Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
May 2,  2019
Rotary Coastside Fundraiser
Article by  Joe Brennan
Photos by: EJ Dieterle
President Paul Wrubel reminded us that three weeks ago he announced that our annual fundraiser, Magic of the Coastside, was not happening this year and told us to stay tuned...
He had worked with the event staff on the social meeting of Bocce at Mullins at Ocean Colony and found them helpful and professional. He brought a plan for the successor of Magic to the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Board of Directors for approval. With Board approval, Paul presented this new concept at today's meeting. This is a big idea, working title 2019 Rotary Coastside Celebration, designed to reach a wider audience instead of going back to the same folks over and over again as our local non-profits do.
Paul introduced co-chair Kevin O'Brien to elaborate. Kevin has been in the Club 15 years. 15 years ago our annual event was a black tie event in the new Ritz and was quite profitable. As the charges and fees rose year after year, "Rotary at the Ritz", wasn't bringing in much as a fundraiser so it was re-imagined as "Magic of the Coastside". Magic was staged at the IDES Hall with volunteers doing all the work. Magic was also very successful but as the years go by other similar events have popped up like ours with recognition, meal, auction etc. just like ours... crowding the field. Kevin figures over 20 years we raised a million dollars, probably $750K from club members...and they were a lot of work! 
So there has been talk the last few years about improving or changing Magic. Maybe we could have a golf tournament? So a meeting was set up with Ocean Colony's event team of Bill, Bill, Zach and Mark. They explained how they put together events at the Ritz and a concept came together. It would be a Sunday and Monday affair with a VIP event on Sunday. They would overnight and Monday have a multifaceted program including breakfast and lunch and in the evening a dinner with a keynote speaker and recognize one person. Sponsorships for the event would be sold. A wide marketing campaign would be mounted to all Rotarians in the Bay Area, California and across the country in the national Rotary Magazine. Members will take materials to the Reno Rotary event to get the word out. We will also sent members to local clubs to get the word out, past presidents would be the pool of speakers because of their connections via their presidential years.
The ticket price being considered is $750 and sponsors would get Monday passes as an incentive. We plan to have a silent auction. The event is viewed as a "couples event". The minimum number is 125 to 150 for dinner, the target is 250 attendees and 144 for the golf. Contributions would be partially tax deductible (to the fullest extent of the law).
What would volunteers do and how many are needed?
Get team(s) together to present it to Rotary Clubs
Committee for Silent Auction
Committee for Sponsorships
Bill Trodowski of Ritz Events was introduced and explained that they are holding 400 events a year at the Ritz of varying sizes. They have good formulas and get it done efficiently. They do the work and put hosts with the guests! Volunteers not needed to run event but it is good to use them to strategically host and thank everyone. He emphasized that it is a destination which allows fundraising  and then ask "Why?" and we have a great answer; for all Rotary does. Events have been successful and become annual destinations for example The Navy Seal Foundation event raised $500K in its first year and the most recent raised over two million. It is not a golf tournament but a program including presentation of the Gold Star Families. The "JDRF" event has been earning $1 million a year since 2012. The Ritz will help with messaging, "Couples" is a key to success and commitment. The destination is brought to the target audience and vice versa. There would be many activities offered: Spa packages, Golf, Wine Tasting locally, other local activities. The Golf will  have wine at the tees + culinary stations.
If 250 people attend how to we get to $1million? The registration has profit in it. The auction will add some but we will be moving away from them. less and less. Participation fees and sponsorships will contribute to the fundraising. We need to establish a committee of 20 to 30 members the Ritz will support with information,materials etc. Public awareness is important. Sign ups will be through Rotary. It will be a public event as PR is good but the targeted audience of Rotarians is more important and successful. Buying an experience, not donating but feel good about it because it goes to good causes (which need articulation of course).
May 2, 2019 CLUB MEETING  
Article by: Mary Rogren
Photos by: EJ Dieterle
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