Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
March 28, 2019
Preparing for April Fool's Day!
Article by  Joe Brennan

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Today's theme is April Fools Day Pranks
Irwin Cohen told of using his talent of voice impersonation to pull off his prank in Medical School. There was one renown professor teaching a critical course in the curriculum who had a pronounced eastern European accent, one whose impersonation Irwin had perfected. After the final exams and before their results were known, Irwin chose a few classmates and called them speaking as the professor. He told them that despite their good efforts they had failed the course. In the highly competitive med school environment this was crushing news and it caused quite a hubbub. 
Paul Wrubel told of submitting a big project paper to a class at Stanford about the transmission of the status of a remote tribe, the Dika Cond. Quoting Dr. Smedley-Jones, he described how the priests set up five stations for the initiation into the priesthood during the full moon in the monsoon season. The accolites chose their path and were taught to behave in their affected domain. They were required to carve a sacred picture containing the wisdom and icons of their discipline, many dropped out. The art created, the Morgana Stupa, was sent back to the priest village to be judged based on its art and interviews determining who received priest status.  He got an A although it didn't exist but was a myth of Paul's creation mirroring the PhD program! (The GI Bill provided his Phd).


Oh Canada!
Another prank by Paul, this time the setting is a prestigious summer camp in Maine where Paul worked as a counselor. He announced that they were going on a little trip to Canada as they were in a lake rich region of Maine near the Canadian border. He took them to a lake and they canoed across it to where a bridged canal led them to another lake. Near the bridge was a cabin with two German Sheppard which he pointed out as the border guard station and he knew that down that next lake there was a cabin owned by Canadians who always flew the Maple Leaf Flag which was quite convincing to the campers on their way to Oak Island in that lake. Paul had checked out the island alone and seeded it with Canadian pennies and Expo brochures. That evening he played Canadian stations on his transistor radio which included a lot of French and Canadian music. It was all very convincing and he never did cop to it, they just accepted it and went back to the regular campus of the summer camp after visiting Canada. 20 years later one of the campers who was an assistant professor at Yale Law visited Paul and in the course of reminiscing about their shared time at summer camps tole him that the trip to Canada was his favourite memory. paul did not tip his hand but agreed!
Head Counselor's Birthday
Paul was invited to the birthday party for the Head Counselor...what to give him for a present? It had become a tradition to steal the big wooden sign from the nearby girls camp a time or two each summer to the consternation of head counselor and both camps' management. So nothing would do but to drive up to Maine in the snow and steal the sign and bring it to the table in NY...then afterwards drive all the winter way back up and replace it.
Happy Birthday Adventure in the Big Apple
Paul had an aunt who was celebrating her 80th Birthday at Nichol's Steak House. Paul flew back to NY unbeknownst to her, arrived early at the restaurant and convinced them to outfit him like one of their waiters and allow him to serve her table. He proceeded to take drink orders from all of them before anyone recognized him, they all applauded him and were joined by the whole wait staff!
Dentist's appointment
Paul had the opportunity to swipe a stack of appointment cards at the dentist's office one day. He discovered they had value to a fellow student who wanted to skip a class or miss a test so he sold them for a dollar a piece. Years later at his fiftieth class reunion he told the story to his classmate the dentist's daughter. She said "That's a good one, I cant wait to tell Dad!" he was 103 years old...
Excuse me!
Dr Irwin Cohen had a speaker mounted under the seat in the outhouse. When his sister went and sat down, he turned it on with a plaintive voice saying "Please get up it is dark down here and we haven't finished the work yet!"
Another time he was staying with his grandmother and put a tape recorder in the bathroom and went out and locked the door.  His grandma went looking for him and found the bathroom door locked so knocked on it and the recorded voice desperately announced "Grandma, I'm stuck in the toilet!"
Another time he had recorded a high quality soundtrack of a breaking window. He had a friend stand outside his apartment building picking us stones and pantomiming throwing them at the building and Irwin would play the loud breaking glass recording. Sure enough, an angry old busy body stuck her head out and tracked the boy down screaming that she was going to call the cops. The boy lazily kept on "breaking windows" and the cops came but there were no broken windows.
Stacy was staying with her cousin who went to work leaving Stacy home alone. She dismantled her cousin's bed and moved it out on to the patio, put it back together and made it up. She had a big surprise upon returning home!
Stacey was known to make homemade ice cream and on April First made some for her cousin Steve. It was tuna fish ice cream she pawned off on him and he responded when asked that it was "OK"
Charise was cooking late after returning from skiing. She just wanted to make something simple so settled on scrambled eggs. She had no milk so used Bailey's Irish Cream instead which curdled! She also said she would leave messages for friends to call Harry Fellows or Ellie Fant...and leave the number of the Zoo.
Bill Johnson told of the early days in his practice which did a lot of personal injury work. One April 1st, he called on one of his two partners disguising his voice saying he was John Smith who'd been in the hospital off and on for over a year and needed help with finances. This really got the attention of the lawyer of his struggling law firm who asked "John Smith" all the right questions. To have a successful case you need 1) Serious documentable injuries, 2) clear liability and 3) deep pockets. When "John Smith" said he'd been hit in the crosswalk when the PG&E truck ran the red light he thought his ship had finally come in!...and after it dawned on him didn't speak to Bill for a week or two!
In summary, Paul provided this pearl of wisdom:
We do not stop playing due to our age,
We age because we stop playing!
Article by Stephanie Cozzolini
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
Pledge of Allegiance: Ed lead us in the pledge of allegiance
Inspirational Thought:  Joe Brennan had the following words of wisdom: “We don’t stop playing because we age, we age because we stop playing”.
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Liz is out sick for the day, we wish her a speedy recovery.
Welcome back to Linda
Today is Marlene (from catering company’s) birthday, so we brought her our and sang happy birthday to her.   
smiley Happy News
John praises Mamma Mia production. The dancing and singing was phenomenal. KC Cohen was on the lead keyboard, very impressive. Lucas is vacationing in Hawaii.
Mary Rogren announces she will be absent next meeting because her son is getting married in San Diego.
Mitone updates us on her active children. Mia is swimming. She has a meet at Oceano Friday. Mitone is still driving daily to Palo Alto every morning. She leaves at 4AM. She naps in her car in her special eskimo jacket that covers her face and her toasty UGG boots. She leaves Palo Alto to arrive in HMB to find it is still dark!  Also, her daughter received a “prom-posal” from classmate Trevor.  Trevor cleverly asked during a swim meet by holding up a sign at the edge of the pool while she was competing., Finally her other daughter is making a killing by being a scorekeeper at the school- $12 an hour!!
Warren announces that his (Sophomore) daughter also received a prom invite from a (Junior) boy. The first thing his daughter did was text Dad “R U OK w/ Me Going?!!” to which Warren replied “He didn’t ask me!”
President Paul thanks the crew who helped at the Lutheran church at early dawn the previous day.
Charise announces that the Career Week at Pilarcitos High is going great. They have been teaching students different topics on different days, including Finance, Resume Writing, computer skills, HR and social media. Friday’s event will be mock interviews with the students to help them prepare for a real life interview. Charise is looking for someone to help with the upcoming HMB High School Career Week. It will be May 13th. There may be 5 or 6 classes involved. Let Charise know if you can help with this.
President Paul presents a Rotary flag to past President Ed.
Rose Serdy reminds us that Little Coyote/ Big Coyote starts up again in a few weeks. She is working alongside Jane, and Teresa Adams at Pilarcitos. (Jane has announced retirement)
Warren passes around a sign-up sheet for local restaurants. Who can go to the restaurant and ask for gift cards? Also, Magic will be Cinco De May themed, with taco carts, margaritas, and mariachi band in the works. Yay!   
Rose Serdy is always looking for volunteers for Abundant Grace breakfast.   Rotary volunteers to run the breakfast on the last Wednesday of every month.
Marble Draw  surprise  No winner this week...maybe next week  laughcrying
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, MARCH 27.  Please sign up with ROSE SERDY for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)
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