Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
April 18  2019
Club Social at Mullins with Bocce Ball
Article by  (none this week, as it was a Club social)
Photos by: Joe Brennan and Paul Wrubel
Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by a few rounds of bocce balls on the exclusively reserved and beautifully maintained courts at Mullins.
Article by: Mary Rogren
Photos by: Joe Brennan and Paul Wrubel
Greeters:  (names not available)
Past President – Dave Andrews
Sargent at Arms – EP
Pledge of Allegiance:  Paul Wrubel
Inspirational Thought:  EP offered her own thoughts ---- We are all so grateful to be together on this fog free day and share food and friendship . . . .
Paul Wrubel thanked our host, Zac Casey, the Special Events Manager at Mullins/Half Moon Bay Golf Links – who arranged for our wonderful lunch and meeting location (including Bocce ball!)
Guests and Visitors:
Chris Pond -- Shana Reilly-Pond’s husband
Mike Serdy – Rose Serdy’s husband
Kathie Wilson – Steve Wilson’s wife
Larry Giacomini – Joe Brennan’s guest
Marla Wong – Dave Dickson’s wife
Announcements  - No announcements this week
smiley Happy News
Robin Jeffs was pleased to report that he took his first trip by himself (with his stick and without Freida) to the Bahamas to golf and enjoy. He had a successful trip and was graciously accommodated in his travels by the airlines and the hotels.  Given his successes and birthday, he contributed a $100 check to the Foundation.
Kevin O’Brien shared that he was attending a dinner at Harley Farms where a 14-year old girl (who was a speaker at our club a couple years ago – with “Kids About Oceans”) was speaking and raising money for her ocean cleanup project.
Mary Rogren shared a thank you card from an exchange student, Valeria, from Columbia.  Valeria’s host family’s home burned in the Paradise fire, and Valeria lost her belongings including her Rotary jacket with Rotary pins from around the world. Mary sent her pins collected from our club, District Governor, and Governor Elect (aprox.100 pins.)  Valeria shared  “I was affected by the Camp Fire but people like you turned this experience into something positive that I will always remember and have in my heart.”
John Evans reported that one of our host families from last year (for Louise) – the Hammerstroms – are in Paris this week on Spring Break, and they plan to meet up with Louise and her family. The unfortunate part is that they arrived in Paris on Monday to see Notre Dame Cathedral burning.  John also shared that the 2019 Regional Championships for Trampoline and Tumbling will be held in Santa Clara on May 3-6. This will be a very unusual opportunity to see such an event locally, as rarely has the event come to Northern California.
Rose Serdy is always looking for volunteers for Abundant Grace breakfast.   Rotary volunteers to run the breakfast on the last Wednesday of every month.
Marble Draw  surprise  What a surprise!....Kathie Wilson won the white marble!  Finally a winner! Congratulations!! laugh
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, APRIL 24.  Please sign up with Rose Serdy for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)
Check out the delicious menu,
specially prepared for Rotary of
Half Moon Bay!
Left to right, guest Larry Giacomino pitches a ball watched by Paul Wrubel, Marla Wong and Dave Dickson in a match between Kevin O’Brien and Dave vs. Joe Brennan and Larry.