Posted by Editor: FDBobko
December 10, 2020
Article by Susan Kealey
Photos by Dianne Bobko

President Elect Joe is putting his team together. So far Warren, Adm.; Dianne, Communications and Investments; Ginger, Membership; Krystlyn, Youth; Rose, Community Service; Stacy, International. He is still seeking a Treasurer and a Foundation Chair. He also talked about the idea of understudies for Board Members, a good way to introduce new members to the Club’s inner workings. 

Krystlyn, President Elect Nominee, is looking forward to helping Joe this year and preparing to serve next year. 

The Board nominees were accepted by all in attendance. 


State of the Club

Mary reported that it has been a tough year, but we’ve conquered Zooming and have been making friends worldwide. We have worked on local service projects and have made a difference in our community. We are also in good shape financially. Our amazing members have been active and engaged. 


Our expenses are lower and our dues now cover our administrative expenses. Under Ed’s leadership last year we started restructuring the dues and expenses. Fundraising has been difficult without the Pumpkin Festival. We have been successful in using DDF grants locally for our service projects, like the fence at Abundant Grace. Where does your $50 a month go?  13% goes to our District, 18% goes to Rotary International, 21% goes toward meetings and conferences and 24% goes to administrative expenses, like our bookkeeper. 


Rotary International Foundation


92% of funds go back to the clubs in the form of grants. This amounted to 87 million in 2018. Mary reminded us of the $200 every Rotarian every year goal. We are trying to get everyone on Rotary Direct to make payments more convenient, just $17 a month will get you to $200. 50% of comes back in community grants 100% for global grants. Our District chose to use member donations which come back to us at 50% (the more we donate, the more are eligible to get back for grants). Polio contributions are matched by the Gates Foundation and RI. Yup, you red that right, a three-fer. 


Community Service - Rose reported we had 14 successful events:  Relay for Life, backpack drive, dictionaries, toiletries for Abundant Grace, lunch deliveries to Abundant Grace (prior to COVID we were preparing breakfast and doing rainy day care), fence for Abundant Grace (using our $2,430 District grant), beach cleanups (ongoing, see Mitone), gardening projects through Senior Coastsiders (ongoing, see Mitone and Susan), raised $2,800 for Puente Fire crises, $650 gift certificates for teachers (in lieu of our annual lunch), $1,700 raised for Thanksgiving dinners for farm laborers, special delivery program for Coastside Hope—$3,531 provides necessities for qualified families (we need shoppers), Adopt a Family—$845 was raised to provide gifts for six families (Renee, Charise and Linda did the shopping), Little Libraries will launch after the first of the year—we’ve partnered with San Mateo Credit Union, Seacrest School and the Chamber. Kevin is our builder.


 Membership - Ginger reports that we have one new member, Sean, and three more in the pipeline. We were asked to reach out to people and encourage them to join. We are all on this committee. Honorary membership for Bonnie Dunham. This was granted to thank Bonnie for her 25 years with Rotary. Bonnie is now living at Atria Assisted Living in Foster City. 


Club Foundation - Dianne expressed a big thank you to Robin, along with a Certificate of Appreciation, for managing our investments all these years. Robin has resigned from the Investment Committee and we have a new Committee consisting of Mary, Liz, Dianne, Teresa (replacing Shauna), Warren, Ed, Susan, the yet-to-be-named Treasurer and our outside member, John W. Parsons, Jr.  The Committee has been busy updating the Foundation By-laws, and the  Policy Statement and Investment Guidelines. Signatures and access to our account have been updated, and we have been restructuring our investment approach to ETFs and broader investment products. On 1/1/2020 our total market value was $97,957, currently it is $105,371. 



Youth - Krystlyn reports that the Interact Club is active, the co-Presidents are doing a good job and the club is very service-minded. She will attend a meeting with them in January to coordinate. 

Club Administration - Warren is working on the checklist for best club. We will need a net gain in membership among other things. Warren will coordinate with the other directors to complete the list. 

International Service - Stacy reports that even with her wings clipped by COVID, she has been able to stay active by attending Zoom meetings to see what other clubs are doing to remain involved internationally. She is also researching an idea she had to work with local people on a project that would have an international angle. Rosie, who is bilingual, and Steve were interested. If you are interested, contact Stacy. 

Mary reminded us, we need to do some fundraising. She would like to form a committee—if you are interested in being on this committee, or chairing it, speak with Mary. 

Our club turns 50 years old in June 2021. We need celebration ideas and volunteers—see Mary for this exciting event planning opportunity. 

On December 17, we will have a Christmas social on Zoom. There will be a raffle, so buy marble tickets in advance, before they sell out! 

Club Meeting - December 10, 2020 

Pledge of Allegiance:  Liz.


Inspiration Thoughtt:  EJ is fired up about mask wearing (as we all should be). He shared that New Zealand’s COVID death count is still at 25, ours is over 250,000. There have been 20,000 deaths in CA alone. EJ’s gave us a sober reminder that wearing masks saves lives. In HMB please wear masks in public and remind others to wear them as well. All around us the numbers are up. Masks save lives!  


Mary welcomed Liz back, she is feeling better post surgery. Sean was also welcomed to his first official meeting as our newest member. We also were treated to a visit from Robin. 

Happy/Crappy News smiley/crying 

I shared the news that my big seed catalogue from Baker Creek Seeds has arrived and will keep me occupied for quite some time. They have them on sale at New Leaf. 

Ginger reminded us that Night of Lights is happening at 6 pm this Friday night. 

Rosie is happy that her new downstairs shower is happening, the permits are in place. Just in time for her hip replacement. 

Krystlyn is having a 40th Birthday bash on Wednesday. Check your inbox for details and join the dance party. 

EJ’s band will be playing online, he will send a link to us. He also wanted to report that sandwiches were delivered to Abundant Grace and the workers who were there thanked him and Rotary for our help. 

Paul Harris Award  - Mary announced that she has a Paul Harris pin, with sapphires, for Liz. 


December Birthdays - Kevin, Krystlyn, Susan and Renee. Mary reminded us of our tradition to celebrate our birthdays by writing a check to the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Foundation, a dollar a year, and send it to HMB Rotary Club, P. O. Box 31, HMB, CA.  94019.


Marble Draw - Last week’s marble draw was won by Jo;, this week’s draw was won by Rose—they both drew green marbles. ☹️

Buy marble tickets and feed the pig!  Mary sends an email with the link prior to each meeting.