Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Jul 20, 2020
July 16  2020
Judith Guerrero, Executive Director
 of Coastside Hope
Article by Steve Wilson
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
Today's speaker was Judith Guerrero, Executive Director of Coastside Hope.  Judith presented a bright picture of the quality and range of services that Coastside Hope has been providing this year.  The organization has displayed considerable flexibility in adapting programs to meet Covid-driven challenges.  The biggest change over the past year has been the increases in food distribution, where Second Harvest Food Bank is its major source.  Over a given two week period, over 300 households were served by it's food programs.  This doubles the level of service over same period last year. April and May were the two months of highest demand with some reduction in June.  The agency also provides utilities payment assistance, crisis rent assistance and outright financial assistance at $500 / household for families not eligible for federal assistance during pandemic.  The financial assistance programs are for the most part funded by the county of San Mateo. Also, there is a diaper program.  Part of the food distribution programs is a twice monthly food program for seniors serving 147 households.  This is distributed in pre-packed boxes prepared by Second Harvest.  2019 full year totals for persons served were 1,400 households and 3,000 persons.
                                                    Paralegal assistance on certain immigration issues is available by appointment.  Tax preparation assistance is available.  the agency continues to sponsor the Adopt-a-Family program. Judith was enthusiastic about the partnership between her agency and Abundant Grace.
Before Covid, candidates for assistance were seen on a walk-in basis.  Now, appointments are required as the waiting area can safely accommodate only four persons.  Coastside Hope provides comprehensive personal assessments during the intake process to assure that aid recipients are made aware of all programs for which they are eligible.  
Food distribution programs are highly dependent upon volunteers.  Coastside Hope maintains a paid staff of eight persons in addition to many volunteers. 

Club Meeting - July 16, 2020


Our July 16 meeting was convened at 12:03 by President Mary.  Kevin led the pledge and Susan offered our Inspirational Thought.  


Rose reported the results from the Relay for Life event held July 11 via Zoom.  The club raised $2,426 this year, advancing from 11th to 8th place among sponsoring organizations.  Special recognition was given to Paul Wrubel for his personal participation in the event.  The Club then took a sad/happy moment to visit and remember its departed Rotarians and thankfully more numerous survivor Rotarians. Mary had put together the following tribute:
Announcements included our annual joint meeting with Pacifica Club next Tuesday evening at 6:15 on Zoom.  Rep. Jackie Speier will join us from Washington D.C. as the featured speaker.
Abundant Grace (Eric De Bode) needs cash for its Crisis fund and needs clean, usable mens clothing very badly.  These donations can be dropped off on Mary's front porch and she will get them to Eric.
Liz Schuck will have rotator cuff surgery July 17. This is expected to be outpatient surgery (same day home); but these procedures involve slow recovery times, so please send Liz prayers for speedy recovery.  It's Liz's writing hand side.
Mitone announced that she participated in beach clean-up last Saturday with sue Rokaw, former District Governor, and a few others. these cleanups will be ongoing, so contact Mitone if interested in participating.  Pacific Beach Coalition can provide cleanup tools and supplies.  Mitone also announced a yard cleanup project through this weekend.  Susan and Dennis will help with this.  Coordinate with Mitone or contact Susan if you are able to help.
Happy/Crappy News 
Ginger is going to Michigan shortly for her annual trip, flying there but well-equipped for protection.  Ralph took a fishing and bicycle trip down the Coast to Los Osos-- skunked in the fish department, but biking was enjoyable.  Ralph reports that dining was a challenge, limited to take-out.  Mary reported that our two exchange students Giade and Laura are now safely back home. 
In concluding, Kevin asked for--and got-- a big thumbs-up from everyone.