Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Jun 17, 2020
June 11,  2020
Staying in Touch Club Meeting
JUNE 7, 2020 - Club Meeting
Article by Susan Kealey
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
The Pledge was enthusiastically led by Paul Wrubel. 

President Ed shared some of his favorite inspirational quotes from Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. 

We discussed the successful candy distribution. Paul had fun going to the firehouse in El Granada, Seaton, New Leaf, Ace, the Water District, HMB Review, Sheriffs’ office, Coastside Clinic (the intake nurse was so tired, she almost teared up). Warren stopped by the Montara Post Office and Coastside Hope. Thanks to everyone who delivered candy, it was appreciated. 

Mary announced that there will not be a regular lunch meeting on June 25. Instead, we will meet at 6 pm for Ed’s debunking. There will be libations, friends and spouses, and food if you like—just stop by your kitchen and liquor cabinet before sitting down for a Zoom gathering. Mary sent an email with the instructions and link. 

Mitone, Mia, John and Larkin, Dave and Marla all joined on World Ocean Day to do some beach cleanup. Mitone is going to try to set up a monthly Adopt a Beach event. It will probably be through Sea Hugger and will likely be Dunes Beach or Venice Beach. Stay tuned. 
Dianne reported that they are all fine and very busy, but nothing new or exciting the last week.

Kevin and Paul would like to come up with ways we could meet in person. So far the two man brain trust has thought of expanding the library room to accommodate social distancing, or perhaps meeting at Carter ideas on this topic?   Talk to Kevin or Paul. In the meantime, continuing the video conferencing as a meeting option was a popular choice. Also, outdoor service activities, like beach clean up would be another good way to get together. 

John Evans reported that he FaceTimed with Caroline. She is finishing up her finals (first year med school). She gave him a tour of her home. Regarding grad night, he gave a shoutout to Grayson Barmore for her accomplishments. He also encouraged Mitone’s youngest (incoming freshman) to join Rotaract. 

Mary shared that she enjoyed delivering sandwiches to Abundant Grace. 

Stacy introduced us to Feste (the fool in Dickens’ Twelfth Night). Feste is a 10 week old Sheltie born on April Fools Day. Feste registers a 10+ on the cuteness register. 

Dave Dickson reports that brewing is going great and the family is great. 

Joe is doing Pilates and yoga on Zoom and the Oddfellows Lodge construction is moving along well. 

John Evans enjoyed the beach clean up and suggested we wear Rotary gear when doing service projects. See Mary to order gear. John and Larkin are coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary!  

Bill Johnston has two granddaughters entering high school this year. He has busied himself with some minor construction projects and is sorting and donating stuff—anyone need Christmas decorations?  

Kevin O’Brien has been behaving himself (or so he says). He’s been playing golf. His barber came to his house to cut his hair, it looked good, from the front anyway. He has been having social distancing meet ups with friends and family and plans a wine tasting trip soon. 

Krystlyn Giedt has been on overdrive managing the Chamber, compiling COVID stats and visiting businesses that are open. She reports that the paycheck protection program restrictions are easing. 

Mitone Griffiths is working full time, at home. The kids are out of school and bored. She admits that she likes that SIP is keeping them close. Rotary is keeping her busy, especially The Awards Regatta. The pivot to online was huge. Over 200 registered for the awards event. Next year she will be working on membership and will be creating training videos. 

Mary’s son and wife are visiting. They will be celebrating her grandson’s first birthday—with social distancing, of course. Her mom’s identical twin recently passed, which has been hard on her mom. 

Paul is getting to know his neighbors lately. He participated in a virtual campfire—he told a story to over 200 participants. Hey, I want a campfire Rotary Meeting!  Tell us a story Paul!  

Ralph Ely is spending more time with family. He is also working on projects and golfing.  

Yours Truly (Susan) reported that her Grandniece, who is 10 months old, can crawl, bite, shake her head NO and say UP. Little Audrey is becoming a force to be reckoned with. 

Warren’s house has become SIP party central. His daughter turned 22, graduation and his oldest has gone back to nannying (in this country). They’re playing beer pong (with H2O). His wife gave him a haircut—looked pretty good...he is working on home improvement projects, planted four tomato plants and is working full time. The Rotary Investment policy is coming along and he is watching the Foundations investments along with John William Parsons and the rest of the Committee. 

EP is spending time baking bread and pizza while working and missing family and friends. EP celebrated her birthday with social distancing. She wishes for healing in the world. 

Heather reports that she has attended some social distance gatherings and is grateful that our community is healthy. 

Rose Serdy is doing well and has a growing “honey do” list. Work is busy and she is hoping to see everyone soon. The days are going by faster. “Stay healthy everyone”. 

Steve Wilson is reporting from Pandemic Purgatory. Both he and Kathy have tested positive. Kathy has a temperature, both of them feel bad. He doesn’t’t know how they caught it—maybe the someone who came to work in their house who since has tested positive (they didn't interact with the person), or when they were in Lake County two weeks ago. People there were not taking precautions. Their Church is helping them with shopping, etc.,  and he is still working half days. He is up to date on his honey do list, misses friends and offers his support to anyone getting the virus, after he and Kathy get over it. Dianne and Ed and Kevin and others spoke up to offer any help we could to Steve and Kathy. 

Ed is doing okay. He is grateful for the company of his cats. He’s staying in touch with his girlfriend, Carol. Work is busy, and he has good support. He has been doing some carpentry on his house. 

Warren’s last word—Attend the Rotary International Convention virtually!  There should be an email with instructions in your in box soon.