September 1, 1016
Article by Stacy Trevenon
Photos by EJ Dieterle
Program: HEAL Farm Visit
The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay met at the HEAL Project farm for a delicious lunch prepared with farm produce. Speakers for the day included farm Manager Jon Glancy, Executive Director Amy Bono-Kruckewitt and Farm Educator Naomi Stern. Naomi welcomed the HMB Rotary Club and talked about HEAL’s goal of teaching about nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture on the coast. She sketched the project’s history, from its beginnings at Coastside elementary schools Hatch and Farallone View, to its growth through outreach to elementary-school students in partnership with San Mateo County. By this spring more than 2,000 students came to the project for science-based field trips that taught agricultural skills such as composting.              
Celebrating its 10th year this month, the project also offers summer camps (the one focused on cooking is popular) sells its produce at weekend Farmers’ Markets and has expanded footprint to include county school farms.
Naomi pointed out that everyone who works with HEAL is an educator, and that HEAL programs include art therapy. With a budget of $300,000 this year, it offers food preparation and California specialty crop tastings among its school programs, which PTOs help fund, and offers vouchers for students to buy produce. Improvements are also under way for school gardens, in partnership with some afterschool programs.
The speakers discussed their backgrounds: Jon grew up surrounded by orchards and gardens in a northern Michigan farming community, got interested in agriculture in his teens, studied permaculture in college and has worked on farms in and beyond the United States. Naomi, who has been farming for several years here, grew up in the Sacramento area, studied agriculture at the University of California, Santa Cruz, loved living close to nature and has focused on exploring the impact of food and how food brings people together. She told stories of things she has seen, such as how much children, who were encouraged to try new foods straight from the garden, liked them. Jon recalled reactions he had seen from children the first time they ever saw carrots pulled up, and when they got to thinking about natural, non-processed garden produce. He mentioned that the young project visitors ranged in age from 6 to 11, and that others had intensive fall and spring classes related to seasonal agriculture, in high school. Some kids take produce home to show their families.
Discussion ranged over what to do about gophers in the home garden, how farm surroundings benefit participants from art therapy and rehabilitation programs, and how challenging it is to succeed as a farmer in the Bay Area. Amy talked of concerns about pricing and not undercutting those making their living from farming, and Jon said he liked to think it was possible to make a living from farming, despite the difficulties.
Joe Brennan attended the meeting in style, dressed as a scarecrow. That was enough to get Rotarians to hum the Scarecrow’s theme from “The Wizard of Oz.”
September 1, 2016 Meeting Recap
Article by    Stacy Trevenon
Photos by  EJ Dieterle
Pledge of Allegiance and Inspirational Thought: Andrew offered the day’s motivational message on the theme and the importance of humility.
Guests of Rotarians introduced at the meeting included Bonnie Dunham’s guest Joan Madson, Mitone Griffiths’ guest Adrienne Dunlap who is interested in sustainable food, Eric Shapira’s mom Betty, and Susan Kealey’s partner Dennis. Exchange student Caroline, from Belgium, was introduced by John Evans.
Happy and Not So HappyNews:
Lots of happy news, beginning with anniversaries: Kevin O’Brien’s 45th wedding anniversary and 14th Rotary anniversary were coming up, and so is Rose Serdy’s 49th anniversary. Our exchange student Caroline Gossart happily told of meeting other exchange students at a recent event hosted by Mark Flegel.  Appreciation went out for the day’s lunch with the fresh produce and for the Rotary Olympic games, such as discus and shotput, that were a spotlight of the last meeting.
Acknowledgement went to Mary Corcoran for her district grant that will be used for PR for our club. Paul Wrubel handed out badges to Milly Golder and a Past President badge to Dave Andrews.
Dwight Wilson has been working with a bookkeeper on staying current with invoices through Clubrunner. 
Kevin O’Brien talked about the RI foundation, adding that club members can use checks to pay for their annual contributions.
President Liz Schuck spoke about the club’s sponsorship of the Sept. 24 Purple Heart Anglers fishing trip, which will include several Coastside veterans. She also pointed out that at 1:30 after today’s meeting, there will be a tour of the HEAL Project farm.
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September 8 Speaker:  Renee Lewis - Floating down the Amazon
September 15 Speaker:  Kat Khaled - Photography
September 22 Oktoberfest at the HMB Brewing Company
September 24  Purple Heart Anglers Fishing Trip
September 29 Shop Talks - Bonnie Dunham & Lisa Warner-Carey