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FEBRUARY 29, 2024
Val Dubois 
Climate Reality Project
Article by Bella Bono
Pictures by Liz Schuck
  • Guest speaker Val Dubios

    • Susan led introduction 

    • Val is an engineer by training, spent 27 years in tech, currently in a transition to become a licensed fiduciary 

    • She is a trained climate reality leader, active volunteer with climate reality project

    • Disclaimer that information changes regularly, encourages everyone to do their homework

    • Her “why” is her children, both of whom want to go into environmental careers

    • Climate change and inflation reduction act

    • Home electrification 

    • Rebates 

    • Climate Reality Project

      • Founded by former VP Al Gore, the goal is education and advocacy about the crisis that is occurring, trying to do it in an equitable way 

      • Last year was earth’s hottest year on record, this year is on track to “beat” that 

      • Breaking out dependence on fossil fuels is essential, new tech is becoming available

      • If we get to net zero, the earth and trees will absorb (lots) of CO2, withion 30 years there will be a significant improvement 

    • Greenhouse gas emissions by sector: 

      • Natural gas: what we use most, mostly methane and releases toxic chemicals into the air, we end up breathing it inside and goes into atmosphere, cooking with gas stove causes illegal amount of polluants, can lead to childhood asthma 

      • Methane leaks the entire way it is transported, 1.5% leaks 

      • Learned that methane is worse for warming that carbon 

      • In short term methane is 84x worse at trapping heat in our environment


Multiple stackable incentives available to help transition 
  • Federal: inflation reduction act, biggest thing is tax credits for owning your own home, largest investment in clean energy, most of that money coming to homeowners
    • 31% of CO2 emissions is created by buildings, commercial and residential, makes huge overall impact 
  • Local agencies are giving rebates
Decarbonize home: replace gas with electric 
  • Electric appliance will run from utility or from solar or wind 
  • In San Mateo County, Peninsula Clean Energy sources energy from renewable resources, sun, wind, water, want to hit 100% by the end of the year 
  • Electric appliances are more efficient 

Big Three: 

  • Water heaters, heat pump space, … 

Heat pumps are extremely efficient, induction stoves, electric ovens, heat pump clothes dryers, fireplace can be converted to electric, increasing insulation, electric vehicles 

Solar: when combined with battery storage, it is a great way to be reliant 

  • Adds value to your home
  • Many systems pay for themselves in 7-8 years
  • Average IRA savings of over $7,500 on solar system (up to 30%) 
  • NM3.0 net energy metering: applies to any system installed after April of last year, encouraging people to buy storage, changes how homeowners are paid from what goes back into the grid, battery storage is the best option 

IRA has credits for lots of different things

  • Electric vehicles, EV chargers, heat pumps, weatherization, geothermal heating, battery storage, rooftop storage, etc. Credits capped at $3200 per year, available for any person paying tax 

For low and moderate income: 

  • additional rebates will be going out, they are capped and limited though, need to act quickly when they come out 

Peninsula clean energy is offering rebates currently 

Val shared her personal savings rates from more environmentally friendly tools 

Where to start:

  • All rebates and tax credits in one place 
  • Vetted contractor search

  • IRA savings calculator

  • Vetted contractor search for BayRen rebates 
  • Could we provide a resource for people on learning about rebates and information on how to apply? How can we share five things each person can do that can make a difference 
  •  We can help send postcards out 
  • Could create a flier and send to everyone out there 
  • Lots of information

Val was thanked by Liz and giving polio vaccination certificate as a thank you for presenting. 


CLUB MEETING,  FEBRUARY 29, 2024                                               

Pledge of Allegiance Warren led the pledge.

Inspirational Thought  Liz gave the invocation.


Busy Bee Awards

Paul honored for cooking for the Abundant Grace breakfast

Warren honored for cooking for the Abundant Grace breakfast

Dennis honored for cooking for the Abundant Grace breakfast

Heather honored for cooking for the Abundant Grace breakfast

Mary honored for doing so much for supporting the Club as Treasurer 

Happy News

Mitone, John, Liz, Kevin and Ralph shared


Drew gave school district information. Most important is Open House for the Adult School is on the 12th.
Liz asked about registration for the district assembly. About five people attending as of right now. Mitone will be recognized as the next District Governor.
Liz announced District Social.There is a $5 entry free at the St. James Gate.
Liz, Terry and Suzzane are going to a fundraising dinner for Rotary in Millbrae.  It is their annual Celebration of the Chinese New Year with lots of fun and great food.

Marble Game -  sadwinkcool

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