Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Jul 30, 2020
July 22  2020
Annual Joint Mtg. with Pacifica Club
 Speaker US Representative Jackie Speier
Article by Joe Brennan
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
Congresswoman Spier came on on time from her apartment in Washington. She was gracious in her manner and genuinely pleased to be speaking to us, her constituents, on the Coast, as she has been in person.
She opened with the local Covid Stastics in Pacifica and Half Moon Bay and gave some general information as an update. She spoke strongly against the use of unidentified federal officers to harass and intimidate people in Democratic Cities, a blatant political electoral move on POTUS’ part. She said she herself would be on the street protesting if this were to be visited on San Francisco. 
She was asked what else is happening in the House besides Covid and Protests. She enumerated a number of concerns they had been absorbed by recently and  a long list of some of the bills passed in this session that have had no action in the Senate, and then, specifically for the last two days they have been working on the reauthorization of the annual military reauthorization. Immigration issues were also addressed but without specifics.
She mentioned the extension of the Covid relief for citizens and businesses, mentioning the extension of the $600/week relief benefit for unemployment recipients.
She reminded us that the small business aid package still had over a billion dollars available and applications wouldn’t close until August 8th. These grants, which will be forgiven, can be use for salaries, rent and utilities.
Club members were very appreciative that she would take time to join our meeting during this extremely busy and difficult time.

Club Meeting - July 22, 2020 - Annual Joint Meeting with Rotary Club of Pacifica


Welcoming and setting the stage  by Vickie Flores President of Pacifica and President Mary Rogren.  Attendance was at least 33 people, members and guests.


Mitone talked up a project of beach clean up jointly with Pacifica and an organization up there whose focus is Clean Beaches
Camaraderie felt good and welcoming
We began introductions  before Jackie Shier came on at 6:30
Games and Prizes
After Rep. Jackie Speier spoke, there were games and prizes. Both Club Presidents had prepared some fun games for us with Bingo being first.  Bingo winners were Dianne Bobko and Joe Brennan. Prizes were gift certificates at It's Italia and Hop Dogma. The next game, Spinning the Rotary Wheel,  had two winners from Pacifica and  the prizes were certificates to Nick’s Rockaway Restaurant and Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.
We wrapped it up within an hour, and there was sentiment expressed that we do this more than just one time a year.