Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Jun 25, 2020
June 18,  2020
Dana Dahl of the Beach House - Update on Process of Reopening
Article by Joe Brennan
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
Ginger Minoletti introduces our speaker Dana Dahl of the Beach House:
Dana Dahl has lived on the California Coast her entire life and for the past 17 years, in Half Moon Bay. She is the General Manager of the Beach House Hotel Half Moon Bay, where she has worked since prior to the hotel’s opening in 1996. At the Beach House, Dana is responsible for overall operations of the hotel, overseeing all the employees and the quality product and services of the Beach House, as well as providing personal and attentive customer service for its guests..  She has served on the board of the Half Moon Bay Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau, Dana has also been on the board of the San Mateo County Visitors & Convention Bureau.
She will be talking about the protocols, requirements and steps that were taken to reopen the Beach House – after being shut down for 6 weeks at the start of Covid19.  Very interesting topic today.
The Beach House is a luxury boutique hotel with the #1 Review Listing on the Coast and is located in Princeton next to Sam's Chowder House. They specialize in Executive Meetings and leisure/romantic get always. Every room is a junior suite.
Covid came on hot and heavy, and they closed the Beach House in the third week of March for due diligence to limit its leisure travel lure. It was closed six weeks during which all focus was on preps for reopening. She met weekly as a county wide committee looking at the current hot spots which was very useful for preps on the coast. Their first priority is staff and their comfort returning to work. A lot more work is required so they all had to sign an agreement to work more without additional pay. The workers must take their temperatures (must be below 100) and enter it on their daily questionnaire  asking how they feel, cough?, temp. etc. They must wear face masks at all times and use hand sanitizer as must the guests. The guests receive an email two days before their reservation so they know and will succeed. 
Her goal is to provide a relaxing atmosphere which is a challenge. They have posted signs at entrances about social distancing, masks and sanitizer. They have the now familiar floor markings at six foot intervals but it is not tape but stickers of Snowy Plovers, Blue Herons and Seagulls. There is a table in front of the front desk and a plastic shield. the card processor is on the table along with hand sanitizer. Keys are sanitized morning. The usual collateral pieces found in rooms are missing; magazines, binder etc. Consierge services are handled by their front desk. They have made packets of infor in zip lock bags for guests containing in-house food & beverage info, outside dining, etc. They promote local businesses. 
Everything is sanitized between guests such as the wet bars, dish ware and all touch surfaces so it is taking more employees to serve only 50% of rooms in use. The virus can remain airborne for three hours so they stay out of the room three hours then they remove the trash and  dish ware and shut the door overnight. It is cleaned and sanitized next morning. It takes time to do all the surfaces. There is no house cleaning during a guest’s stay only towel exchange. In the public areas they are constantly sanitizing railings, elevator buttons etc.  The Jacuzi is open conforming to more stringent rules including testing and logging the water chemistry every four hours. Guests sign up for exclusive use, 40 minutes for the pool and 25 for the Jacuzi. 
Dana’s goal is to keep employees and guests safe and healthy. It is hard to make them feel safe but she finds the protocols make people more comfortable to return to work/stay. Leisure Travel is legal from yesterday, June 17, proposals are trickling in but work from home allies to meeting too so no person to person meetings just yet.
Question asked whether VRBOs are safer than hotels? The hotels are more accountable and inspected much more frequently so VRBOs are less consistent and less accountable.
She sees business pivoting from 30% meetings to much less now and will be for some time. The new marketing campaign by their state group is: “CAlifornians Discovering California again! 40% of Half Moon Bay’s City economy comes from luxury stays so it is a big hit to the local economy.  Big thanks to Dana Dahl for her presentation!
JUNE 18, 2020 - Club Meeting
President Ed Daniels “rang” the recorded bell at 12:06 bringing his year’s last regular meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was said and Ed provided the inspirational messages for the day from Desmond Tutu:
First the observation that the Africans had the land and the missionaries came with the Bible, they closed their eyes and the Africans had the Bible and the missionaries had the land.
Second the observation that “without forgiveness there is no future“
Third do the little bit of good wherever you are, it is the sum of all of them that changes the world”
Next week’s meeting will be the Debunking at 6 p.m. on ZOOM. the  invitation from Mary to follow. 
Mary Rogren was presented with a Paul Harris award with sapphire!
Mitone reported on the Regatta Zoom Conference (in lieu of the District Conference Cruise) both of which she organized! Recognition was given for all the good work around District 5150. HMB was prominent with photos of our works, especially the pandemic work. She is glad it is over, so much work. Kudos given by today’s attendees for her Chief of Staff duties @ 5150!
Beach Clean-up at Venice and Dune’s Parking lot to parking lot on Sunday mornings after they are loaded up on the weekend, maybe Monday’s would be better.
Question arose about Abundant Grace’s clean up program providing employment and are we competing? Krystlyn Geidt of the Chamber confirmed that the contract with Abundant Grace was approved to continue on the City’s beaches between Poplar and Kelly streets. All the other beaches need attention.
Dianne Bobko welcomed Bonnie  Dunham back. So nice to see her!
Bill Johnston stopped to see Steve and Kathy Wilson with sandwiches Tuesday. Steve is quarantining after he and his wife Kathy tested positive for Covid-19. They are getting by OK with help from friends family and church. Kathy is still suffering with headaches. 
Steve, who was on the meeting but phone, told us Kathy has been cleared to do limited errands by Kaiser; he is not there yet  - just limping along day by day still pretty constrained. It feels like he’s been hit by a truck, and this was two weeks ago. He tells us that pre-existing conditions will take you out in a week to ten days otherwise you’ll make it...and he thanks Bill for the ham sandwiches!
Dianne Bobko asked Mary Rogren about her trip to LA to see her mother, but Mary postponed the trip. Her mother is OK after the loss of her sister, Mary’s aunt, who she talked to an hour and a half every day.  Mary will see her in a couple of weeks. 
Rose Serdy is heading up our team for Relay for Life which will be a virtual event this year - watch for an email with details but be ready to donate to our team!
Mitone announced Stand Up for Shelter Box this Saturday at 7 p.m. which is a stand up comedy virtual event to raise money for Shelter Box.
John Evans tells of arranging a Fathers Day exclusive face time with his two daughters as a gift to share.
Mary reminds us all to attend the debunking next Thursday at 6PM!