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November 9 , 2017
Article by   Susan Kealey
Photos by  EJ Dieterle
Ed Daniels, World Community Services Director. Ed attended a District meeting on the grant application process. It is an involved process that can take years; however, there are ways to access allocated funds and speed up the process. For instance, by working with other clubs who have already gone through the grant process. Several of these clubs are interested in partnering.  A cautionary note—clubs must allocate the DDF funds in a timely manner or they go back to District where they will decide to which project they will go. The International Service Committee will meet today; anyone interested, please stay after or let Ed know. Possible Partner projects this year are irrigation in Morocco; micro credit in Ecuador; art project for peace building in Columbia; greenhouse building in the Andes, just to name a few.
Shana Reilley-Pond, Community Services Director. Dictionaries will be here in December. We were planning a beach cleanup in January. We are partnering with the Oddfellows to gather items to help fire victims. The free community breakfast project needs volunteers; Coastside Hope's Adopt a Family project is coming up, and we have a team to do shopping -  funds are needed. Shanna wants feedback on homelessness in our community. We a need mobilization team (3-5 people) for a rainy day shelter and lunch, from 9-1 planned by Eric DeBode who is also looking for a location and more volunteers.
Mary Rogren, Youth Services Director. We have a great Interact Club; many members are going to the fall leadership conference. They have a project list and a visit to us coming soon. Regarding the exchange program, our two students are the only exchange students in our high school. We need hosts.
Renee Lewis , Club Administration Director. We will have a booth at Night of Lights; there will be a sign up sheet next week; working on a Filoli shopping event; looking for ideas for social events, contact Renee.
Kevin O’Brien, Rotary Foundation Chair. Kevin, presented Paul Harris awards to Renee Lewis (2 sapphires) and Rose Serdy (4 sapphires). Kevin is the Area Coordinator for 5 clubs, and he is looking for a replacement next year. Again he highlighted the Rotary Direct process and encouraged everyone to sign up, do it!  The Rotary Foundation has a low expense ratio,so is a great way to support international work and promote peace. Let Kevin know if you are willing to take over as Chair; he will be supportive.
President Warren Barmore reported that in our quest for Best Club Award, there is a list of things we need to accomplish; like, 10% of Club membership and our President attending the District Conference;  a net increase in membership; sponsor an interact or Rotaract club; conduct a club visioning event; submit a 3-6 minute video on a project. 
NOVEMBER 7, 2017 Meeting Recap
Article by   Rose Serdy
Photos by  EJ Dieterle
Greeters: Past President Dave Dickson and Daily Sargent of Arms Arancha Casal
Inspirational Thought: Dave Dickson
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Rose Serdy.
Guests and Visitors   Ann Johnston and our Exchange Student Louise
President Warren:  “Celebrate Rotary by wearing your Rotary pins.”
We are this close to ending polio – donations are double matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
Due to a Basketball mandatory meeting President Warren will not be able to attend a meeting at the Cabrillo District office where Half Moon Bay Rotary will be acknowledged for all of their commitments to the children in the community. PEPaul Wrubel will be there and all other members are invited to attend. Be there by 6:55 tonight.
Happy/Not So Happy Newssmileysad
Ginger and Paul Minoletti will be traveling on the 18th to Jakarta, Indonesia to celebrate their son’s recent engagement to marry and meeting the parents.  Ginger will be wearing the traditional dress and Paul the traditional shirt.
John Evans announced the recent passing of Ben Tyson.
Rosi Fontana will be traveling to Southern California to meet with past work associates.
Thanksgiving will be spent also in Southern California.  Her children will be celebrating in Scottsdale, AZ.
Exchange StudentLouise says “Life is good”.   Life is also busy….football games, shopping, try outs for the spring musical, meeting with other exchange students.   Raffi was not able to attend as he was taking a test.
Kevin and Debbie O’Brien have tickets for the Best of Broadway.  Local resident from Half Moon Bay, Adam Jacobs, is playing the lead role in Aladdin.  The family of 8 O’Brien’s headed out on Sunday to enjoy the show when they were informed the lead, Adam and the Genie were going to be replaced by understudies. Debbie made a phone call stating how disappointed the family was to have missed his debut and they felt they should have been given noticed.  This complaint got them two extra tickets to the show in which Adam was the star.  Good job Debbie!
Paul Wrubel read to the club an email he received from Caroline Gossart stating how much she missed Half Moon Bay and would return to live in the Bay Area someday.  Reminded us all of how the Exchange Program gives young students live and cultural esperience.
Marble Drawing  
NO luck for Millie crying

Nov. 16  Shop Talks: Dave Dickson & Arancha Casal

Nov. 23 NO MEETING - Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 30  Speaker: Greg Mead - Climate2 (or Climate Squared)

Some additional photos from the Rotary Club of Pacifica's Bowlathon Fundraiser. (See our home page "Cliff Notes".)