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January 10,  2019

Article by  Susan Kealey
Photos by EJ Dieterle 

Krystytlyn Giedt ( Crystal Lynn Geet), “the one and only”. Our new HMB Chamber Executive Director came from the Carmel Chamber. Before that, she had a graphic design and web design business and volunteered with the Monterey Chamber. Krystylyn got her initial start in the business world as a Longs photo employee. She noticed early on that successful business owners were Chamber members. It worked for her business. She likes the way the Chamber helps the community, not just businesses. Working for the Chamber fills all of her joy buckets and she swears there are no Curmudgeons in this community.

The Chamber is in transition.  It used to be a marketing entity for businesses. It now sponsors parades, and conventions and acting as a catalyst and is a champion of the community.  There is a west coast group which collaborates with training and other activities. The Chamber offers great leadership training, for instance, The Academy program is a 3-year intensive training program which Krystylyn is participating in. ACE is a top-of-class accreditation, Charise was one and Krystlylyn is on track for. 

A few new items of interest:  Chamber membership is not limited to businesses. There is a new fund to help businesses and other organizations in emergencies or need (replace windows after a break in for instance). Network night is expanding to include business breakfast and learn at lunch. The visitor center has a volunteer program with Sr Coastsiders and VOTC. They are setting up tours to learn more about our businesses. The Chamber is working on a business center to help start-ups and existing businesses with things like working with the city. 

Coming events:  The January 24 awards dinner.  Our awards dinner is geared more toward community than businesses The Teachers’ Supply Party, 4th of July, Farm, Fish and Flowers—to help get people to understand farms, etc., Pumpkin Fest, Night of Lights will coordinate with harbor this year. They are also increasing their map offerings to help visitors find things.  The Passport program is expanding—it worked well in Carmel. The magazine will be out soon. Netflicks has contacted them about a restaurant show and American Pickers coming to HMB!  

Some of the current committees:

Education committee—get leaders together and problem solve

Marketing committee

Events committee

Ambassadors— get the word out, acclimate new members, report on what they learn in community

Future:  Working on a monthly podcast with business owners. Videos will be added later. 

Q&A. What is your source of funds, are you subsidized by City?  We do receive $25,000 from the city. $500,000 is our total budget. The City funds go to tourist development and business development. Do the funds create a conflict of interest?   For some Chambers, funds are taken begrudgingly, with HMB, it is not an issue, we have a warm relationship with the City. 

Does the Chamber help the City?  The Chamber has enhanced the City’s financial position through increased tourism and taxes. 

Could Chamber publications be linked to us? Will look into it.

Have you moved or are you commuting?  Commuting, but trying to move here. 

Could the Chamber help tourists leave town?  We are working to ease traffic problems with CalTrans. We plan to be actively involved in solving traffic issues. Roundabouts worked well in Monterey. The City also working on it. 

Zoning rules are strict for building apartments, could the Chamber help?  The City is open to the conversation; the county is having a summit soon which she will attend. 

Can you influence city to fix sidewalks?  I can try...


Article by  Arancha Casals  
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
GreetersGinger Minoletti and Susan Kealey
Pledge of Allegiance: Susan Kealey
Inspirational Thought:
Guests and Visitors:  Visiting Students, Giada from Italy & Lukas from Germany
smiley Happy News
John Evans shared news from Valentina, a past visiting student, and a Christmas card she kindly sent to the Club was passed around. She is studying for a Masters in Developmental Psychology and hopes to work in the U.S.
President Paul Wrubel presented EP with a 4 Sapphire Award!
Mary Rogren has been following Mitone and Liz's trip to India through FaceBook. Mary looks forward to their exciting presentation when they return.
Rosie Fontana had a recent health scare. She fell to the ground after turning her head sharply; but luckily, it was not a stroke as she had first feared. She was very well treated by Kaiser, and she can now even drive again.
Our exchange students shared their news over the break. Giada was in Sacramento with her host family, where she spent much time playing with the family puppy. She also spent some time in San Francisco where she got to see her mom’s work & spent time with her brothers. Lukas went to Lake Tahoe, where it was cold but beautiful; next time he returns he hopes to go fishing. He also recounted lighting a candle at church for Christmas.
President Paul now briefed the Club on the last Board meeting, where many changes to the Board’s makeup were announced. Teresa Adams was due to become President this coming summer, but due to the critical health condition of her friend Charlie, who is still in the ICU, as well as other family difficulties, she tearfully stepped down as next President. She also wanted to drop her Rotary membership, but Paul convinced her to take a leave of absence of six months or longer if she needs it. Ed Daniels, the current President-Elect, gracefully agreed to move up his schedule & accepted to take Teresa’s spot, becoming our new President this coming July.
To replace Ed as President-Elect, Mary Rogren has accepted the post. 
Another unexpected leave: Dwight Wilson will be moving to Monterey part of the time, and a new Treasurer is needed. Our accountant Dolores Goulet has done a fantastic job of streamlining the Treasurer’s tasks, all dues are up to date, and it now is a very easy job for whoever agrees to take it on.
Also, Stacey Trevenon agreed to replace Ed Daniels in WCS/International.
President Paul now made an appeal to all Club members to take an active role in Membership (our Club is getting older and we need more new members) by reaching out and bringing in new people. On this subject, Joe Brennan spoke of his recent visit to the Odd Fellows Membership Seminar in Elviso. The Odd Fellows are also worried about membership, and they use a simple motto: “Go get one!"
President Paul next briefly updated us on Magic in the Coast. Some members of the Board felt it was time to make some serious adjustments to the format, but it was decided that we were already too close to the date this year, and the new ideas were put on the back burner for now.
Paul Wrubel also announces that he has agreed to chair Pumpkin Festival now that Mary Rogren and Ed Daniels have accepted to be our future Presidents.
Warren Barmore reminded us of the email he sent the Club regarding the Blood Donation drive at IDES Hall today from 3-7pm.
Before breaking for lunch & socializing, President Paul made two further announcements:
1. Our High School students need a ride back to school after the meeting.
2. Our Foundation: we have spent a lot of money on the Library, and some members felt it was too much. Robin Jeffs, the person who was most disappointed, wanted to drop out. But on Paul Wrubel’s initiative, the Board voted this week to amend the by-laws to put in place an amendment named after Robin: with the new “Robin’s Rule” whenever the Club wishes to donate to a single entity more than $25,000, the decision will now require 2/3 of the vote from the Board as well as a majority from all members who attend a specifically set meeting. Te end on a fine note, Robin Jeffs has agreed to return to manage the Endowment.
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, JANUARY 30.  Please sign up with ROSE SERDY for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)