Posted by Editor: FDBobko
June 24, 2021 
Debunking Pres. Mary Rogren
Thank You, Mary for a Great Year.
You Were Fantastic! 

Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by Elizabeth Schuck
Today at the Odd Fellows Hall we gave President Mary a spirited send-off and a debunking as befits a club that swept the table for District awards during her Presidential Year.  Picture frames were given out as people arrived because, as Liz put it, "I was talking to Teri about the debunking and asking her for ideas about how to make it even more special since we’ve been on Zoom all year long. She said, “Maybe you could get picture frames and hold them up in front of you to look like you are still on zoom.”  I jumped at the idea and ordered black picture mats to use!!
After some socializing,  a couple of announcements were made.  There will indeed be a 4th of July parade, and we will indeed be in it.  Please come and walk with us.  Also, there will now be a limited version of Pumpkin Festival;  details not yet worked out.
Guests today included outgoing Gov. Mary Bates and also Rick Chinn, her Chief of Staff.  Odd Fellows members joining us were Marty Steiger and Alice Cottrell.  Guests were introduced by Dave Dickson (Marla), President Mary (Phil), John Evans (Larkin), Dave Dickson (Marla), Susan Kealey (Dennis), and Stacy Trevenon (Doug).
The festivities began with Kevin leading us in a send-up of "Ats-Amore" ("That's the Covid"), and skidded downhill without brakes through a kangaroo court trial of Mary according to the Four Way Test under the jurisdiction of Hon Rufus Leaking, Judge Presiding. 
Warren, Paul W. and Joe B. will live in the annals of Rotary infamy for that one.  By virtue of a convenient loophole, Mary avoided being sentenced to another year as President.   A paper shredder was running in the background as Mary's records dodged discovery. As the trial concluded, we sang "Zoomin'" to the tune of "Proud Mary".  (EDITOR'S NOTE: Click on 'Read more' to find the script and more pictures.)
In a moment of unusual solemnity, Joe B. then offered a tribute to Mary, whose leadership through the most difficult club year we've experienced was dedicated, unselfish and exemplary. 
Mary received her Past President plaque and pin to rousing applause.  Mary then offered a few remarks, reminding Rotarians of the service projects we supported during the pandemic year and the new members that we inducted.  Mary then handed out numerous certificates to board members, committee chairs and others whose efforts kept us vital during the year. 
It was announced that Mitone will be District Membership Chair for the new year. 
Incoming Pres Krystlyn received the Rotarian of the Year award for stellar work in community leadership. 
Finally, Joe B. was anointed as our President-elect, starting out his year of training and his work as President.
The meeting concluded happily, looking ahead to time and service together.  (See 'Read more' for more photos from the debunking and people with the ZOOM picture frames).


The case of. Rotary International VS. Mary Rogren


Plaintiff Mary Rogren claims she served the 2020/2021 year as Club

President and expects to be granted full honors and credit for doing

so. Rotary International challenges the assertion as she was never

seen in the rightful meeting space conducting a single meeting

throughout said year.

The case was assigned to the Lowest Court, presided over by the

Honorable Rufus Leaking who after hearing the charges has rendered

his verdict based on the Four Way Test:

The Honorable Rufus Leaking;

Is it the truth? The court finds that indeed Mary Rogren did not

conduct meetings in the rightful meeting space being the Community

Room of the HMB Library or other announced physical space for the

duration of Rotary year 2020/2021.

Is it fair to all concerned? The court finds that it was not fair to

Rotarians who wanted to convene, visit, eat together, hear a speaker,

conduct club business and mingle. They were unfairly denied the

expected benefits of membership during the subject year.

Does it build goodwill and better friendships?

The court finds that building goodwill and better friendships was on

hiatus during the subject year.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

This court finds that indeed with the absence of the benefits of the first

three principles the year could not have been beneficial to all

concerned. This concerns the court and leads it to issuing the

following summary decision:

We find that “she was never once seen in the rightful meeting space

conducting a single meeting!” And based on the four way test she is

found guilty and sentenced to doing her year over again properly in

the Rotary Year 2021/2022.

If anyone in attendance has a word to say in relation to this case and

this decision rendered speak up now or forever hold your peace.


A breathless person enters the court room and identifies himself as a

member who has just walked here from Princeton and wishes to bear

witness to an event which transpired in Princeton by the Sea that will

change the facts of the case and thus the judgement rendered.

After catching his breath the member takes the stand and proceeds

with this declaration under oath:

Breathless member;

“On June 17th I attended a Rotary meeting in “an otherwise

announced space” being the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company at

which President Mary did indeed preside over a Rotary meeting,

conducting the business of acknowledging and celebrating the Club’s

Fiftieth Anniversary...ringing the bell and all. This transpired before my

very eyes so help me Dog!”


So said he dyslectic witness before he collapsed into a nearby chair.

Judge Rufus Leaking thought long and hard on the witness’ statement

and it was visible to all in the courtroom that the starch and pomposity

was draining out of him before their very eyes. But there was still

some spark in his eye as he declared:

Rufus Leaking

“Well the nitpicker has found his nit to pick and his testimony has the

gravity to cause me to reverse my rendering! The allegation of “her

never once being seen in the rightful meeting space conducting a

single meeting!” has in the eleventh hour been disproved by the fact of

this single event and thus I must reverse myself and tell Rotaty

International to back off and go find bigger fish to they do up

in Princeton by the Sea, California.


The courtroom, filled with Mary’s club mates and fiends, erupts in

applause and merriment for they know the true heroic story of Mary

Rogren saving the day, indeed saving the Rotary year 2020/2021 by

adhering to the Four Way Test and brilliantly leading the Rotary Club

of Half Moon Bay through a dark, difficult and tragic pandemic year.