Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
June 13,  2019
Update on The Half Moon Bay Getaway 2019
Article by  Stacy Trevenon
Photos by: Erik Piro
This week's meeting featured a variety of news and updates, including the Half Moon Bay Getaway
June 13, 2019 CLUB MEETING  
Article by: Rose Serdy
Photos by: Erik Piro
Greeters: Robin Jeffs/past president
Sargent at Arms –Arancha Casel/Sargent of Arms
Pledge of Allegiance:  Warren Barmore
Inspirational Thought:  Arancha Casel – Indian phrase “let what comes, come and let what goes, go, etc. “
Guests and Visitors:
Steve Krehneak Rotarian from Bonito Springs, Florida visiting with family to celebrate grandchild’s graduation. Rotarian for 47 years with Habitat forHumanity as their project. He was also joined by his guest, Dan Katzenberger.
Rotarian Alan Test visiting from Newport Beach.
Rotarian Erin Sutro Winters  - District 5160
Guests of Rotarians:
Kelly Pike with Warren Barmore on Adoptive Faring at the Half Moon Bay Yacht club.
Giada and Lucas presented Mary Rogren with a photo album of the three of them.

Giada will be leaving on the Western Safari program where 34 exchange students travel to Arizona, Nevada and California. She is returning home on July 3rd . Giada expressed their gratitude to the club and acknowledge all the work Mary does to keep this program moving. She also got a “10” on her student project.

President Paul Wrubel shared a joke John Evans sent in on “Sex and good grammar” Beware of the 1,2,3’s

Kevin Obrien demonstrated the new website for our event in September 8 and 9 – Their focus will be reaching out to other clubs in our district to attend or sponsor.

John Evans and Ed Daniels are looking for a speaker for the event.
smiley Happy News 
Lukas leaves for home/Germany on the 28th

Mary Rogren announced the birth of the first grandchild this morning – a boy!
President Paul Wrubel gave out two Rotary scholarships at $1,000 to students at the graduation at Pilarcitos High School on Wednesday. There were 10 graduates.

Warren Barmore and Paul Wrubel emptied the storage bin and found an award for Mitone Griffith.

President Paul Wrubel shared some comic relief from Joe Brennan. Then he shared “emails from the edge” in which his daughter and son in law captured humorous sayings from his grandchildren.

Paul then passed out his “Wrubie awards” ….recipients were as follows:
Kevin O’Brien, Erica Pardo, Stacy Trevenon, Rose Serdy , Bill Johnson, Robin Jeffs, Ginger Minoletti, Erik Piro, Heather Bodmann, Mitone Griffiths, Rosi Fontana, Krystlyn Giedt , Ralph Ely, Mary Rogren, Joe Brennan,
Warren Barmore and last but not least Ed Daniels with “Cr*p – what have I gotten into."
Marble Draw  surprise  No winner this week....maybe next week laugh
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, June 26.  Please sign up with Rose Serdy for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)
(No additional photos this week)