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January 3,  2019
Happy New Year
Article by  Stacy Trevenon   
Photos by EP
President Paul Wrubel began the program by passing out a can of small paper slips. Each one had a little prompt of a topic to speak briefly about, such as favorite things. Questions and prompts on the little paper slips everyone drew included:
  • Bill Johnston set a holiday tone by recalling how, one year, a granddaughter put an elf hat on his head; and he sat on the piano trying to imitate the classic "Elf on the Shelf" figurine. The elf was a mysterious little character who keeps an eye on everyone at  Christmastime. 
  • Joe Brennan: What is your favorite thing to do after a snowfall?  Having been born in Moss Beach and raised where there wasn't snow, he talked instead about the bestselling book he was currently reading, called "Why We Sleep," written by a  Dr. Walker. Joe said that was easy to remember if you think of sleep-walker.
  • Dianne Bobko: A favorite way to spend an unexpected 20 minutes of free time? Picking up from Joe's focus on sleeping her first answer was to take a nap, and then, more seriously, to look out over the ocean or the scenic vista from her house across to the hills while listening to music.
  • EP: This prompt concerned food, and favorite foods at  Thanksgiving time? Pie, pie and more pie, was the answer, with an added scenario of many guests for Thanksgiving with a pie for each.
  • Stacy's concerned favorite animals, which for her means animals that relate to and interact well with us.
  • Another question concerned favorite movie endings, and the Rotarian listed "Shakespeare in Love" with its rich dialogue.
  • Susan Kealey's prompt concerned favorite Christmas movies. She admitted she can't stand many of them, particularly the sappy romantic ones, and one in particular that usually shows up around the holidays.
  • Kevin O'Brien provided the famous line from that movie, "A Christmas Story:" "You'll shoot your eye out!" Then he turned to his prompt, favorite silly songs.  He jokingly cited the currently hotly debated "Baby It's Cold Outside," and added the Three Stooges song and alphabet song.
  • Bill Johnston's prompt was, favorite thing to tell someone else about yourself? He said he likes to tell about the large family he was born into, and how coming from a large family shaped his life. He pointed out how getting food at a gathering of such a large family was "a competitive sport," and it illustrated why now, family is so important to him.
  • Warren's prompt was, What was his favorite modern convenience? His answer was rather mysterious. He said it is something that not everyone around the world can appreciate, it comes in handy when you are traveling, and that it has to do with bodily functions. (It's toilet paper.) 
  • Robin's question was, What is his favorite personal achievement? He's a golfer, he said, and proudly noted that his achievement is that over some two decades he has played golf around the  United Kingdom in every  British open course and one in Northern Ireland.
  • Dwight's prompt concerned favorite family memories. His was that all his children were born at home, including one daughter who arrived at 6 a.m.
  • Steve Wilson's question concerned favorite moments in sports, and he listed a Stanford vs. UCLA game in which the receiver had caught a pass by wrapping his arms around a defender.
  • Mary Rogren's was, her favorite TV commercial? She said she doesn't particularly watch commercials, but rather the programs, on television.  
  • Our exchange student Lucas: Favorite flavor of ice cream? A triple scoop, of vanilla, strawberry and peanut. A few Rotarians groaned while others licked their lips.
  • John Evans regretted that he had relatively little time to speak when he drew a slip that asked, what was his favorite fried food? He pondered for a while until President Paul observed that he had "never seen John at a loss for words."
  • David Dickson: Favorite place to be stranded for a week? After some consideration, he finally said his favorite place was his garage, where he could see spending a week with some beer and his wood saws. Marla agreed.
  • Heather Bodmann: Favorite famous person from American history? It was hard to pick a favorite, but she admires Rosa Parks, the  African-American woman who famously refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man back around the 1960s. "She had a hard road to go and she did it," Heather said. President Paul remarked that that reminded him that we are coming up on Martin Luther King Day.
  • Rose Serdy: Favorite piece of furniture? Her living room table, she said, because that's where she is surrounded by family and friends.
  • Ginger: Favorite topic to debate? She would like to see people having civil discussions about politics and points they disagree on. She noted that she and Rose's husband, Mike, while sometimes edging around each other in conversation, do so civilly and kindly with a good heart.
  • Another question was, Favorite chocolate-covered food? Answer: great chocolates from Belgium, France,
  • Another: favorite all-time sporting event? In answer Paul Wrubel recalled being in second grade, being told his father was awaiting him in the principal's office for a doctor's appointment. Instead, father and son headed off to a  ball game at Yankee Stadium in Detroit, with the Yankees versus the Tigers, and with seconds to go, the Yankees won.
  • Finally: Tips for a good night's sleep? If you wake up in the night, don't stay in bed, but get up, read, do something and then start fresh in the morning.
Article by  Rose Serdy  
Photos by EP 
Greeters:  PP Dianne Bobko and Sergeant at Arms EP
Pledge of Allegiance: Warren Barmore
Inspirational Thought: EP
Guests and Visitors
Spouses of Rotarians: Marla Wong and Ayn Johnston 
smiley Happy News
Ginger Minoletti announced that she and Paul purchased the Barterra Winery business on Main Street and are officially the new owners. 
Warren Barmore’s daughter, Lauren, has traveled to Australia to be a nanny for a family.
Mary Rogren announced that she will be a grandmother in June. 
Rose Serdy has returned to the club after a month of traveling to the Middle East, learning about possible attacks by pirates on cruise ships and celebrating with family their son’s wedding in Cabo on the 15thof December. 
President Paul Wrubel reminded board members of the upcoming board meeting in which a lot will be discussed as well as reminding members that there will be a joint breakfast with the Rotary Club of Pacifica at HMB Brewery on January 26th (9 a.m. sign in with breakfast at 10 a.m.) 
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, JANUARY 30.  Please sign up with ROSE SERDY for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)