Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
March 21  2019
Planning for Magic of the Coastside
Article by  Joe Brennan

Photos by Liz Schuck  

We are six weeks out from the May 4th Magic of the Coastside event…

1)   The service Above Self Award is chaired by Steve Wilson and Ginger Minoletti.  There was a change requested so the finalists all win, so we don’t have a winner and losers on stage.  The question of whether teachers will be recognized was brought up.  A look back at finalists was included.

2)   Youth Service Above Self - Interactors…based on their community service in their applications



John Evans is heading it up.

3) Fundraising - Ginger Minoletti  Mary Rogren, Renee Lewis Krystlyn Giedt
    Fund a Need?   Auction, silent? Not Live!
    Continue with Bidding for Good?
    Items may be bundled
    Games? Heads and Tails Prize

4) Sponsorship - Stephanie Cozzolino & Warren Barmore
     Levels were discussed
     Letters will be  going out

5) Food/Bar/Entertainment - Bill Johnston, Jason Owen, Rose Fontana, Irwin Cohen.
    Mariachi San Francisco
    Bar: Jason & Rose
    Specialty Drins(s)

6) Publicity - Krystlyn Giedt & Stacey Trevenon.
    Press Release to go out
   Social Media postings

   TICKET PRICE to be $85
   Print materials and banner(s)

7) Decorations - Liz Schuck, Betty Broglio

8) Night of Event
    Starlight group Volunteers! - Mitone Griffiths

Next Meeting’s Theme APRIL FOOLS (rush in!)    

Article by Mary Rogren
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
Greeters:  (names not available)
Pledge of Allegiance:  Ed lead us in the pledge of allegiance
Inspirational Thought:  Mary Corcoran provided inspirational quotes  in the spirit of recognizing the first day of spring including the following quote from the late Billy Graham . . .
“God has given us two hands – one to receive with and the other to give with.  We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing.”
Guests and Visitors: Bill Klear
Mary Corcoran announced that this is her last meeting as a member of the Half Moon Bay Club.    Given she and Bill’s move to Reno, she has joined the Centennial Sunrise Club in Sparks, Nevada.  Ginger is keeping her busy at Bay World, however, so she will visit us often!
smiley Happy News
Paul Wrubel  mentioned that he had the pleasure of meeting our exchange student, Giada Perrero’s mother the night before at a party at Rose Serdy’s house.   Giada’ mother has been visiting over the past week, and is a delight. Paul also attended the District Assembly event up at Redwood High School this past weekend along with Warren Barmore and others in the club.  Paul gave accolades to Mitone Griffiths for her spectacular presentations and organization of the event as the incoming District Governor, Sue Rokaw’s Chief of Staff.
Mitone commented that she so appreciated the support of the club and the District.   The planning for the District Assembly event had been in the works for a year, and it had been a lot of work for her and others behind the scenes.  She was very pleased that the feedback from the attendees was so very positive.   She is looking forward to the year ahead of being Sue Rokaw’s right hand.   Mitone noted that this is a pivotal time for Rotary as the population of members is aging and shrinking.    She noted that Sue will be different from other past DG’s as she is a working professional (and an attorney) and she hopes to attract a new and younger breed of Rotary members.     
Ed Daniels, our President Elect, shared highlights of his recent trip to Chile and Argentina that was arranged by Ginger and Mary at Bay World. His travels included going to Iguassu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border; visiting an Alpine village with 64 German chocolate manufacturers; kayaking and visiting many wineries.   He also crossed the Andes in 4 buses and 3 boats. Mary Corcoran commented that Ed’s extensive recap of the trip was so inspiring that Mary and Ginger will be organizing a trip to Patagonia around one of the upcoming eclipses.
Paul Wrubel announced that our returning member David Maahs has agreed to be our new treasurer.
On the Youth Exchange front, Mary Rogren and John Evans discussed that we will be sending two exchange students out in the fall to Chile and to Belgium.   There is a need at the District level for our club to take in two students as we are having difficulty at the District level in finding high schools willing to accept exchange students as they are “impacted.”  John indicated that he felt that we had the bandwidth to find families .  Our club has only budgeted for (1) student -- $2K to cover a monthly allowance for one exchange student.  John and Mary expressed that we are looking for ways to find money from other clubs around the District, and discussion ensued about possible ways to fund the students.  But the club “voted” and agreed that the exchange program is so valuable that we will plan to take two students in the 2019-2020 year.
Kevin O’Brien (given his Irish sense of humor)  was not ready to move on from St. Patrick’s Day.  He shared with the club a litany of jokes including . . . . in being asked by a policeman why the Irish man had not noticed that his wife fell out of the car while he was driving.   The Irishman told the policeman, I thought I had just gone deaf.
Dictionary distribution  - We are looking for volunteers to distribute dictionaries to 3rd graders.   On April 2 – books will be distributed at 8AM at Hatch; and 9AM at El Granada.  April 4 at 10:30 at Farallon View.  Dates for Pescadero, SeaCrest and Wilkinson are TBD.
Wruby Awards:
Paul presented Erik Piro with a Wruby Award for “hitting the road running” with assuming Diane Bobko’s Foghorn and other publicity-related obligations.  Thank you Erik!
Paul also presented Warren Barmore with a Wruby for being the “Chauffeur Extraordinaire” in being the designated driver to go the District Assembly this past weekend.  
Charise McHugh announced that she was still looking for volunteers for the Life Skills Course at Pilarcitos – and needed help with the interviews on March 29. 
Rose Serdy is always looking for volunteers for Abundant Grace breakfast.   Rotary volunteers to run the breakfast on the last Wednesday of every month.
Marble Draw  surprise  No winner this week...maybe next week  laughcrying
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, MARCH 27.  Please sign up with ROSE SERDY for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)