Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
May 23,  2019
Bob Nisbet - City Manager of Half Moon Bay
Article by  Bill Johnston
Photos by: EJ Dieterle
Bob Nisbet Is Half Moon Bay's new City Manager. Bob was born in Bellevue, Washington and educated undergraduate at Washington state and a Masters at UCSB. He worked for Santa Barbara County for 12 years. He was involved in the construction of government buildings and project management there. He next moved to Oakland where he worked for the East Bay Parks District. He and his wife Katia recently moved to the coast. He does not miss the commute from Oakland.  They have no children but they do have a goldendoodle. So far, it sounds like they are loving the coast.
Before Bob's job interview, he checked out the brand-new Half Moon Bay Library and was blown away. He espouses a love of architecture.
Half Moon Bay's fiscal year runs from July through June. The city Council recently completed a planning retreat where they set 5 priorities. Those priorities are affordable housing (the city has about $2.4 million to subsidize affordable housing), emergency preparedness, traffic and transportation, leading the way in sustainability and a $15 minimum wage.
Bob reported that there was a recent budget study session during which the Council explored preparation for a possible future economic downturn. Currently, the top 3 revenue sources are the transiency tax (forecast at 6.8 million), property tax (forecast at 3.4 million) and sales tax (forecasted 2.9 million). Bob noted that property tax is limited to 1% of assessed value and the city receives only 7% of that. The primary recipient is the school district. The city's finances have improved such that they have been able to add positions for a sustainability manager, a maintenance worker for the library and a new employee for the Parks and Recreation Department. The city will also be creating a new communications department. Capital improvement projects for the coming year are anticipated at about $3 million. Finally, he noted that the cost of the contract for police services with the Sheriff's Department will go up $326,000 this year.
During a question-and-answer session, some club members seem supportive of the $15 an hour proposition while others expressed concern about its effect on small business and most specifically on the hospitality and restaurant industries. The vacant lot at the northeast corner of Kelly and Main remains a concern. Bob sees it every day from the office window. He promoted the Future Leaders Civics Academy which is a new program for high school students. He also told us that in cleaning out the office he discovered city incorporation papers dated July 15, 1959 that warrant an anniversary celebration.
May 23, 2019 CLUB MEETING  
Article by: Rose Serdy
Photos by: EJ Dieterle
Greeters:  Ginger Minoletti/ past president
Sargent at Arms – EP
Pledge of Allegiance:  Kevin O’Brien
Inspirational Thought:  EP offered opening remarks ---- We meet to serve our community . . . .
Guests and Visitors:
Bill Klear (He noted that he and Mary Corcoran are still in the process of moving to Reno.)   
Marla Wong (Dave Dickson’s wife.)
Paul Wrubel thanked our host, Zac Casey, the Special Events Manager at Mullins/Half Moon Bay Golf Links – who arranged for our wonderful lunch and meeting location (including Bocce ball!)
Kevin O’Brien is looking for volunteers to help with the Half Moon Bay Getaway Golf Tournament.   Below are the committees, and help is needed across the Board, so please sign up.   Also, please promote to your Rotary friends from around the world ----
Event Co-chairs:  Paul Wrubel and Kevin O’Brien 
Program: Co-chairs Ed Daniels and John Evans
  •         Featured speaker
  •         Other speaker(s)
  •         Award(s)
 Database/website:  Co-chairs EJ Dieterle and Mary Rogren
  •         Website creation and management
  •         Database creation and management
  •         Email Response management
 Social Networking:  Co-chairs Stephanie Cozzolino and Erik Piro
  •         Facebook
  •         Twitter
  •         Instagram
 Marketing:  Warren Barmore and ???????  (
  •         Develop marketing strategy in tandem with Kenmark
  •         Assign and train marketing ‘reps’ to visit clubs
  •         Work with Bill Murray to develop power point, video, posters
 Golf:  No chair yet
  •         Sell tee sponsorships
  •         Hole in One contest(s)
  •         Work with Kenmark to arrange fun aspects of tournament
smiley Happy News 
Rosie Fontana shared that she just returned from a fabulous vacation in New Orleans.  She strongly recommends visiting the World War II museum if you go to New Orleans.
Paul Wrubel shared that he spoke to our exchange student, Giada Perrero’s class this week on adoption (at Giada’s request.)
Mary Rogren shared that she took our exchange students, Giada and Lukas – and the other students in our District to the “4 Way Fest” District Conference in Reno this past weekend.   Our students joined 80 other Rotary youth exchange students from Northern California and Nevada for a fun filled weekend.   On Sunday, the 80 exchange students presented to over 800+ people attending the breakfast.   Giada was featured, and she gave a five minute speech as part of the presentation.
Mary Rogren and Mitone Griffiths presented the awards that our club received at the conference ---- for youth service, community service and public image.
Mitone shared that she continues to be busy with her daughters’ activities as the school year ends . . . .  The highlight of her week is that Mitone became a new aunt this week with the birth of her brother’s daughter.
Rose Serdy is looking for volunteers for the Abundant Grace community breakfast for this upcoming week.
Stacy Trevethon just returned from a month long visit to the UK to visit a cousin who was in poor health.    One of the highlights was taking a bus tour around Scotland and Ireland. While in England (and visiting relatives) to visited the Rotary Club of York, and brought back a banner from the club which she presented to Paul.   Another highlight was attending a wedding that her cousin presided over at the Yorkminster Cathedral.
Marble Draw  surprise  No winner this week....maybe next week laugh
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, May 29.  Please sign up with Rose Serdy for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)