Posted by Editor: FDBobko
January 26,  2019
Article by  Bill Johnston
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
The program consisted of an icebreaker in which each Rotarian was given a card with a question on it and then given a minute or 2 to answer it and in the process, maybe, let us each learn a little something new about our fellow Rotarians. My question was "if you could change the ending of any movie, what with the movie be and how would you change it?" With a little help from Ayn, our answer was Thelma and Louise and at the end, we would splice in a scene from Back to the Future so that instead of driving over the cliff into the Grand Canyon they would fly off in their DeLorean and live happily ever after.
My lunch involved a breakfast BLT which meant I had runny egg yolk dripping out of the edges of my sandwich and, consequently, I didn't bother to take any notes. I do remember that Rose touted the book Winnie the Pooh in response to her question and that Ginger didn't really answer her question but told us that the world consists of Tiggers and Eeyores and that the challenge is figuring out who is which. Dave Andrews aspires to visit World War II battlegrounds. One of our Pacifico Rotarian guests told us that the sporting highlight of his life was the 5 lateral "play" that resulted in Cal beating Stanford in the big game as the clock expired and left a Stanford trombone player with irreversible psychiatric damage. Steve Wilson, Dave Dickson and I agreed that it is a poor commentary on Cal Athletics if the highlight of your sporting life is a lucky play that occurred decades ago. (Go Cardinal!) Bill Bartlett's question involved personal heroes and they included Erik Clapton and the Coal Miners Daughter, both of whom overcame huge shards to make great contributions. There were quite a number of other entertaining and enlightening answers but the combination of poor acoustics in my poor memory are such that you'll just have to take my word for it. I do, however, remember that Warren’s answer was "Rotary, of course".