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July 8, 2021 
Maxim Schrogin
Techniques of Communicating Across Differences
Article by Steve Wilson
Photos by Dianne Bobko
Gary Wahrhaftig, Odd Fellows stalwart and friend to many, helped Joe introduce our guest Maxim Schrogin from the Berkeley Rotary Club.  Maxim is a genuine polymath, with degrees from Berkeley in comparative lit and architecture.  Among other undertakings, he pursued a career in real estate syndication and founded a synagogue.  These days, Maxim is a community activist and a highly-trained professional and community mediator.  Within his club, he is head of the Peace Committee and has attended Rotary Peace Conventions.  Now that he is familiar with Rotary and Rotarians, he believes that Rotary is uniquely situated through out the world to serve as a catalyst for both civil discourse among people with differing worldviews and championing non-conflictual solutions to social problems.  
Maxim is or has been affiliated with groups dedicate to this purpose such as Courageous Conversations, Living Room Conversations and Braver Angels where people come to present views, listen to those with different politics or outlooks and find points of agreement and avenues for progress. He also pointed pout the organization Mediators Beyond Borders, where trained mediators are sent outside the U.S. to work with populations with whom they are unfamiliar and from whom they must learn. This kind of work requires a certain emotional vulnerability and even fearlessness. Maxim and his friends, for instance, had to come to terms with the perceived moral self-righteousness of "progressives" and conservatives with whom he was in conversation were obliged to listen.
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Rosi recommended the following book, The Righteous Mind - Why Politics and Religion Divide Good People by Jonathan Haidt.
Club Meeting - July 8 , 2021
Pres. Joe B. called the meeting to order.
Pledge of Allegiance - Kevin led the pledge
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Guests - Gary Wahrhaftig, Odd Fellows stalwart

Happy/Crappy News yescrying

Putting last things first, please hold Kevin and his family in your thoughts and prayers. During the course of the meeting, Kevin learned that his brother Al had lost a brave two year battle with cancer and passed away.  Rotary is family, and Kevin, we hope that the love and friendship of those around you sustains you.

Joe reported on our hastily-convened 4th of July parade, in which we participated.  We got some good publicity and everyone who walked enjoyed themselves.
Rose announced a July 17 Relay for Life event at her home.  Bring heavy hors d'oeuvres and something to drink.  We raised $8,200 this year (so far). 
Joe applied for one of a small number of available food booth slots at the Pumpkin Festival, which is slated for one day but may get stretched to two. 
Our New Teachers Welcome Meeting will happen on August 5. 
The library will welcome us back for meetings sometime in August or September, but this remains to be firmed up by the library.
Next week's speaker will talk about anti-trafficking efforts focused on Vietnam.
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