Posted by Editor: FDBobko on Apr 15, 2020
April 16,  2020
Article by Stacy Trevenon
Half Moon Bay Rotarians gathered around their computers, at home or in the office, to share an hour of fellowship, support and community in the second virtual meeting of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay on Thursday at the regular time.
Kevin O'Brien announced that he broke the law yesterday by violating the stay-at-home directive and driving to his son's home four miles away.
The meeting began with revelry, as the club members sang "Happy  Birthday" to a delighted Rose Serdy whose birthday was April 11. She said she had celebrated with a gathering of her friends -- all keeping six feet apart from each other. President Ed Daniels was sorry that she hadn't had any face time on her birthday, to which she gaily replied, "I did. I had Mike!"
Kevin brought up the idea of a certain accordion player that everybody knows, to add to festivities; and the joking around continued with references to President Ed in lederhosen.
Then things got serious and the meeting began. Stacy Trevenon led the Pledge of Allegiance, holding a little handheld American flag. It was a rather convoluted pledge, with everyone chiming in a second or so apart given the effects of technology.  
Since we had no speaker, President Ed suggested that every club member check in with how they are doing at this time.
Charise McHugh announced her return from Tahoe. Her nonfiction book, The Merchants, the Actress and the Daughter which she describes as fun and cool, is out. It follows two families between the years 1635 to 2019 and blends humor, history, famous people and life lessons.
Dave Dickson is doing fine, as his comments about delivering beer and Gelato ice cream would seem to indicate.
EJ Dieterle says everyone in his family is doing fine, and he is in touch with relatives in Germany. He remains in communication with clients though business is largely on hold for a while. He spoke of the Half Moon Bay Getaway event, which was our fundraiser attempt for last summer but didn't take off. He still has the website url registered in his name and is getting billed for it. Given the current situation, he asked, do we as a club still want to retain the url? And he spoke of the Web designer, (Kevin was the coordinator),  and the great job that had been done in developing it and on images pertaining to the event -- does the club want to save those images?  Most people at the meeting responded with  "no". Kevin offered his opinion that we should let it go and stop paying for it. Stacy suggested holding on to the images and repurposing or adapting them for future events. EJ will follow up to see if he can get access to the images about saving them. 
EJ also referred to the "Coastside Gives"program referenced in the Half Moon Bay Review and in mailers he had received at home, pointing out that Rotary was not represented among the business logos on the front of it.  Dianne clarified  that Coastside Gives is different from the Coastside Crisis Fund to which we had decided to donate at our previous meeting and were working on being sure we get good PR as part of it. She added that Coastside Gives is a great program and that we need to see about being included in it in the future. Ginger said it was too late this year. (Editor's Note:  One of our finalists for the Service Above Self recognition in 2018 Magic of the Coastside was Mary Oldham who received the recognition because of her work in developing Coastside Gives into a major fundraising effort for the Coastside non-profits). Discussion followed about getting publicity about Rotary and our donation through the Coastside Crises Fund, including discussions Liz Schuck has had with Eric DeBode of Abundant Grace Coastside Worker and Coastside Crisis Fund on that same subject. 
Ed spoke about Rotary raising funds for Coastside residents in need, citing ALAS, Abundant Grace, Coastside Hope, the looming Covid-19 crisis and the new Coastside Crisis Fund. The goal for the club is to raise $10,000 for the CCF. So far he has received more than $5,000 from 8 members though he pointed out that of course not everyone and not every business has been impacted in the same way by the crisis. He hoped to be able to meet the goal of giving funds to the CCF by Friday, April 17. Ed will consult Eric DeBode to determine the future ongoing need, and he pointed out that we can made a donation of funds now and supplement that with donations later. Rosi pointed out that the crisis of Covid-19 will unfortunately be ongoing, and assistance will likewise need to be an ongoing effort. Ed will follow up with Liz on the details of getting the money deposited and the check given to CCF.
EJ noted that while many Rotarians wish to do what Rotarians do by reaching out in times of crisis, if we make donations individually instead of collectively as Rotarians, we miss out on opportunities for exposure as Rotary. 
Dianne said she is doing fine, enjoying being "cellmates together"as her daughter Michelle said the other day at this time of the 3 of them sheltering in place; Bo, she said, is busy with online meetings. All are enjoying the recent sunny weather. 
Ginger Minoletti said she is doing fine working in the office five days a week, handling cancellations of, and refunds for, travel plans that clients have had to do. Bay World is offering credits for future travel plans. She spoke of helping small businesses that are currently struggling, saying she felt for them, and how difficult this time must be. She listed two ways to help and said Coastsiders and folks over the hill have stepped up to help. Those include where can buy gift certificates and gift cards to donate to local nonprofits, and a food and produce delivery service being offered up and down the coast – fresh food, linked with many restaurants and also offers spirits, beer and wine delivered.  You can find them through Facebook or call: for food, (650) 942-9477 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and for groceries, (704) 998-9684 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  So far this effort has raised $14,500 for local businesses and $2,000 in gifts to local nonprofits.
John and Larkin  Evans shared some memories, beginning with the fact that this is the time of year they started dating 50 years ago in 1970. John also noted that exchange student Caroline's grandfather had passed away recently, but he pointed out that she has family support, as one of eight great-grandchildren. Larkin, he said, was standing by to help with condolence messages to Caroline's mother.
Bill Johnston chipped in that things were a little quiet but good, especially since he had ice cream for breakfast that day. President Ed shrugged and commented, "Whatever it takes to get you through  the day."
Kevin is doing well, and had a wonderful  story of local kids lifting spirits by making Easter Sunday memorable for him and his family: two students from the high school band marched by on his street, respectively and lustily playing a baritone saxophone and a sousaphone.
Krystlyn Giedt said she is doing okay, working to help local businesses. She has ramped up her volunteering with the  Table of Plenty which serves local seniors. Liz Schuck helps with that volunteer work too.
Mary Rogren said that "life goes on" at the water district; Ed pointed out that it is good that water still comes out of the tap! She said that she went to see her grandson on Easter. She recounted logistical challenges she had faced with some of the exchange students, such as when getting one girl home to Italy, and that some exchange opportunities had been cancelled and were on hold till next year.
Paul Wrubel said everything was all right with him. He talked about some difficulties he was seeing with students who were applying for California State University or University of California schools through which  California residents were able to get financial aid. 
Ralph  Ely said he was staying in, though he'd like to go out more to play golf. 
Rosi Fontana said she was doing well. She said that on Easter she sat in her own back yard; that was hard, she said, but she was "determined to be a good citizen and obey the rules." 
Rose Serdy pointed out that her hair was longer, but she'd had some fun times with her grandchildren, who keep in touch with her and helped her have a great birthday celebration.

President Ed remarked that he had nothing special to report, but he still had work to do, working at home but still going into his office sometimes. He keeps  distance from people, doing "what we're supposed to." He said it was good to  see everyone at Rotary and asked us all to let him know if anyone needs anything. Even though there was no speaker today, Prez Ed remarked that  it was good just to check in with  everyone, and he was grateful for the organization of this online meeting. 


Subject: Punny stuff from Stacy
This lock-down is getting old and frankly I've had enough.
 I've discussed the matter over a cup of coffee with the kitchen sink, and we both agree that the experience is draining. 
I didn't mention anything to the washing machine as she puts the wrong spin on everything. 
Same with the fridge. He only gives cold comfort. 
I asked the lamp but she couldn't shed any new light on the situation. 
The vacuum cleaner was rather rude and told me to suck it up. 
The threshold was no better, it suggested I get over it. 
The carpet advised me to sweep my feelings under the rug. 
But the fan was more upbeat and thought that the crisis would soon blow over. 
The toilet looked a bit flushed and didn’t offer an opinion. 
The wall didn't say a word either, just gave me a blank stare.  
The door knob was more forthcoming - told me to get a firm grip on the situation and move on. 
The front door declared I was unhinged and so the curtains told me to.... you guessed it right - pull myself together. 
Then the chair told me to table it, and the table remarked, I didn't have a leg to stand on.
When I told the table to break a leg, the mirror said that my comments reflected poorly on my thinking. 
However, in the end, the iron straightened things out. 
She said everything will be fine.
No situation is too pressing for long anyways!!!
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast Will not be held this month.  Wait for future information from Rose concerning when it will start again.