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March 7,,  2019
Steven Martin 
Article by  Stacy Trevenon

Photos by EJ Dieterle 

Bill Johnston introduced today's speaker, Stephen Martin, who had been a previous member of our Rotary club, and whom Bill had met some 30 years ago.  In his comments, Bill mentioned several longtime Half Moon Bay Rotarians such as Jug Shoaf. Stephen recounted how he had taken up paragliding and had had an accident, which left him in the hospital and potentially paralyzed. "But I'm happy to report I'm still around," he said humorously. Other memories, both lighthearted and somber, were shared, such as how Bill and Stephen each had daughters. Sadly, Stephen had lost a daughter, but Bill maintained that Stephen always "had a glass-half-full approach to life.  You can't talk to him without feeling better yourself," and Stephen called the accident "the best thing that ever happened to me."
Stephen declared that he was grateful for having been a Rotarian and for the friendships he had found through Rotary. Originally from Australia, he had been introduced to Rotary through Eric Shapira, who had taken him under his wing around 1980. Then it was that Stephen mentioned Rotarians he had known in those days, including Earl McMaster, Frank Laney, and George Goldthorpe, whom he called "a hero in this town that people don't give enough time to." He mentioned how George, a doctor, had started the local hospital here, how he had had a pool at the house and had had some lively parties there, one of which was memorable for George dancing on a table. Stephen also told of how, after the accident in which he had fractured his neck and which had kept him in the hospital for a long time, George waived his rent.
What is Rotary, but a family, Stephen mused. It's not a church, it's not a religion ("thank God!" he quipped.) He described himself as "super liberal" and described how he had learned the art of debating in his family when he was young. He had been active with a debate group in adult life, in which he had been assigned positions and viewpoints and learned to argue them, not always an easy task. The hardest debate position he had experienced was pro-abortion, noting that he could not understand how men could tell women what to do with their bodies. "Being able to see both sides of a story is so important," he said.
He recalled how, when he was in the hospital, Irwin Cohen would visit him, and would tell the hospital staff that he was Stephen's doctor. This was not really stretching the truth since Irwin would examine Stephen and ask him to wiggle his big toe. He mentioned Paul Obester, who he said had introduced him to paragliding. Why, Stephen asked, had he said that the accident was the best thing that had ever happened to him? He took the position of agreeing with Bill Gates that we're a better country than we were 20 years ago, with which he (Stephen) agreed since he would rather look at life optimistically, and  "give in to love, not give in to fear."
He happily recalled rock-climbing in Yosemite and visiting China with Dave Cresson. after the Tiananmen Square incident. Stephen also recalled starting a men's group which included some Rotarians, like Bob Rathborne. He described fishing trips which the group took when they would clean and cook the fish they caught. He also mentioned some of the first women members of the Half Moon Bay Club, such as Shirley Olea and Joy Enriquez. He spoke with optimism about being what one chooses to be. You may not know how to solve a problem, he said with a grin, but we'll solve it.
He gave examples of people who had figured out how to give money away, like Bill Gates, but he joked how he wouldn't want to be robbed of the joy of making money. He mentioned names associated with wealth, like Warren Buffet, or Melinda Gates. Bill Gates may be disagreeable, Stephen said, but he knows how to motivate. 
He said again how his friends came from Rotary which he depicted as a great place, regardless of what your belief system may be.
Some questions followed. Kevin, noting Stephen's work as a marriage and family counselor, asked him about his philosophy in that work and how he dealt with clients who had problems with their spouses. Stephen reiterated how he never saw one side to any problem, seeking to remain neutral as a therapist. Sometimes that meant not taking on cases of abuse, in which it would be hard to not take sides. 
He said that rather than be sad about the daughter he had lost, his choice was to feel glad that he'd had her, like "a fabulous gift," for 45 years. There's never just one side to a problem, he said again. For him in his work, it is always possible to figure out what the issues in a marriage are as long as clients keep quiet and don't rant or shout when he is focusing on working with them. He can usually see the problem but not always tell the client the answer to it. Sometimes he waits and until the client figures out what it is they really want to know.
He spoke about things he has learned along the way: every position or opinion has more than one side, or beware of getting stuck in the "victim" position. He cited some well-known incidents in which the issues may be unclear, such as Bobby Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne. There can be many sides to an issue and it is best not to get stuck in one.
Stephen reflected on his late daughter, and how there are two places in life, love or fear. He noted that he is suspicious of those who teach fear. His approach, he said, is to look at everything in a positive light.
Article by Aracha Casal  
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
Greeters: Past President Bill Johnston and Arancha Casal, Sergeant-at-Arms
Pledge of Allegiance: Warren Barmore
Inspirational Thought: Arancha Casal quoted an African saying to reflect on while we run around our busy lives: “All rush is of the devil.”
Guests and Visitors: Liz Schuck introduced Stephanie Cozzolino, who is about to become our newest member. And Bill Johnston welcomed Sheila and Dave Cresson honorary members and Bob Rathborne, also an honorary member.
Pres. Paul announced that the Board created a new non-voting position on the Board called Director of Communications which was formerly PR and Webmaster, and Eric Piro has agreed to take on the role.
President Paul showed several jokes about the sexes that Rosi Fontana had sent him for the Club to enjoy, which some might find not very politically correct! He also showed for the Club a photograph of school children in Belize reading the books sent by Rosi!
Ginger Minoletti updated everyone on the Teachers’ Supplies party: One hundred people showed up, and there were 86 $100 dollar bills. This means they were short by 14. And as of today, they are only 4 short.  She directed us to Krystlyn for those who want to donate to close the gap.
Kevin O'Brien mentioned that our club meeting next week will be at Cameron's to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Please come with a limerick and your best green!
President Paul Wrubel passed around the list to sign up.
Pres. Paul announced a newly named non-voting position on the Board -  Director of Communications (in the past it has been called PR and Webmaster),  and Eric Piro has agreed to take on the role.
New Member Initiation yes
President Paul initiated new member Stephanie Cozzolino who works for Farmers insurance in Half Moon Bay. One curious fact about Stephanie is that she raises 500 chickens with her husband, and they sell the eggs at the local farmers’ market. Stephanie’s motto is “Wanting to change people’s lives.”  Pres. Paul said that
Stephanie had set the record for the fastest acceptance process. She came here last week as a guest and a week later she was inducted
President Paul gave her or a red badge and a welcome packet with her certificate of membership.
Stephanie Cozzolino introduced herself to the club; she works for Farmers Insurance, and she's also a farmer! Stephanie is looking forward to raising a large family. President Paul remarked that we just got bigger, younger, and better looking! 
smiley Happy News 
Dianne Bobko is very excited that Erik Piro will be taking over as the Director of Communications. She will be ending her work as Webmaster for our website and the editor of the FogHorn. She will be away for work projects and personal travel even more than usual this year starting in mid-April until late Fall. As an example, she mentioned that she and Bo will be on a Viking cruise all of July since Bo has been asked to be a Viking Resident Astronomer for that cruise.
Over the many years she's worked as the member responsible for the FogHorn and our Website, she has done the weekly work even while traveling, and found it isn't easy to find internet access in hotels and on boats and ships in other parts of the world, so she decided it was time to turn it over to someone else. Now Erik will be taking over her roles, with his boss Krystlyn’s consent.
Dianne took over FogHorn from Dan Bodmann, who told Dianne shortly after she had joined the Club that she was going to be one of the writers, not giving he much choice! But she quickly discovered that the position gave her a great chance to get to know everybody because you have to pay attention to names and faces.
Dianne said she will miss this role, and she thanked all the dedicated team of writers, some who were writing before she came like Ginger Minoletti, Bill Johnston, Stacy Trevenon, Dave Dickson, Susan Kealy, Rose Serdy and the more recent writers Dwight Wilson, Joe Brennan, Mary Rogren, Arancha Casal — with Liz  Schuck and Rosi Fontana who have often volunteered to fill in at the last moment. And she thanked EJ Dieterle for all of his many years taking our photos as well as EP who has filled in for him.  Dianne concluded by saying that this work has been a privilege and fun, and it is now time to move on.
John Evans and Larkin babysat Lukas for Steve and Kathy Wilson, who are on retreat. Lukas is into computer games and coding, so he asked if they could take him to the Microsoft store in Palo Alto. Before that, they stopped at Costco, which Lukas had never been to! John remarked that Lukas is very different from Rafa, last year’s visiting student from Spain, who was much more talkative.
Warren Barmore reminded us that Magic is happening on May 4th, and he is still looking for help with tickets and with corporate sponsors. He will hold a 10-minute meeting after Club meeting to continue with planning.  
Paul mentioned that when he first thought about joining Rotary Dave Cresson talked him into it, and Dave also happens to be Paul's landlord
Liz remarked how nice it is to see Dr. Cohen at the meeting.
Ginger gave a quick plug for her new winery: there's a locals event tonight from 5 to 7 p.m. with gelato and snacks.  All are invited!
Marble Draw  surprise   No luck, Heather!  Again this weeklaughcrying
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, MARCH 27.  Please sign up with ROSE SERDY for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)