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July 28,, 2022 
Club Meeting
Brainstorming New Projects 
Article by Stacy Trevenon
Pictures by Liz Schuck     
The meeting was held again in the comfortable community room of the Half Moon Library, with Rotary Club President Krystlyn Giedt presiding. She opened the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The meeting was a small one, with only a handful of members, but it was a productive one. Members enjoyed their lunches and quickly got down to what we might want to do this year as a club, and discussed and eagerly traded reflections, thoughts, opinions and needs they saw in the community.

Krystlyn brought up the survey and reflected on the idea of public image, and on helping other local nonprofits. Out of that came the idea of dedicating one meeting a month to working as a club on a particular project chosen by the club. 

Then to Club business: Next week is the annual new teachers’ meeting. Lunches will be provided. Let Liz Schuck know if you plan to attend.

Krystlyn said that in her first Rotary year, she had been impressed by Paul’s Wrubel Awards, and so, in her year, she has a plan for what she called the Starr awards (Starr is Krystlyn’s middle name.) That stands for Spectacular, Thankful, Awesome, and Respected Rotarians. To that end she handed out yummy, sparkly little Starr cookies, and named the Starr Rotarian for July: Rose Serdy, who shared the very tedious Relay for Life planning and fundraising duties with Renee Lewis. 

Liz mentioned the Rotary park/mural we founded here in Half Moon Bay, and Ralph Ely said he’d seen a Rotary plaque along a walking trail in New Zealand. Liz thought about our equivalent here in Carter Park, Half Moon Bay, and wondered if there was something here that we as the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay, California, USA, could contribute to supporting? 

Other discussion topics the meeting touched on included: Rose discussed concerns about farmworkers getting to doctors’ appointments here on the Coastside, soccer uniforms for Moonridge youth, the mural we did on the City Hall building, safety equipment for those who need to ride bikes to work, and thinking outside the box as to how we as Rotarians can benefit our community, the Big/Little Coyotes with which former Rotarian Teresa Adam had been active which had been successful to a point, but unfortunately had rather faded away. 
Rose listed some examples of youth who had profited by some of the projects we (Rotary) have done. Susan Kealey spoke of beach cleanups, the Coastside Trail and an overused section near the state park; Adopt-a-Highway for which Mitone may have some contacts; Ralph may have clients who would like to donate some benches but then there would be need for maintenance. Stacy raised questions about the elderly and disabled using these facilities; discussion turned to gardening projects and holiday caroling here.

The Little Libraries were mentioned and discussed. Rose observed that, at this time, Covid has shut us all down, and Ralph observed that yes, it has, particularly for those of us who are advanced in years.

Krystlyn raised the idea of reaching out to our Interact club and to the high school for community service needs, and that we can choose projects that appeal to us as Rotarians. EJ Dieterle raised the point of how do we identify needs – where is there a need that Rotary is suited to fill? Where do we have commitments? And where do we have enough volunteers?

Discussion also touched on public relations, on which we need to do a better job. For example, taking photos, but making sure they relate – adequately reflect! – Rotary. For example, integrating the Rotary sign on Highway 92. In terms of funds, do we need to have fundraisers? Krystlyn pointed out that we need to identify projects, and then list suitable fundraisers for them. 

Stacy raised the point of, with so much equestrian/farming/animal husbandry here on the coast, there may be speaker openings. As a local horse owner herself, she knows some potentially interesting speakers and contacts who may be able to identify others.  And Susan brought up the 4H program and teachers at the Garden Apothecary as a potentially interesting club speakers, which Stacy seconded.

Susan also raised the issue of transportation. There was a bus stop right in front of her house that isn’t providing service anymore, which raises the issue of, how will people get to where they need to go? That’s already getting a lot of public attention, already a lot of re-routing of transportation along the back roads of Montara, which is calling for a lot of strain on Uber, Krystlyn advised turning to SamTrans.

Rose asked Krystlyn what she sees as most useful in her upcoming term, and Krystlyn responded, not so much a focus on business per se but also on related issues; i.e. the homeless, Cal Trans, our more  nonprofits per capita than other cities, new local businesses. We will discuss more and learn more as the year goes on.  

Rose mentioned a woman who makes cookies. Conversation turned to ideas of, perhaps Rotary-themed cookies? Could we have a bake sale?
Liz brought up ways to help Abundant Grace financially, perhaps a monthly potluck? We’re part of the same community; we put that on the list of ways to help. Donations are always welcome.

Rose mentioned a garage sale as a way to fund needs. We could participate in the Half Moon Bay Citywide garage sale -- ?

Warren said he would have to report when he goes soon on vacation to Tahoe; Krystlyn told him to email her with ideas, and she will send them on to the club.

Paul Wrubel said he will be making a trip to Stanford with the Boys and Girls Club, in connection with the junior high school.

Liz brought up the upcoming Pumpkin Festival; we have 18 cans of our chowder in storage, and next month we will have to talk seriously about that. We could put together a social for that purpose.

The Coastside Collaborative was briefly mentioned in connection with the chamber and areas not connected to nonprofits.

EJ mentioned Long Branch Ranch as a possible spot for a fundraiser; perhaps a casino night there.
Visitors - Former member Paul McReynolds came into the meeting, to everyone’s delight.

Marble Game -  coolsadwink The Marble Game was held; Ralph pulled a green marble.