to the projects so she joined. Now she has really good friends who are like family. Why does she stay?  For the relationships and projects. 

PDG Jayne Huber’s story—her sister had Polio, when she learned of Rotary’s goal to eradicate it, she was sold. Club President Gina grew up in LA, she moved to Sonoma County. She was interested in meeting people. Michael Fish invited her to a meeting. 

For Carlos Alfe, the 4-Way Test motivated him.  He considers it one of Rotary’s best things. He shares it whenever he can. Greg Tull was an Ambassadorial Scholar who went to Ireland, got his Master’s Degree and couldn’t wait to join. 

News flash from Mitone, “Rotary doesn’t have a problem attracting new members. Our problem is retention.” Suggestions for member retention include—always tell a story, ensure all members are engaged. Make sure new members are doing what they want, what they joined for. Mind the sticky factor—“I can’t leave because I have a job to do. Use the buddy system. 

However retention has been great this last year for both clubs, so not a problem for these two Clubs right now.  

There is a virtual PETS conference coming up. Look for 500 speakers from all over the world, it will be a very connecting experience. The theme is “Each one bring one.”


Club Meeting - March 11, 2021, Joint Meeting with the Rotary Club of Ignacio, CA
Editor's Note: Our Club joined as guests of the Ignacio Club It was their regular meeting, so we didn't actually have a regular meeting where our members participated to any extent. We learned quite a bit about what their Club is doing.
Pledge of Allegiance  - Ignacio President Gina Fish called the meeting to order and started us off with a video of the National Anthem instead. HMB President Mary thanked the Ignacio Club for including us. 

Guests - Visiting Rotarians:  Matthew Pavone, San Luis Obispo, a former Ignacio Club member; Assistant District Governor Carla Detrict; and Catherine Yacque who was visiting Half Moon Bay from Spain. Catherine reported that her Dad, Robin, is doing well.  


Ignacio Club member Gary Butler announced some highlights of the upcoming District Assembly. Included are topics like Fundraising during COVID—check for more info on the District 5150 website. 

Carlos Afre announced the 2022 Rotary Foundation Fundraising Cruise. It will include Brenda Cresser, TRF Trustee, the cruise will focus on the food and culture of France. Last year $405,000 was raised for the Foundation, Mary will forward the brochure to us. 

The Ignacio Club sponsors a series called The Young Professionals Series.  The next speaker in the series is Allen Cortez, M.D., on April 20, 21021. This is a great event for youth, especially those interested in medicine. Again, a flyer will be forwarded to us. The event will be on Zoom. 

One of the Ignacio Club’s projects is Pioneer Park. They’ve applied for a District Grant, the project will be sponsored by the Novato Parks and Rec Department. The project will redevelop part of the park with all new structures and possibly a memorial bench. There will be lots of opportunities for involvement. A second project partners with the Novato Club on a tree project. They’ve applied for a District Grant. This project is also at Pioneer Park, Novato has asked for volunteers. 

Ignacio has allocated $43,000 toward three types of scholarships:  1. $35,000 for a graduate student. 2.  $2,000 for single parent students. 3.  Five $1,000 scholarships for high school graduating seniors from Marin County.  The first two scholarships can be sponsored by anyone in the District. They are currently looking for single moms and grad students who wish to study abroad. All of the application forms are on their website. 

Ignacio member Carlos Afre gave a shoutout to It’s Italia—not just for their food, but for their fundraising support. 

Ignacio has a sandwich drive for St. Anthony, 120 sandwiches. They are looking for volunteers.

Half Moon Bay Rotary Club Announcements

EJ gave an update on our sandwich program for Abundant Grace, twice a week, 25 each time. This replaced our pre-COVID breakfast program. 

Warren announced that Sunday is our scheduled beach clean up day: Venice Beach at 10 a.m. Warren will be there rain or shine.