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March 14,  2019
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Festivities at Cameron’s Irish (for the day) Pub
Article by  Susan Kealey

Photos by EJ Dieterle 

The stage was turned over to our Master of Ceremonies, Kevin O’Brien who officiated a spirited Limerick contest. Thank you to Robin Jeffs for the wee bit of history on the origin of the Limerick rhyme. It actually started in the village of Limerick and a contest became an annual pub event there. Robin’s Grandmother was from Limerick.We had several participants, the competition was tough!  Erik Piro started with a sweet Coastside rhyme; Kevin  and Paul  Wruble contributed; Dave Andrews slipped in a naughty one about "Charise"; Stacy Trevenan extolled Rotary; Ralph Ely did himself proud on his very first attempt combining Rotary, the Library and Old Age; Kevin ventured into politics with a ditty featuring Bret Kavanaugh; Joe Brennan cleverly recapped Kevin’s bicycle accident.   


As our minds were reeling from all this rhyming, our intrepid Master of Ceremonies led us in the singing of a few Irish tunes to clear our heads. Much to our surprise, we were joined by a bagpiper!  Quite the entertaining fellow, he also told us the history of the bagpipe. It originated in Egypt of all places.

Back to the contest. Liz made a toast to Rotary, and then read a doozie about a squid; Dave jumped in again with odes to Catherine and Mitone; Kevin, Joe, Stephanie, Paul, added to the fun; EJ even did one about his accordion; Warren tried to slip in a “freestyle” about Paul. After more politically incorrect Irish humor, Kevin got the crowd to focus on selecting the winner. The winner was Stephanie, she took home a lucky mug.

We sang “Danny Boy” and went home with tears in our eyes. Another great HMB Rotary St. Patrick’s celebration!

Joe Brennan's Limericks follow:

Liz will be there to cook without wages
She is erudite and quotes all the sages
She's good at most every chore, 
Whatever comes through the door 
As a vegetarian don't make her cook sausages!
Kevin figured to give the trip a new twist
Fine day outside he just couldn't resist 
So he hopped on his bike
Rather than take the hike
But the  shoulder misbehaved and snapped his wrist
Charise's writing about the path her family took
Following leads to every cranny and nook
Looking for ghosts of old
She's been turning up gold
And hearing the rushes we can't wait for the book
Rose has taken initiative that will please
She makes it seem easy as a tropical breeze
Gathering books without waste
She sends them on post haste
Now she's known as an angel in far off Belize
Paul is so low key and philisophical
After years as a high school principal
He's guiding us well 
He's happy we can tell
We hope that his term is worth it all
We hope that he doesn't regret it all
Dianne and Bo make the circuit, work or play
Reunions, lectures, appearances along the way
It is family we are told
And it doesn't get old
But at times it must seem like Ground Hog Day
Irwin has an ear for a good story
and he shares with the club
Robin swallows his pride on Saint Patricks Day
Robin's not wild about the Corned Beef and cabbage dish
Being english born, bred and through and through British
But his humor is shared 
And is smile never spared
He may be British but he has the Luck of the Irish



Article by Susan Kealey  
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
Greeters:  Past President Susan Kealey 
Pledge of Allegiance: Warren Barmore
Inspirational Thought: Susan Kealey shared a thought about focus.
Guests and Visitors: Stephanie Cozzolino's husband Tony, Susan Kealey's Dennis, Liz Schuck's Teri, Robin Jeff's daughter and former member Catherine n from Spain, Bill Johnston's Ayn, and District 5150 Governor Elect Mary Bates joined us today.
smiley Happy News 
Rosi Fontana celebrating her birthday with a donation to our Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Foundation.
 Best Limerick Winner Stephanie!
Marble Draw  surprise  Even the luck of the Irish couldn't make Kevin a winner.  laughcrying
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