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January 12, 2023 
Jim Henderson - KHMB Radio 
100.9 FM, Am 1710 and Internet
Article by Susan Kealey
 Ginger introduced Jim Henderson. He was her Dollar car rental representative in her early days. Jim now plies the airwaves at 100.9 FM, AM 1710, and over the internet, KHMB Radio serves all the neighborhoods of the Coastside with news, entertainment and information. They offer a variety of programs designed to meet the wide range of interests of their listening audience.

He says he still dreams about Dollar rentals. He started with a survey - how many did not know that we have a local radio station?  Everyone knew we have a local radio station. How many listen to the station - we had a fair percentage. Jim encouraged is to give the station a listen as it has a plethora of offerings. 

The station went on air in October 2009. At that time they covered Ocean Colony, Ocean Corners and Canada Cove. They have since expanded to cover most of the coastside. Cara Schmaljohn was an early listener. She would even listen through the static. 

About 6 years ago the station was given an FM license with 100 watts. They have two antennas:  AM is 1710 and located at the Debenedetti Building on Main Street. FM is 100.9 and is located at Cameron’s RV Park. KHMB are the call letters they use although KHMV are the actual call letters. It’s the same thing KCBS does. You’ll hear the real call letters  at the top of the hour. They are also an emergency broadcast provider.


As a community station, they offer locally produced shows, interviews and music. The station’s music is eclectic with something for everyone. Ginger hears a lot of country on Saturday and Sunday. When he grew up, there was someone was on site every day, today most stations are automated, voices are prerecorded. KHMB is prerecorded. They try have a mix of music and content that will appeal to most people. "Do you have to play royalties?" Kevin asked. The answer is yes. Live 365 keeps track for them. 

Jim works with the city and county to make announcements for emergencies and road closures which is a challenge. In a long lasting emergency, they can go live and put people on the phone. Long term emergency and crises is their forte. Recently we were actually isolated—every road closed.  Although he works with the HAM operators and the city, it is hard to get info at times. He’s working with CERT and the HAM operators on his own. How does this fold into the emergency broadcast network?  It’s a work in progress. We need to fend for ourselves so we need to work together. 

Regarding Advertising:  70%+ of the people he speaks with actually like the commercials because they hear people they know or businesses they know. All types of advertising have their strengths and weaknesses. Good coverage needs synergies with more than one form of advertising.  Radio gets 35% more attention, combine it with TV or newspaper to be more effective. 

Kelly Morlock has a show with local musicians and Ruben Truthmaker hosts a talk show. There are also several other shows. 

What is your demographic (Mitone)?  It is skewed to a more mature audience. Jim also feels it may appear more to females. 

Warren - what is the future? What are your hopes and dreams?  Jim has a journalism background and would love to get college interns to start a little newsroom. He feels he may have an advantage over large stations as they will not let interns on air. Alternatively, a small station would give them an opportunity for some air time. They could even do this remotely. 

Ginger wanted to know if the younger generation listen to Ruben Truthmaker’s Friday talk show?  It has a good following.  He has no scientific way to gauge listening though he figures the station has around total 2500 listeners and those listeners are extremely loyal. 

The station also serves non profits and did a telethon for Coastside Gives. Many thought it made a difference. 

EJ do you archive programs to listen to later? Yes  Go to You can do live streaming or listen to archived shows and interviews. 

Warren—where do you see the station in 10 years or so and what about retirement?  His son asks the same thing. It haunts him. The station is a resource, he would like it to continue. It’s something he has to work on. He has spoken to Lenny Mendoca and the Pacifica radio station among others. Currently he has no plans, but will continue to try. 

Ralph, are there other restrictions to your growth?  The FCC wanted to create stations that will serve underserved areas, so they are intended to have a limited range. With streaming, you can listen anywhere. 

CLUB MEETING, December 12, 2023                 
Past President Warren Barmore called the meeting to order (Thank you Warren for standing in for Krystlyn who was unavoidably detained.)
Pledge of Allegiance - Warren Barmore
Inspirational Thought  - N/A
Guests - Ginger introduced Bella Bono, from Coastside Adult Day Health Center. She is their Community Outreach Director and Janie’s Granddaughter. 


Rose is looking for someone to lead Relay for Life in her stead this year, email to follow. 

La Costa Adult classes are up and running according to Drew. 

The Rotary Foundation has a workshop on Saturday the 4th of February—see flyer. 

Happy/Crappy News yescrying 

Kevin is officially retired. 

Ginger’s Mother-in-law, Anne Minoletti, died recently. 

Mary has been in touch with Louise’s mom. Louise’s brother is 18 and would like to do a short term program this summer. Mary is looking for a family with someone his age who would like to do a swap. Email to come. 

Barbara advised that Table of Plenty and other non-profits are holding a volunteer job fair at the high school. It will give students an opportunity to see potential options for meeting their volunteer requirement.  It will be January 20, next Friday.  Mitone is interested in getting volunteers for Beach Cleanups and Seniors’ Home Rehab projects. Email to follow. 

EJ asked us to give a big hand to Paul for setting up our meeting space so nicely.  

John Evans had a unique Birthday. He visited his daughter in hospital!  Poppy was in the hospital for emergency appendix surgery. John was receiving calls and well-wishes all day. 

Steve Wilson, Anna is finally getting married. Also, he and Kathy have been out of their house six days—they are happy to finally be home. 

Mary had COVID twice, she’s one of the lucky people who had a rebound case and bounced back. 

Marble Game -  coolsadwink

Warren had the right ticket, and pulled a green marble.