Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
April 11,  2019
Jeffery Coffin
Article by  Susan Kealey

Photos byEJ Dieterle 

Our speaker was Jeffery Coffin. Jeff is originally from from Bar Harbor and grew up in Utah. He became wealthy at a young age by buying and selling companies. He got to a point where he was unhappy and ready to die. The desert called to him so he liquidated assets, sold companies, gave assets away and set out for the desert. After 28 days with very little water or food and a bird “yelling” at him, something clicked. He threw a rock at the bird, hit it. and devoured it. He was 100 miles from civilization and still felt embarrassed by that act. It was a turning point. That night he realized he wanted to live, but was still done with civilization.

As time went on, he discovered beetles were tasty. Stalking wild horses led him to water holes and wildlife. He made it a point to not stay in one place more than two weeks at a time as a way to diminish his impact on the environment. He prepared for the future by grinding dried crickets into powder to save and use for protein.


Once he had his survival worked out, he began to focus internally. It took three days to quiet his mind and, for a second, his senses were heightened. He kept working on it to get to that space and make it last longer. In that space, he could be with his children and see how they were doing. To prove the heightened senses were real and not some magic bug that gave him hallucinations, he continued to “tune in” and tried to pick up on a mineral or gem. He decided to find rubies as a test and found a whole hillside of them. He did this on minerals, gems and other things. Most findings were donated to universities. He also found gold by dry panning and accidentally set off a gold rush after selling some.

The desert adventure lasted five years. Among other things, he nursed a rattlesnake back to life and kept it as a pet. This pet came in handy in scaring a belligerent guy off. He left the desert because he wanted to make a difference. When he meditated, he came up with California, in the Lake County Area. He  dreamt he needed go to Mendocino Beach at sunset to find out who he would resonate with and lead him to the people he needs to meet. As it turns out, the least likely person was “the person”.

Two main points became apparent during the Q and A session. He was strongly encouraged to write, and to document his story himself rather than using a ghost writer as he is very articulate and a good story teller. Unlike some, he is not fearful of out of body experiences. He had no fear of not being able to go back, it seemed comfortable for him.

Interested in what Jeff is up to now? Check him out Facebook by searching Jeff Coffin or Valhalla of Santa Cruz.
April 11, 2019 CLUB MEETING  
Article by Rose Serdy
Photos by EJ Dieterle 
Greeters:  Stacy Trevenon/Past President and Rosi Fontana/Sargent of Arms
Pledge of Allegiance:  Irwin Cohen
Invocation: Rosi Fontana – mentioned today’s bomb scare at Wilkinson School and to be thankful all are safe and to pray for the caller.
Guests and Visitors: Guests of Jeffery Coffin were Alan aka Dr. Future, a videographer and radio broadcaster (who used a 3D camera to video the program) and big wave surfer, Ignacio Salazar, aka
Spud, who is visiting from Peru.
President Paul shared that Teresa Adam and Linda Crose Anderson will be rejoining us. 
We will be postponing the Magic event this year. It was a board decision. Paul thanked Warren for all of his hard efforts. We will be revisiting other options.
smiley Happy News
Mary Rogren’s son got married over the weekend in Southern California and Caroline our past Belgium exchange student join her and her family. Rotarians met on Monday with Caroline for lunch at It’s Italia. Caroline spent 3 days with Larkin and John Evans. One day was spent in the city visiting with a past teacher who taught at Half Moon Bay High before transferring to a larger school in the SF. Caroline spent the afternoon with the Evan’s granddaughter who looks at Caroline as “Cinderella”. John mentioned upon her return home she will be taken oral exams for medical school.

Rosi Fontana’s brother recently moved from his home in Modesto to a facility in Auburn surrounded by loving people.

Kevin O’Brien stated we have met our goal $14,000 for funding our foundation. Dave Andrews is also co-chair. May 5 th is district wide event for Polio in San Mateo. Sign up to walk or run – for every dollar raised the Gates Foundation will match.

Charise McHugh – Volunteers needed to review Rotary Scholarships for Half Moon Bay High, Pilarcitos and Pescadero. Stacy, Susan, Kevin and Rose will meet with Charise at Joe’s on the Coast at
9AM to select candidates. Charise is checking with the board for the funds available for scholarships and would like to limit it to Pilarcitos next year with board approval.
Rose Serdy is always looking for volunteers for Abundant Grace breakfast.   Rotary volunteers to run the breakfast on the last Wednesday of every month.
Marble Draw  surprise  No winner this week...we need a winner!  Bring on the luck for next week  laughcrying
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, APRIL 24.  Please sign up with ROSE SERDY for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)