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JUNE 29 , 2023
PP Krystlyn's Debunking and P Liz's Beginning
Article by Stacy Trevenon
Pictures by EJ Dieterle 




Color set the tone as it filled the June 29, 2003 meeting of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay. Bright pastel plastic tablecloths, gold centerpieces and a handful of little stars graced every table, and several colorful tutus decorated the chairs. President Krystlyn Giedt, herself a star since “Star” is her middle name and her year’s theme and this was her debunking, brightened the room with her smiles. She herself wore a sparkling star tiara and a yellow tutu. And cheery multi-colored tutus sparkled on the chairs.
Incoming Club President Liz Schuck, who had chaired and planned the debunking event and luncheon, introduced Dianne Bobko, who in turn introduced Chef Ellie Angelini of "A Teaspoon of Love"who catered our delicious Luncheon. As Dianne treminded us, Chef Ellie has supported our Club's Magic of the Coastside Auction over the years each time donating a full gourmet dinner she prepared and cooked in the winner's home for 6 guests.  Dianne mentioned that she was the lucky winner twice, and they were amazing dinners. Chef Ellie hails from the Cordon Bleu. 


Liz asked members to introduce their guests who included Rosi Fontana’s partner Hal Novotny, Bo Bobko, Larkin Evans, Kathy, Wilson, and new member Wendy Smittle, who is due to be inducted in July.

Liz then invited Joe to offer a few words as the key part of Krystlyn's debunking.  Joe Brennan, calling this “a good year,” obliged with the following limerick. “First with apologies to Frank Sinatra, he then read,"

“The year twenty twenty two / Was a very good year / It was a very good year for a small town girl / On first Thursday nights / She played under lights / On Main Street / In twenty twenty two … 
“As twenty twenty two closed / It was a very good year / It was a very good year for Chamber girl / Who wrapped up the year / With a meeting at Odd Fellows / And it was some fun / Goodbye twenty twenty two … 
“Now it is twenty twenty three / Which is a very good year / It is a very good year for warm-blooded girl / Of the Chamber’s dreams / Who’d work long hours / Burning the candle at both ends / Twenty twenty three is a very good year …
“Now in mid twenty twenty three / It is a very good year / Her term is winding down / She’s holding together / The whole damn town / And passing on the Rotary crown / Twenty twenty-three is a very good year … 
“Krystlyn fortunately never suffers the blues, / Because in her closet she has all those tutus. / If she starts to feel blue, / She can take the cue / Slipping on a tutu and high, high top tennis shoes!
“Tracking the Goonies at Columbia River’s end, / Taking a well deserved vacation with a friend. / They visited the Astoria Jail, / But didn’t have to post no bail. / Visiting all the Goonies locations as penned …
“Krystlyn answered the Chamber’s call / It takes half of every 24 hours, that’s all / Then came the Rotary call / She took it without stall / But her office support evaporated by Fall!
“She found it difficult to be in two places at once / The frustration gets one’s knickers in a bunch. / But she balanced her events / Whether in offices or tents / And survived the year with only a few lumps ... 
“It became a year of almost endless Zooms / Allowing her to be in two if not three rooms! / It was hectic to be sure / But also a stop gap cure / Allowing her distance from numerous sure glooms ...
“Committee meetings had to be the worst, / You’re on the agenda but you’re never first / If you bide your time right / You’ll be in the spotlight. / Miss your cue and you’ll be exposed  … and cursed!
“This year saw the town’s first Pride parade, / Many came out into the sun from the shade / It was colorful to be sure, / Seeing the rainbow’s allure / Celebrating what progress we all have made!”
Joe than called Krystlyn up front and presented her with her own Starr award and, in recognition, a crystal statue of a star and her Past President pin that “you’ve worked all year to achieve.”

Amid applause, Liz gave Krystlyn heartfelt thanks. Krystlyn then acknowledged that it was a group effort. She said she took on the presidency with good intentions that ended up flying right out the window. Thanking Liz for being her unofficial “sounding board” all year, and helping her keep the Club going, Krystlyn turned it over to Liz who presented her with a beautiful engraved piece with a star on the top from the Club.

As her “last official act” as President, Krystlyn rang the bell. “Thank you to everyone,” she said to the club. “It was a group effort. Love you all!”

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Liz then led the rest of the meeting starting with the following announcements:

We will as usual walk in the Half Moon Bay Fourth of July parade down Main Street this year, even without the beloved vintage car Steve Wilson drove (but gave to his son.) Rotarians will as always carry the hand signs letting viewers know what our club does all year, including two new ones that acknowledge Half Moon Bay Rotary’s support of Coastside flood victims and of local farmworkers displaced by the floods. We will also carry signs announcing our club’s upcoming Lobsterfest. Parade participants will line up at the usual place near the head of the parade, so participants can be near the front of the parade, avoid droppings from the mounted units and watch the rest of the parade. We will also meet to socialize at Barterra Winery on the day of the parade.

Barb Nielsen introduced Bella Bono as her organizational co-chair for our Magic of the Coastside Lobster Fest and added that she will have posters to put up around town.


Susan Kealey then reminded us of upcoming community service events.  She will organize email lists that will allow Rotarians to sign up for community outreach events so they can choose activities and  times that fit their schedules; for example, future beach cleanups such as the next one at Francis State Beach.

The Relay for Life is scheduled in Pacifica on Saturday, July 15, and participants can sign up to walk and contribute money to the American Cancer Society for that. Susan Kealey mentioned that that will be a lot of fun as well as a way of contributing funds for a good cause. This year’s Relay is planned to be a one-day event, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday.

On Saturday, July 29, there will be a joint cleanup of Venice Beach with the Half Moon Bay Lions Club. It was noted that it isn’t always easy to officially clean up beaches in this town, and some discussion followed about turning this into a trail cleanup. Discussion turned to suggestions about other Coastside sites to help clean up along with other like-minded groups like the Lions Club. Warren Barmore observed that Venice Beach is one of the cleanest sites on the Coastside anyway, and that the creek crossing there cuts off the local trail at that point.

Discussion ranged around coming up with small fundraising ideas to complement our larger fundraising efforts, such as putting together small bags of veggie or bacon bits to go along with our chowder bowls at events like the Pumpkin Festival, around which there was an organizational meeting last night. Further discussion will follow.

Discussion followed about sending in suggestions for Service Above Self winners, and emailing birthday greetings to Mitone Griffiths and Ginger Minoletti. Warren called Mitone on his cell phone, and the club joined in to sing a rousing “Happy Birthday!” to her.

Marble Game -  coolsadwink 
The marble game was once again won by Joe, but his marble was green.