Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
May 9,  2019
Honoring our Mothers for Mother’s Day
Article by  Susan Kealey
Photos by: EJ Dieterle

Our exchange students, Lukas Kruse and Giana Maria Perrero were today’s program.

Lukas is from Bassum, Germany. He is almost 19 and has a brother, 21, who is disabled. They have three exchange students at his home right now. They are from Argentina. The pets in his family are a Maine Coon cat and a dog. We got to see several pictures of home, family and his travels. Lukas likes sports, especially windsurfing and diving in the Caribbean. He also likes running. He is a bit of a nerd, like his dad. His travels have included exploring Germany, Croatia, Russia, England, Holland and the Caribbean. He thanked us and his host family and says he has really enjoyed his stay.

A brief question and answer session followed his presentation.
Q:  Did you try out for any sports at school?  A:  He tried track but had to give it up.  
Q:  What are your plans now?  A:  He is considering coming back for college.
Q:  What was the hardest thing for you here?  A:  The language. 



We had a moment to hear from the host families.
Q:  So, how was it?  A: (from the host family’s son)  It was great, we watched all 21 Marvel films to catch up. After being a host, he’s caught the bug and plans to go to Belgium, near Caroline. All three of his future host families live on the same street.



Rotarian and host Lisa, likes the program a lot. She especially appreciates the network of other families and students. She recommends it and emphasized that there is a lot of support. The transition from house guest to a member of the household was interesting, but not a problem. 

Giana Maria Perrero, is from Italy (dad) and Holland (Mom). Her Italian home is in Alessandra, a place known for its two day chocolate festival, fun costumed foot race and other festivals. For instance, the defeat of Napoleon is celebrated every year. Her other home is in Utrecht, Holland. Things that Holland is known for are bulbs, food, shoes, flower markets, cheese markets...  Her Mom has a restaurant. She also shared pictures of family, friends and her travels. Her family pet is a cat named sausage. Several members of her family and friends have done exchanges which was her incentive. School very different here. In Italy they are in one room for five years. She has been to London, Hawaii, Africa, Thailand, Bulgaria. Her hobbies are cooking, comics, repurposing things and making them pretty. Giana wants to become a doctor like her dad who specializes in treating patients in vegetative states. She did this trip for personal growth.  While at HMB High School,  she participated in tennis, the play Mama Mia. Other activities included skiing and s trip to Yosemite   She now has a huge exchange family that she treasures. She will return back to Holland in one month and 25 days.

May 9, 2019 CLUB MEETING  
Article by: Rose Serdy
Photos by: EJ Dieterle
Greeters:  Dick Charnock/ past president
Past President – Dave Andrews
Sargent at Arms – Pat Roma
Pledge of Allegiance:  Kevin O’Brien
Inspirational Thought:  Pat Roma “time to plant your garden” – Peas, squash, lettuce, turnips and thyme.
Guests and Visitors:
Rick Chin from the Millbrae club
Warren Barmore brought his lovely Mom.
Betty Broglio
John Evans brought wife Larkin, 
Bill Johnston’s wife Ayn,
Paul Wrubel’s wife Antoinette,
Kevin O’Brien’s wife Debbie,
Steve Wilson’s wife Kathy,
Lisa Warner Carey, mom of Mika and host mom of Lukas, Brenda Oliver host mother of Giada.
President Paul welcomed back Linda Crose Anderson to the club
smiley Happy News
Irwin Cohen brought in Spalding ball to share stories of different games he played in his childhood in New York.  “Stick ball, punch ball, etc.”
Susan Kealey went to the plant sale at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco and really enjoyed the unusual plants and recommended all to experience this event.
John Evans spent the weekend at the competition for over 1,000 athletes at the convention center.
E.J. Dieterele was in Chicago where he visited the Rotary’s first club which he understood to be in Chicago and not Evanston.
Linda Crose Anderson reminded everyone about the Relay for Life event at Nick’s in Pacifica on May 16th.  Tickets $50.
President Paul shared some cartoon humor submitted by Rosi Fontana and Joe Brennan.  Some loving images were shown thanks to Rosi: “Everyone and almost every living thing has a mother”.
Kevin O'brien announced he collected $142 from the club last Tuesday and he matched it for a total of $300 for the donations /fundraising for the Heal Project. Kevin also had lunch with his 93-year old mom. Kevin is looking for a name of our fundraising event in September. One entry was “Half Moon Bay Getaway”. They are meeting with the coordinators again.  E.J. volunteered to work on setting up the website which will have visuals of the area.  Kevin hopes to have access with the help of Mitone for the district database. Since it is close to October Fest we may have this as one of our themes.  Solicitations for major sponsors have been sent out.
Now the exchange student presentations from Giada and Lukas!
Marble Draw  surprise  No winner this week....maybe next week laugh
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, May 29.  Please sign up with Rose Serdy for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)