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February 23, 2023 
Julie Engelmann - Artist
HMB Mural Project on Cunha's Country Store
Article by Joe Brennan
Photos by EJ Deiterle
Julie Engelmann spoke to us about her mural project on the south wall of Cunha’s Country Store. President Krystlyn introduced Julie and filled in some detail about the artist and design selection process. The mural was conceived to celebrate the 50th annual Pumpkin Festival. She has painted many smaller murals and created other art works as well. She has also assisted on bigger murals by Huemen of Oakland.

Julie is a local artist living in El Granada who described Half Moon Bay as a Wonderful Diamond, true to its historic roots. She described her creative process in selecting the images to include in her work. It’s central focus celebrates the Pumpkin Festival and Weigh-off but includes other local and historic elements. It also highlights the Johnston House which is also celebrating its 50th anniversary, Princeton Harbor and the fishing fleet, the Radar Antenna, Agriculture in the artichoke, sprouts and sunflowers.
She chose warmer colors, predominately oranges and yellows, to depict the Fall Classic. For her presentation to us she had an image of the completed mural projected on the screen in the Library’s Community Room where we meet. It was great to have the visual reference as she discussed her creative process and described the four week job of translating it from her drawings to the huge wall and its challenges. We didn’t notice until she pointed out that the image had been manipulated by photoshop to remove the tree that stands in front of the mural. She described how she had to work around the tree. She had projected her drawing onto the wall at night and gone up on the man lift to block out the images in white lines before starting. The tree presented an obstacle to work around but she persevered and made it work. She pointed out that for man made objects the lines need to be more precise that natural items. Pointing out that the pickup truck, a ‘49 -‘54 Chevy or GMC, could quickly become wonky looking.

She said that she introduced cultural diversity by not depicting any faces so that the viewer could infer themselves or anyone into the scene…ambiguity of race. She said that she had received great compliments and feed back all during the project as the public watched its progress. She pointed out that she’d hoped to capture the essence of the Coastside with all the elements glowing from the sunset light. She pointed out that the round turret surface presented a challenge until she covered it with a sunflower. It now seems so natural and peeks around the corner down Main Street. It was pointed out by Stacy Trevenon that the Sunflowers appear to be in motion, blowing in the breeze.

She is thankful to the City of HMB for the use of their man-lift. The mural is now the property of the City on a private building. It is believed that there is a ten year agreement in place with the building’s owner.

The gracious, creative and articulate Julie was given a Speaker’s Certificate that 15 children had been inoculated against Polio in her name.
CLUB MEETING, February 23, 2023
STARR Appreciation Recognition
Krystlyn awarded a STARR of Appreciation certificate to Joe Brennan for consistent support of the Club and furthering its many causes. This is known as the Spectacularly Thoughtful Awesome & Respected Rotarian (STARR)
Community Service Director Susan Kealey outlined our recurring community activities:

July - Relay for Life in Pacifica on the 15th
August - Backpacks with School Supplies
        New Teacher Lunch and Gift Cards
September -  Coastal Clean-ups
November - Thanksgiving Dinner with ALAS
December - Adopt a Family with Coastside Hope
Spring - Life Skills at our three High Schools
May - Planting Flags for Memorial Day at National Cemetery in San Bruno

On - going activities:
Monthly bags of non food necessities for families via Coastside Hope
Cook Breakfast for Needy at Lutheran Church with Abundant Grace
Beach Clean Ups
Senior Gardening and home main’t. projects
Fundraising for local emergencies and disasters
Dictionaries for all Third Graders
Substitute Drivers for Meals On Wheels deliveries with Senior Center

Susan pointed out that all Non-Profits need active Board Members; perhaps Rotary can be a pool for same and/or a source of references for candidates as we know others who may serve.
Eric DeBode of Abundant Grace invited us to join in their fundraiser for the month of March entitled Step up for the Homeless.
Register to join and log your steps or miles for the month toward your 50 mile goal. Details at



Charisse McHugh asked for Life Skills interviewing volunteers. There will be three classes per day for two days this year - 30 kids per class. They will be logging in on LinkedIn this year to establish their profiles and resumes.

Marble Game -  coolsadwink 

A sole person got all of the three tickets in the drawing this week, and was indeed chosen in the drawing by artist Julie Engelmann…the system works!