Posted by Editor: FDBobko on May 05, 2020
April 30,  2020
More Visits from our Exchange Students
APRIL 30, 2020  Club Meeting
Article by Joe Brennan
Screen Shots by Dianne Bobko
This meeting was held on line using Webex service due to the Corona Virus’ limitations to gatherings and social distancing. It had its share of the usual chaos of members’ camera and mic difficulties  but went well overall.
The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was lead by Bill Johnston.
There was an Inspirational Message.
Special guests included four exchange students Jade Casiez of France,  Anne Sofie Bumgaard Kristensen (aka Fie) in Denmark, Louise Chielens in France and Laura Agudelo of Brazil.
EJ Dieterle played Sweet Caroline on the accordion and we all sang along in honor of our former exchange student Caroline Gossart from Belgium. EJ is serenading his neighborhood from 5 to 6 every evening with a special tomorrow at 5:30 of Bella Caio which is a classic, the “sticking together song”.
Coastside Crisis Fund Update 
Our Club’s contribution to Abundant Grace, Coastside Worker’s Tuesday and Thursday lunch program was initiated by Bill Johnston who made 20 sandwiches. He circulated photos and his budget to familiarize members with the small commitment it involves and the great good it does for which he received an email from Eric DeBode expressing much appreciation for the contribution. Stacy Trevenon did it for today providing Sandwiches, chips and sodas from Safeway.
Eric has outlined a future backyard project for the outreach center. It is the creation of a welcoming open space behind the building where a shed once stood. It will require hard scape, plantings and some arbor and fencing construction. Volunteers welcome and funding is requested/required. It is suggested that we might take it on as a project. Mary Rogren explains the DDF process and suggests it as a project. Bill to follow up with Eric and get a project proposal...project deadline for this year is June 1st.
President Ed Daniels announced that during this period every one will be moved to the basic level of $50 per month and those who’ve paid for lunches not delivered may wither receive a refund of have it credited to their accounts or yielding the credit to the Club as it faces financial short falls due to the Virus. Ed also expressed our budget concern about the Pumpkin Festival which supports the Club (Magic supports the Foundation). In all likelihood it will be much smaller if not cancelled altogether this year.
John Evans shared a photo of Jade exchanging Club pennants with him in front of a tree she planted as a Biology class assignment. Also a photo of Interact’s project to create a stole to be worn at graduation, a beautiful blue satin collar with the Rotary insignia. Interact officers are active and supported by faculty advisor Amy Trainer, teacher.
International Committee
Stacy Trevenon reported on our 2018 participation in a project in Ecuador with the Marin Evening Club to build a fish market and processing facility. Keith Axtell has circulated a solicitation for another project in the hard hit Guayaquil area of Ecuador Marin Evening Is undertaking. Our club has a history of helping projects in Ecuador, if you are interested in supporting contact Stacy,, for more information or to donate.
Community Service 
Meals on Wheels at the Senior Center is very busy. and asking for volunteers and donations. Last week’s reading of message from Senior Center that we are “People of Action”  and asking for volunteers and donations individually or in cooperation with other groups.
Making masks at home continues trying to achieve the Rotary Club’s Million Mask Challenge. 
Thanks to everyone for their participation and we look forward to seeing you next week!
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast Will not be held this month.  Wait for future information from Rose concerning when it will start again.