Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Jul 15, 2020
July 9  2020
"The State of the City of HMB in a COVID 19 World”
Bob Nesbit, HMB City Manager
(President Mary Rogren's First Meeting)
Article by Susan Kealey
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
“The State of the City of HMB in a COVID 19 World”, Bob Nisbet, HMB City Manager

Bob joined the City in late 2018. He has served as Assistant General Manager of the East Bay Regional Park District, Public Works Director for the City of Carpinteria and Director of General Services for the County of Santa Barbara. 

Regarding beach clean up—the city has some good partnerships. Veronica at City Hall would be s good resource for us. The City is considering setting up an app, may develop a competition and could, perhaps, provide tools. A survey was done in January called “Join the conversation “, it is on the city website,

COVID 19 Response—Staff was sent home and has been working remotely. They are slowly allowing staff to return. The City is open for business and doing 95% of services remotely. For Public Works it is business as usual. The City has also been working on virtual recreation, food delivery there is a blueprint drop off box, a Mayor’s message goes out weekly in addition to enews blasts. There is a “Waves of Strength” art contest. City Council meetings are conducted on Zoom with public input. 

To read more from Mr. Nesbit's presentation and President Mary's 1st meeting, click on "Read more"



Rosie, did sheriffs give out tickets?  And where did the revenue go?  They only gave out normal traffic tickets, no special handling for revenue. 

Liz, thank you for coordinating the beach closure. It is difficult for people living near the beaches, situation was improved. Regarding TOT, what does San Francisco charge?  They charge 14%. The highest rate is Palo Alto at 15 1/2%. 

John, could we charge for people to come here?  We do have hotel tax, that is the most appealing for residents. Sales tax polls well too. Different taxes for non-residents is difficult, we don’t have that kind of control. 

Warren, what about using FastTrack?  We could talk about it. We would need economy of scale. They are currently working on highways 280 and 101 corridor, similar to the one in East Bay, it is a pretty substantial project. What about notifications?  Do you have a notification system for last minute changes?  Check the city website. The recent last minute changes for trail closures was glitchy. We didn’t have good coordination with State Parks, they were slower with their decision making. 

Dave Andrews, what are the advantages or disadvantages of Districting?  The pro usually given is it is more representative.  Council members would be more diverse, we have a 35% Latino population. The con given is it might have the opposite effect and become more parochial. A lawsuit forced the issue. What about absorbing adjacent cities?  There have been Grand Jury reports on this topic. He feels governance would be more efficient with consolidation. 

A thank you speaker certificate and a donation to inoculate 15 children against polio in Bob’s name were issued by President Mary Rogren.





Club Meeting - July 9, 2020


President Mary Rogren's first Club Meeting got off to an enthusiastic start. Rosie stepped up with an inspirational thought, “It is easier to love humanity as a whole, but not your neighbor”. She also led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Mary welcomed everyone to the beginning of a new Rotary year and shared a Fourth of July video compiled by EJ and thanked the rest of the team that assisted with the project. 



Rosie delivered sandwiches to Abundant Grace.  She says their new facility on Kelly Ave. is looking good and Eric DeBode is a great contact for our club. 

Relay for Life—Rose described the planned virtual event. We have a five member team, there are 23 teams. We have raised $2,000 so far. Reminders will be emailed. 

The Future of the Marble Draw, Penalty Pig, Polio Jar, happy/crappy news and Other ways to Separate, erm CONTRIBUTE, Funds to the Cause—Krystlyn has come up with a snazzy way to contribute to raffles, make donations, etc. during our meetings. It is a Square site, we can grow it to include event tickets and other donations. It would be on our website and Mary will try to include it on the meeting notice. 


A big thank you to Dianne for her work on the website!  

Beach Clean-ups and Gardening—Mitone reported that she, yours truly, Heather and Linda did a gardening job at Canada Cove recently. July 9-20 we have an opportunity, through Senior Coastsiders, to participate in gardening projects at Canada Cove. Mitone will pass on information when received. Rotary is now promoting environmental projects, gardening projects and the beach clean-ups are a good fit. Rose reported that she has a beach clean up scheduled in September through the County. Mitone is planning a Sunday or Monday beach clean up next week. 

Membership—our new Membership Maven, Ginger, reminded us that we are all on the Membership Committee. Invite people to come to a meeting!  Ginger’s goal is 50 members this year. 

Happy/Crappy News

Kevin reports that his niece and her friends have tested positive for COVID. His sister-in-law, who has been very careful also has it, she got it from visitors to her home. 

John reports that Laura finally was able to board a plane for Brazil. Jade left on Tuesday. It is like a morgue at SFO International. He shared some departure pictures and a picture of Jade’s homecoming in Paris. 

Ginger shared the sad news that Natasha Martin died from cancer last night. 

“It’s All About Mary” (one of my favorite silly movies). This Rotary year will be our 50th!  For Mary it is all about growing and nurturing membership. We will be focusing on Service,by empowering members and being people of action. Fellowship will also be a focus. 

Our new Leadership

President, Mary

Past President, Ed

President Elect, Joe

Secretary, Dave Dickson

Treasurer, David Maahs

Membership, Ginger

Community Service, Rose

Administration, Warren

Youth Services, Krystlyn 

International, Stacy

Rotary Foundation, Dave Andrews

Communications, Dianne